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for The Hidden Secrets of The Shadow

6/14/2021 c6 kouga's older woman
Perfect! Can't wait for more
6/14/2021 c6 6lilly-flower15
Great chapter update soon
6/14/2021 c6 s.e.saladrigas
I got to look up that song and I was honestly not expecting an update for this story. But I'm happy that it was updated and I can't wait to read more
6/11/2021 c5 s.e.saladrigas
This is really good
12/28/2020 c5 lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
12/6/2020 c5 kouga's older woman
I'll be waiting for more
8/11/2020 c4 Pretentious Moss
Please update soon!1!1!1!
4/30/2020 c4 kouga's older woman
Poor Harahi
2/8/2020 c3 kouga's older woman
Please let her be ok!
11/11/2019 c2 3yukiko sora
the next chapter will go more detailed of everything that left of on chapter two. So please wait for the next chapter that coming up!
11/11/2019 c2 kouga's older woman
What about Honey? He doesn't have the same blood type as his sister?
11/10/2019 c2 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
10/9/2019 c1 3yukiko sora
I'am going write more. I'am writing the next chapter right now it going be longer than first chapter. I have alot idea for this story! sorry taking little longer than normal had surgery on my tendonitis on my dominant hand but it will not stop my story I will try to put the next chapter this weekend. the world still beautiful!<3
10/8/2019 c1 kouga's older woman
More please!
10/4/2019 c1 9MollyMuffinHead
Great start. Grabbed my attention right away. Looking forward to more.
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