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1/11/2022 c6 5Thefallenjedi66
School is not a place for smart people
12/9/2021 c2 Terracotta Tortilla
Poor Ben. He gets his body snatched and then is probably conscious of his family not even caring about him being gone.
11/14/2021 c2 Stormzy
Well written but in comparison to your hero academia crossover its definitely not as good. However disregarding that my only problem at the moment with this, is this complete disregard of Ben by his sister and grandad. Like I haven't watched Ben 10 in years however I am pretty sure there would be a little more concern for where he's actually gone. Like you have his own sister say "We'll get him back someday." Damn it could just be me not remembering how uninterested his sister and grandad really are in him. Like the grandad shows signs of emotion for him but its as if Ben's already gone and he's jut trying to preserve his memory.
11/11/2021 c6 Guest
I really, really, really like this chapter.

Feel free to share this.
10/16/2021 c4 1ISleep
Honestly, surviving a beatdown from Saitama is something Garou can definitely brag about, because absolutely noone else can say the same
10/10/2021 c1 Deadsori
Aww And here i thought charmcaster will join their team but all in all great chapter
10/6/2021 c6 Guest
I'm curious, if Ben is in Garou's body, in what ways would Garou's personality rub off on Ben?
10/5/2021 c6 Jajo Camello
Great chapter and I look forward to seeing more. From my understanding it seems some of Ben's characteristics are surfacing from time to time. I enjoy the bonding moments all three characters have on their off time, gives them other things to do on their off time. I also like the limelight given to both Gwen and Kevin against Vilgax, gave them a chance to shine.
10/5/2021 c6 Zero
10/5/2021 c5 Zero
It happen.
10/5/2021 c6 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
That explains Garou's fascination with technology. Some of Ben's characteristics are rubbing off on Garou. Gwen and Kevin working together to fight Vilgax to a stalemate was epic. Slix Vigma was a dead robot the moment Garou set foot on the Megacruiser.
And Vilgax being turned into seafood by Garou at the end? Hehehehehe!
10/4/2021 c6 B33RUS
10/4/2021 c6 25NewMystery356
Ah, the power of Capitalism~ Introducing Sunder early was a nice touch, as well as 77. Garou becoming a pack rat like BEN is a laugh riot~ As for JT and Cash, I kinda can’t wait to see “Ben” kick some scrawny white ass. Gwen and Kevin having to WORK for their victory against Vilgax was a welcome change, as is the aftermath of Garou’s own adventure. I wonder how much of Garou will be left by the time he’s done “fishing”~
10/4/2021 c4 Zero
10/4/2021 c3 Zero
I love the fact that stuff goes WAY faster with Gwen 10.
This is pretty good.
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