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2/26 c7 Rey Misterio
ChosenOne1? Godslayer13?
2/26 c7 7Speedy-The-Human
Yeeaaaahhhhhh baby a update! Gwen falling in love with Garou, nice touch.

Kevin learning control nice.

I wknder what else you have cooking in your brain, pleade moar updates.
2/26 c7 25NewMystery356
Been ages since I read Monomyth, so this made my night.
If I were I were in the Ben 10 universe, my No.1 rule with alien food would be to never eat species whose members are capable of calculus. Algebra, soft maybe, but never calculus. Gwen crushing on Garou is cute in its own way… her cousin’s body notwithstanding… I assume the “space drain” is the Lovecraftian Dagon and not the space cartographer they have in the basement. As for Garou getting 2 Billion USD “with a B”… DAYYYYYYUM! As for Rapid City… I’m thinking Garou would suggest some kind of outreach. Driscoll being an ex-Plumber is interesting; don’t remember if that’s Canon, but it might smooth things over with Max that he was able to get that info on his “enthusiastic walk”.
A 10/10. Eager for the next update.
2/25 c6 kashriramji
Ben would immediately go on test the Ultimate evolutionary feature On all of his unlocked aliens . (and since he The Evolutionary Feature is limitless and user can go Ultimate mode Infinite times , confirmed)

and He would abus- i mean Experiment heavily in Either Fourarms , Xlr8 , Heatblast and diamondhead.

I can see him No diff Vilgax and kevin 11 in Null void .however given that he is young. he may cause more vollateral damage and possibly be a safety hazard .

He would have a likely hood of accidently killing Vilgax or kevin 11 .

he would also be able to Save gwen from clutches of Kevin and escape leaving Vilgax and kevin trapped in null void. thus his omnitrix not being removed made him gain a permanent access to Master control and Ultimate Feature.

could also see him unlock even More aliens (than shown In OG series) and testing the evolutionary feature.

(However if the Secrets of the Omnitrix Takes place like canon and Ben is Unlucky enough to went through same canon events as OG prime timeline and the frequency discharge trigger the self destruct mode, then he would lose the master control And the evolutionary feature when the Omnitrix is fixed by Azmuth in end and also the very slim chance he loses all his current Playlist of alienz to New set )

(edit: i said a slim chance since. Azmuth like in Canon , never resetted the Omnitrix for ben , back to 10 aliens playlist after he unlocked waybig and fixed the Omnitrix)
2/25 c7 kashriramji
When Ben puts in the code for the master control, the Omnitrix would actually speak.

Omnitrix: Master control unlocked. Evolutionary function unlocked.

Ben would then turn into Upgrade, but would think about the evolutionary function.

Ben would then transform into Ultimate Upgrade, seeing a new form for this alien, Ben would then transform into ultimate Wildmutt, and then Ultimate Heatblast. The man would be scared off of the boat, but the man would be saved by Ultimate Stinkfly. Ben would be surprised by this new Ultimate feature even more than the Master control, as it essentially doubles his aliens, by giving him new powers while making them more powerful.

Things would go the same, with Ben firing loogies as ultimate Diamondhead, when Vilgax would see him. He would be surprised that Ben had unlocked the ultimate feature. Ben would crystallize Vilgax's cybernetics, which, due to them being embedded in his body, would cause great pain. Ben would change into ultimate Four Arms, punching Kevin off of the vehicle. Ben would then turn into Ultimate Heatblast and turn into his ice form, freezing the entire lake before Kevin fully falls, resulting in Kevin falling on the ice. Kevin would get up, and would be enraged, as now Ben has better versions of his aliens. Kevin would create Diamondhead spikes on his feet, so he does not slip on the ice, and would then shoot Stinkfly goop along with Heatblast flames, resulting in explosions being shot out of his mouth. Ben would change into Ultimate Upgrade, merging with the vehicle with Gwen and Max still inside. The upgraded vehicle would be used to create a shield, similar to how Upgrade created an energy spike on the motorcycle in Side Affects. The shield would block the explosive breath and Ben would fire an eye laser, that Kevin would try and fail to block with his Diamondhead crystals. The resulting eye laser would push Kevin into the icy ground, cracking it and resulting in Kevin being put in the icy water.

