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3/25 c2 15Alexpv22
Lincoln may have lied...but the family are the real guilty party here, especially when you consider the dumb ideas they came up with to "teach him a lesson"
3/24 c41 Guest
Queen of the Rings... a derivative on King of the Rings, how clever.
3/24 c41 Guest
So Lincoln has begun preparations for moving in with the McBrides.

I'm also looking forward to Lucas and Sara visiting Lynn Sr. and Rita at Kingsley.
3/23 c41 Allison
Perfect chapter, I'm not surprised that Girl Jordan dislikes Ronnie Anne since the latter wasnt pleasant to the other students.
3/22 c41 8DreadedCandiru2
I think I have a bit of an idea why it's most of the younger girls: Shirley doesn't have that much space.
3/15 c20 Guest
Chapters 1-20
One of the better NSL fanfics with no Lincoln running away nor the sisters and parents being OOC.
3/11 c40 53RCurrent
Excellent work.
3/11 c40 Guest
Glad Lori understands Bobby's explanation instead of blubbering like an infant and Lincoln having to drag her away from Bobby's arms like in Relative Chaos.
3/11 c40 8DreadedCandiru2
Oh, my. Well, he had to tell them sooner or later. The longer he waited, the more awkward it would have been.
3/9 c4 April
Yeah Leni, you only defend your brother when he isn't around.
3/6 c39 9Claircrystal
Chapter 40 is coming soon.
3/3 c5 April
How can these parents be so nonchalant about their kids safety? Some of the activities the girls do inside the house are actually safety hazards for Lily but they could always leave the basement door closed to prevent Lily falling down the stairs.
3/2 c3 April
Serves Lori right that Lynn Jr ratted her out for threatening Lincoln too. The parents should send them and Lola to boot camp.
3/1 c2 April
You hit the nail on the head Lincoln, they always insist on overdoing things, like Lori sabotaging Leni to prevent her passing her drivers test.
3/1 c1 April
Good chapter so far.
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