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for void exists in all dimensions (but then again, so does friendship)

1/6 c2 Ferb Ancos
Well, now this is quite a cliffhanger.
Now I'm sad that this work has stopped. Why are this things happening to me?!
Either way, this was really good in my opinion and I hope you can continue it.
If not... I may find a way... But I need to watch the anime first :V
2/15/2020 c2 17calvinhobbes1010
I'm not on this site as often I used to be, but I just now found this during my random ventures in the internet. As a fan of both Kirby and Madoka, this really caught my attention with how well it's written and how nicely you captured the personalities of the characters from both series. Nice work so far!
10/25/2019 c2 FEHEELINGGS. Wo Wo Wo
First off, I really like your headcanon about the Dream Palaces, since HAL did not give us much or any information about how they work. And again, another great chapter! I really liked Mami's interactions with Kirby and friends, it felt natural. I should have saw a chapter centering the gunner gal coming considering she did not talk much last chapter, not that I had a problem with that. I kinda like the fact that the chapters are short because they get right to the point. I also like how you left the chapter on a cliffhanger, because I'm looking forward to Kyoko and Mami's reunion in the next chapter. Keep up the good work!

It's a shame, this fanfiction is not canon to the Make a Friend verse...
10/13/2019 c1 FEHEELINGGS. Wo Wo Wo
I never thought of the comparison of Kirby and Madoka Magica, but it is a shame you do not see more crossovers between both worlds. Another thing you forgot to add (But, I doubt it) was that many people believe that both series to be targeted for a younger audience, but can be very dark and daunting when they want to be (The backstories of certain characters like Susie and Homura, The Eldritch Abominations from both series, etc.).
Some people like to keep it safe with crossovers, which annoys me to no end. But, I talked on long enough, now on to the review...
For the positives, I really like the beginning of the story, everything seems peaceful, then boom, a Destroyer of Worlds appears out of the blue. Not only did I find that ironic considering that Walpurgisnacht is gone, yet it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat because one of Kirby's strongest opponents arrived on the scene, but unlike Kirby, Homura is all alone.

I also found it heartwarming that at Homura's darkest hour, Madoka and the others raised up her spirit like air going into a deflated hot air balloon. There's nothing like good fluff to lighten the mood both in-universe and out.

Finally, I loved how the characters stay-in character, for example, how Kyoko thought she had become soft after agreeing with Sayaka. Granted, it has been years since I watched Madoka Magica, so take my words with a grain of salt.

As for the negatives (kinda), honestly, I felt the chapter was a bit short, I do agree that you should start diversifying your stories, what's wrong with change? But, at the same time, I liked it because it got right to the point. So, I'm being a bit of a tsundere right now...

In conclusion, consider the fact that I followed and favorite the story done and done. I can expected great things from this story, I wonder if Walpurgisnacht or another Eldritch Abomination from Madoka or Kirby due to Miracle Magic will appear and fight against Void Termina AND The Star Allies/The Holy Quintet. I hope to read the next chapter in the near future.

P.S. I just listened to Ama Lee's Connect cover recently, she's really talented, don't you think?

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