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for The Hunter's Monomyth

2/25 c7 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story
7/22/2023 c6 Lyanna Mormont
Poor Vilgax.
2/4/2023 c1 Guest
If this does continue why do i get the feeling you'll somehow introduce saitama coming into the ben 10 universe but in his own body and seeing garou in a kid body
11/24/2022 c6 Guest
Out of curiosity, have you seen Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, if so, remember that one Hero Garou punched in the conference room, Heavy Tank Loincloth? Garou basically said to him "Yeah, I think you're done, nighty night gramps". Now imagine if an OPM and Hazbin/Helluva story was made and Garou was used, Stella is known for looking down on the lower class and reminding them of that, she'd certainly feel that way about humans, Garou would probably refer to the humans on a regular Earth as a bootleg, cardboard, retarded version of his own, or hypocritical, entitled, triggered little bitches with the intelligence of wet paper. He would likely even refer to Heaven and Hell as not all that threatening. If Stella at some point got in Garou's face and told him he needed to know his place, he likely wouldn't take kindly to that as Darkshine did the same thing to him, I can picture Garou punching her and knocking her out while saying "No I think you're done, nighty night grandma". So what do you think, not that I'm asking you to do this or anything, I just think it'd be pretty funny if he actually did that to her. Octavia and Stolas' eyes would probably bug out of their skulls and jaws hit the table, Blitzo would probably burst out laughing at that. How do you think Garou would fare in that setting, he hates good, evil and injustice, but Hazbin Earth's humans are overemphasized on good, evil, many injustices, stupidly retarded, hypocritical (which Garou also hates), bigotry, humans are everything and the most complicated race in the universe, and yes Garou would hate Heaven and Hell because they represent good and evil but I think Hazbin Earth would drive him insane because of all the retarded bullshit that goes on and he'd be disappointed that there are no Heroes to hunt yet no Monsters to look up to. Imagine if Garou confronts either Angels or Demons who are still trying to figure out who he is and where he came from, now imagine if they find out he's from another universe and demand he come clean, and Garou whispers this into their ears menacingly.

Garou: About that other Earth I came from, metaphorically speaking, I was it's "Lucifer"..

I also believe OPM GOD is more powerful than Lucifer's father (Christian God), all he has to do to defeat/kill him, is step on, similar to Godzilla vs Zilla if you will.
11/9/2022 c1 Guest
Are u dead? Its been 1 year since last chapter
10/23/2022 c6 1Wicked.A
Awesome story so far
8/17/2022 c6 JosseTerrazas
me gusto el cap cuando sale el proximo
8/6/2022 c6 Guest
Is this on a hiatus?
7/6/2022 c6 Anne
Update soon.
7/2/2022 c6 Han-Daewi
Damn xD
6/27/2022 c4 Fan De Fin
Si pudiera donar lo haría, realmente el fic se ve bueno
5/4/2022 c1 EDER
Hi bro. I'm a big fan of your story of the -banished hero in One Push Man-... I was wondering when you're going to upload it? Will you continue the next episode? I think that's your best story. It's really very good. please send a message :(
4/21/2022 c6 4Monster King
Awesome job
3/28/2022 c4 2WitnessofFate
I’m feeling really really bad for Ben right now, especially if he gets control of his body back, and if he’s aware, the relationship that he has with his grandpa and Gwen would never be the same again, for Gwen the annoyance that he felt as a kid the same age as her would turn to pure hatred, he’s trapped in his own body, and not only is she not even helping try to get his body back, but she’s making fun of him every step of the way. Max is better but not by much, he’s not picking on Ben in any way but he’s also made no visible efforts to get his body back either, Ben’s going to hate them if he has his memories and gets his body back, especially kid Ben like this. And that’s only if Ben isn’t dead for Pete’s sake, and if he has lost time only they’ll have to explain it to him and then Ben kid that he is would still be extremely pissed, either way they’re never going to have the same relationship again
3/7/2022 c4 dragon slayer of death 98
i'm kind of shipping garou and gwen, i like them together, i hope at the end of season 1 he gets his body back but its deaged to about twelve or thirteen, i really want to see him and gwen get together
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