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for Surviving the Ride

7/13 c4 3thatsmycigar
This is so good! (I don't even ship Spot and Sarah, but it's still awesome!) I love how you made Spot deaf in one ear, it's a great little quirk. It seems like there aren't that many people reading Newsies anymore, and I was wondering if you would mind giving me feedback on mine? I'm trying to get better as a writer but it's hard when nobody is there to tell you what you're doing wrong. You totally don't have to though ~thatsmycigar
6/18 c4 9Anna W
I LOVE this story. I normally stay away from modern fics with Newsies, but this one is done so well. I'm super interested in where this is going. I like your writing style, I like the way you characterize Sarah and Spot. How is this going to end up? I NEED TO KNOWWW!
10/2/2019 c1 10Jaywing25
Yassssss! This is the fanfiction I always, always, always, wanted! Always!

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