Ben would then turn into Ultimate Heatblast, shooting his plasma fire into the place where Kevin fell. Kevin would turn intangible with Ghostfreak's powers. The plasma fire would evaporate the area around it. The steam would block Ben's vision, as he would jump down, as Max and Gwen would use the still upgraded vehicle to go back to the Rustbucket.

Ben would freeze the ground when he lands, and would turn into Ultimate XLR8 to use his mask to see where Kevin is. He would not see him, and Ben would realize that Kevin is right ab-

Kevin would land on Ben, hitting him with a Diamondhead mace, covered in Heatblast fire. Ben would turn into Ultimate Four Arms, taking the hit poorly, and being hit into the icy water. Ultimate Four Arms would use his amplified strength to jump from the bottom of the lake and up to Kevin, punching him with two of his arms on the same side. The punch, combined with the momentum and the increased power from the pain, it would launch Kevin into the air and into the ground, far away.

Ben would turn into Ultimate XLR8 to rush after Kevin and would then turn into Ultimate Diamondhead. Kevin would be underground, using Ghostfreak's intangibility to hide there, and would grab the Omnitrix, absorbing the DNA, transforming into a new form.

Description: Kevin would absorb 1/10 of the powers of all of Ben's aliens, as well as the ultimate forms he's used (The ones mentioned at the bottom). Since he already has 1/10 of the powers of the base ten, he would have 2/10 of the powers of all of those aliens except Ghostfreak.

Kevin: I said that I was ten times better than you, but with those lame "Ultimate forms" you made up for the difference. But now that I absorbed all of those forms, I'm even better than I was before. If those are your ultimate forms, the call me Ultimate Kevin.

Ultimate Kevin would throw his explosive seeds, which are combined with Heatblast's plasma fire, causing an explosion that would cause nearly all of Ultimate Diamondhead to crack. Ben would change into Ultimate XLR8 to run at Kevin and would then turn into Ultimate Cannonbolt to try and hit Kevin. Kevin would simply hold his hand out to grab Ultimate Cannonbolt, which would stop him in place. Kevin would then use Ultimate Stinkfly's solid goop along with Ultimate Diamondhead's crystals to encase Ultimate Cannonbolt. Kevin would then use Ultimate grey Matter's telekinesis to lift Ultimate Cannonbolt into the air and then fire a blast of plasma fire, combined with Stinkfly's goop to create a massive explosion that hits Ultimate Cannonbolt. Kevin would watch as the pieces of the crystals would fall to the ground, believing that he has won. To his surprise, a humanoid figure would land on the ground far away. Kevin is using Ultimate XLR8's mask function to see Ben. As the dust from the impact disappears, Four Arms appears. But this is different. Rather than the dial being its normal shape, or having the four spikes, the dial would have 8 spikes.

Ben has use the evolution feature on Ultimate Four Arms, creating a new form. An "Ultra Form."

Ultra Four Arms would simply start to walk. Each step he takes would produce a small amount of kinetic energy, that would then be used on his feet to create a bigger impact on the ground. Not only that, but the birds, the ants, even the worms in the ground are moving, and it simply gives Ben more kinetic energy, that he pumps into his legs, making each step he takes take him further and further. Kevin would use XLR8 and Ultimate XLR8's speed to try and run at Ben, but this would give Ben a large amount of kinetic energy, which causes Ben to put that energy into his entire body, making everything run in slow motion.

Ben would leap to Kevin's side, and, with two of his eight arms, would punch Kevin in the stomach. Things move slowly from Ben's perspective. Kevin would slowly move in the air. From the perspective of Kevin, (In normal time) he would be launched, being punched with so much force, that he would be propelled forward. Before he hits a building, Ultra Four Arms would have rushed in front of the building that Kevin was going to hit, and would punch Kevin in the back, sending Kevin halfway into the ground. Ultra Four Arms would throw Kevin into the air, get on top of a building, and jump towards Kevin, putting a little bit of his kinetic energy into his fist and making a punching motion. The fist would land directly into Kevin's face, but before Kevin is launched away, Ben would launch a burst of kinetic energy, which would act as a secondary punch. He would use three more of his arms, hitting Kevin's arms, his under-arms, and his stomach, all with the same additional kinetic energy blast.

The blast would break Kevin's jaw, as well as his ribs, and would create a shock-wave that people could feel for miles. Kevin would be launched all the way back towards the lack at such speeds that when Kevin hits the lake, the water would be launched into the air, causing rain, and the ice would be completely shattered.

