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for A Song of the Seven Seas

11/25/2023 c6 Guest
Still online?
11/25/2023 c6 Guest
All I want for Christmas is the next update. Deadass!
6/13/2023 c6 Guest
Don’t hold out on us with just six chapters. Please continue!
5/4/2023 c6 Guest
I’m praying for not ONE but a hundred-thousand chapters… Sadly know this isn’t possible so maybe the next ten? That’s doable right?
5/1/2023 c6 Guest
So when is the next update? I love Kougyoku! She’s my favorite princess 3
10/4/2021 c5 Guest
Please, continue!
4/24/2020 c7 mide1718
a bit confusing story and need some revision in the plot since in every chapter there is an unexpected detail popping up with no explanation but looks interesting
please continue as there is not a lot of sinkou fanfic and the ones that are here are mostly unfinished and old
3/16/2020 c1 Alnica Stavel
Sorry for my mistakes, English is not my mother tongue and basically I use google translator to write this.
The story is really good and I like the plot. There are not many Sinbad and Kougyoku stories and the few there are remain unfinished. So please continue the story.
2/13/2020 c1 9Sarasachi
when I thought that I should stop shipping these two cause people call me creepy and strange, I've finally found a reason not to stop loving these two :')
thank you for the hard work, please keep writing about sinkou cause I love them so muuch
10/19/2019 c3 Guest
This sounds very promising, i like how is going on

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