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11/17/2019 c14 WarriorGuy14
I absolutely hate this. It's not at all fair to Lincoln. The parents are left off the hook too easily. In all honesty, this fanfic is gay.
11/15/2019 c14 Engineer1869
Good Chapter,

Well it was probably for the best that they didn't tell their children until Monday and allowed them to enjoy one last weekend. Although I think it is kind of cowardly that Lynn Sr. did not tell Shiley what they did and apparently didn't inform his mother.

I'm not sure what if the Louds will be able to conduct the court in private. The open court principle, which requires that court proceedings be open to the public and media, is a cornerstone of US law. However there are exceptions with in cases regarding minors, such as child abuse.

Keep up the good work.
11/15/2019 c14 3mike204
Good job with the chapter keep it up
11/14/2019 c14 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
I guess this is where they split & it's juniors fault...
11/14/2019 c14 8DreadedCandiru2
Well, here comes the big show. I wonder if Lynn Jr knows that "contempt of court" is.
11/10/2019 c13 Engineer1869
It doesn't surprise me that Rita is getting fired when the trail starts and until she's let go she can't assist with children anymore. At least her boss gave her a severance check. Depending how bad their finances get, Albert might have to permanently move out of the retirement home or Ruth might have to sell her vacation home.

At least their home passed CPS inspection and it was nice to see Lola getting discipline by Albert. Of course that looks like the end of their good fortune now that they have been summoned to court. There's no way they are going to be found not guilty and be able to keep the trial hidden from the rest of the town.

Keep up the good work.
11/10/2019 c13 3mike204
good job with the chapter keep it up
11/9/2019 c13 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Looks like their getting the pink slip...
11/9/2019 c13 8DreadedCandiru2
Like I said, it doesn't matter what they do: they're going to lose this badly.
11/9/2019 c13 2JannaKalderash
About time someone told that overly entitled little brat off! Her parents are way too permissive, and Lola is a horribly spoiled monster.

I can’t wait to see how the trial turns out.
11/5/2019 c12 Engineer1869
Well it was nice to see Lincoln have a good day and the rest of the family getting the house as ready for the CPS visit. However I can't help but feel like it's the calm before the storm.

Well it looks like Rita is going to get fired, or at the very least put on probation. What ever Dr. Feinstein is going to do, I can blame him. Parents are not going to want their children to be examine by someone arrested of child abuse. You know with both parents in danger of losing their employment and thus their ability to support their kids, this might be enough to convince CPS to take the loud children away.
11/4/2019 c12 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Well their behavior is inexcusable. Lynn Jr is gonna crack...
11/4/2019 c12 8DreadedCandiru2
Yeah: ENDING her employment there. Rita and Lynn Sr have yet to realize it but they're not going to win this. This means that Feinstein doesn't want the scent of death lingering around his clinic...
11/4/2019 c12 2JannaKalderash
This doesn’t look good for Rita.

Hopefully Albert will be able to help out a bit.
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