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2/27 c39 Angie
First off, love the story. And second, LOL my bday is july 18th. How ironic.
2/27 c39 8DreadedCandiru2
Ah. A new player has taken the stage. Let's see how he affects things going forward.
2/22 c38 cartoongameshowman
It is happening, Lori. It is.
2/22 c38 DreadedCandiru2
And the penny just dropped...
2/20 c38 1Tod Graymoon
this was a good chapter.
2/20 c38 9Claircrystal
Sorry about the errors but please disregard the entire chapter, the last two sentences are supposed to be deleted.
2/16 c37 Guest
Lynn Jr. is now in juvie and hardly a review about it, even though so many people dislike her.
2/15 c37 willkala3503
this story is lame . im sorry, but lucy dosen't have an an importent role in this story so im not intrested
2/13 c37 Claircrystal
I decided to have Pop-Pop recommend Luan for the position on the Giggling Geezer and Bobby leaving Royal Woods will be written differently from how it appeared in the episode The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos.
2/11 c37 8DreadedCandiru2
Well, things are proceeding towards a quiet calamity. I really don't see Albert signing off on letting Lori rush off to Chicago In All But Name.
2/1 c3 15Alexpv22
(claps softly)

Way to go, Linc; THAT'S how you act assertive
2/1 c1 Alexpv22
If I had a quarter for every guest reviewer who claimed I was making Lincoln into a "saintly" character in my Gal Pals story, I'd have enough to have Nickelodeon make it into an official TV special for the show. Same thing with the "demonizing" issue, ironically enough...but I ultimately chose to ignore their feedback; mainly because none of it provided actual critiques or requests to help with the rest of the story.

Regardless, this feels like a great story already; I look forward to seeing what will happen in later chapters
1/28 c36 Guest
This story isnt depressing, Lynn Junior should go to juvie compared to That Engineer who refused to put the sisters in juvie in Sysgenesophobia.
1/24 c36 musizlover2008
Urgh, this story is as depressing as an orphan in the rain.
1/23 c36 8DreadedCandiru2
Oh, boy. Relative CALM (instead of Chaos) and Lynn's next couple of years.
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