The Omnitrix would have used up so much energy that it resets, disabling the master control, but keeping the Evolutionary function. Ben would have landed on the ground before that happened, and would have called Max over to pick him up.

Kevin and Vilgax would be sent to the Null Void in the worst condition they have every been in. Kevin would be found by the rooters rather than going to prison, as he is too powerful. The amalgam kids would be made, but there would be a change. Manny, Helen, and Alan would be fused with the ultimate forms that Kevin had absorbed from the Omnitrix, rather than the base aliens, making these three much more powerful than in the original.


The ultimate feature can only be practically used once, as using it a second time, will immediately de-transform the user, as the original ultimate feature already drains the timer. The only way to use this feature with the prototype is with master control. He does not have to worry about the ultimate's escaping, since Azmuth would have fixed that issue, so Ben is not afraid to use the forms.

Ultimate forms:

All the ultimate's are much stronger than their original forms.

Ultimate Heatblast: Now uses plasma alongside fire. Can earth-bend and shoot lava. Can switch to his ice mode, giving him ice powers, like how he was in side affects, but on command. The ice from this form can constrict a Crabdozer. His fire is green.

Ultimate Stinkfly: Has much faster flight. His goop can now be solidified, allowing him to constrict his opponent, and said solidified goop can not be dissolved by Buglizard.

Ultimate Ripjaws: Can spit water out of his mouth like Spitter, giving him a projectile. These water projectiles are like a hydro-jet, and can cut through steel.

Ultimate Four-Arms: The more he is hurt, the stronger he becomes. Has retractable bone braces on his fist, which act like brass knuckles.

Ultimate Upgrade: Technopathy like Cooper's. Whatever he upgrades is now permanently upgraded, even if he separates and/or de-transforms. His eye laser disables tech if it hits. Can permanently merge tech together and split it apart, even when he de-transforms. Can repair tech.

Ultimate Wildvine: His tendrils are made out of his explosive seeds, so when they touch something, the exploding seeds are left behind, allowing Wildvine to detonate them on command.

Ultimate Grey Matter: Telekinesis. Is smarter than the original. Not the same as Ultimate Albedo, since that form was modified. Is half the size of a normal human.

Ultimate Cannonbolt and Ultimate Wildmutt would be the exact same as they were in UA.

Ultimate Diamondhead: Can transform whatever he touches into crystals, like Medusa, but with touch rather than sight. Does not work on organic matter. All energy that touches him is reflected. Can levitate his crystals. The crystal transmogrification can be undone with another touch. Can not shoot crystals, only generate them out of the ground.

Ultimate XLR8: Can run on any surface, like walls and ice. Time is slowed down for him, meaning, from his perspective, it takes more time for him to de-transform. His mask allows his to see in heat/thermal vision.

Ultra Four Arms: Kinetic energy nullification: Is immune to any form of kinetic energy, meaning all forms of physical force are ineffective against Ultra Four Arms. Has eight arms rather than four. Retains all the powers of his previous forms. Kinetic energy absorption: Ultra four Arms can absorb kinetic energy around him, increasing his own power. He does not have to be hit for this to work. Anything that generates kinetic energy, like walking, biting, blinking, or anything else like that could work. He can shoot kinetic energy out of his fists, creating a blast of kinetic energy.

Original post: By No_Assistant1362
2/25 c7 1juanda.mendez27
I just hope that Garou leaves Ben's body at some point, and has his own body, since his relationship with Gwen is a bit awkward if you take into account that Garou is still in her cousin's body.
2/25 c7 Getwo
Dude knowing you're back makes me giddy as a kid on Christmas.

Hope you are doing good and thanks for all that you do.
2/25 c7 24Grocamol
Very awesome to see you back. Great chapter too!
2/25 c7 2MaxTrueOmnipotent1
Very interesting
2/25 c7 tt46293
Yay any new chapter is a good thing
2/25 c7 nanashihaisha
Eyy welcome back!
2/25 c1 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
I was not expecting this to ever be updated sgain but yah awesmo
2/25 c7 alucardtairon
the chapter was great
2/25 c7 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Garou working with Enoch. I did not see that one coming.
2/25 c7 3RonaldM40196867
Kevin has always been a comedian…not always a good one though.

Time to be Plumbers.

Aliens aren’t monsters.
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