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6/7 c14 Guest
Anyone else hate how Natsu acts in this? Like, bruh, I get it your dense, but like you CAN NOT be that dense. It makes me so mad that Natsu is like this. This fanfic really be out here questioning my OTP Nalu. Hibiki be a real gem In here though! Love the story though, PLEASE CONTINUE!
5/11 c8 Guest
5/11 c7 Guest
I am going to kill something soon.
3/30 c14 Guest
is this story going to continue?
11/12/2020 c14 AGreen2222
This is an excellent work! I hope you’re continuing it. I would love to read what happens next.
10/12/2020 c14 2FriendlyPrism
ahhhh wow. I just found this and idk what to do now. I really like it, even though it's not as fluffy as I normally would read. Sometimes I just want to reach through and smack them xD. Anyway, this is awesome! Carry on with your writing :)
9/16/2020 c14 jayjayare
Lol love how Natsu is stuck in the same situation Lucy was in. Curious how that will pan out. Looking forward to the next update!
8/21/2020 c14 9Chivan
oh! i really like the way you write them! none of them feels out of character and I just love how you NOT make anyone suddenly evil just for the sake of the pair xD good job! please do continue!
8/16/2020 c14 polarris
i just binge read this whole thing, and though i don’t usually leave reviews, i think this one is vastly different from other fanfics i’ve read (in a good way!)

for most other fan fics, lisanna is portrayed as a evil self obsessed selfish bitch, which is totally out of character, and it’s always like lisanna and natsu get tgt and lucy is so jealous, but in this case, things just happened because it was expected of them to, and they were neutral towards everyone without having any hard feelings.

this makes it really easy to look at the story from ANYONE’s perspective and makes the story more interesting? because
1. they’re not out of character. when people are out of character, it makes it very difficult to read a story
2. the story progressed very steadily, which makes everything stretched out so it doesn’t feel rushed
3. (i hope) they FIX THEIR PROBLEMS WITHOUT LUCY GETTING KIDNAPPED by a dude that’s vengeful towards her/her parents/fairy tail, and natsu being all “fired up” to rescue lucy. BASICALLY, this story isn’t over dramatic and cliche

that’s why i like this story. i’m really excited to see the updates, but don’t feel pressured to update! just do whatever you want at your own pace
8/15/2020 c14 7Crack-jouchan
Hmm, if Hibiki does act nasty, I can't really blame him... he courted Lucy fair and square. He doesn't know about the Natsu thing, but that's through no fault of his own. And ever since he's started his relationship with Lucy, Natsu's been nothing but a raging asshole towards him. Surely that deserves some kind of karma..?

And wow, am I relieved he didn't just confess to her like that xD the first few paragraphs had me panicking a bit cause he mentioned confessing but not the fact that Lucy's in a relationship, lol. (But a red rose? That's so cheeeeesy~)

And oh my, Natsu's doing the same thing Lucy did way back :P Rather than promise he'd tell her everything, he didn't give a proper reply. Lucy did the same thing too in Chapter 6, when Natsu asked if Lucy would tell him things, or that she could talk to him. She just smiled, too.
8/15/2020 c13 Crack-jouchan
OOOH LISANNA! It's interesting to see what other people think of the situation, particularly because can be Lucy an unreliable narrator due to her overthinking habit. Lisanna herself is an interesting character in this fic because we actually haven't heard much from her despite her being kinda caught in the middle, so I'm interested to read her POV :3 I gotta say I didn't expect it though, ahaha!

The girl's really been through alot... I mean, suddenly dumped into another world where everything's so similar yet different? That's... not easy. And she was what, fourteen? It's amazing she managed to adapt so well.

Wow, even Lisanna was surprised he asked her out xD though... Natsu! Really? 'Isn't it what you wanted'? Excuse me what kind of reason is that?! That's like- I don't even- what about the feelings?! Oh god, these two are the most unromantic couple ever! I would have expected it of Natsu, but even Lisanna is just as bad xDDD From this chapter it seems clear to see that neither was actually in love with the other, but at the same time they didn't understand love (of the romantic kind) enough to realise that.

HOLD UP- Break up?! I had to go back and read that paragraph multiple times, eheh. Well I kind of expected from the beginning that Lisanna would intiate it, really, but I didn't expect it to come this early :O Still, while Hibiki and Lucy are still in the flush of their relationship?! Talk about bad timing, ahaha.

OOOOH DO I SEE A NEW PAIRING OWO BixLis is cuuuute aaaa (w) Even in darkness, bright beginnings can occur, hehe~
8/15/2020 c12 Crack-jouchan
Oh damn I can smell the salt... yikes Lucy :P Poor Natsu's probably so confused he doesn't know what to do or feel in regards to Lucy... might account for some of the distance she's feeling. Besides there was that talk about boundaries and all. He's probably being just as wary as her xD

Oh gods... I'm seeing a repeat pattern here. Previously she didn't want to tell Natsu about Hibiki, but now it's the other way around. Damn Lucy's habit of bottling things up and keeping things to herself... it gets her into way more trouble than she should!

Hmm...? Don't tell me Part II will be in Natsu's POV or something? owo Since Part I is called 'Her'... as in 'her POV'? :3 Hehe, just guessing~
8/15/2020 c11 Crack-jouchan
Aww, I don't blame Natsu for leaving after what Lucy confessed to him last chapter... I mean, what else could he have done? Staying would only have hurt her more...

Ohh man, weren't they talking about boundaries?! Lap pillows are past that, I'm sure! Damnit, Natsu xD
8/15/2020 c10 Crack-jouchan
Whoa, Natsu taking a step back? Not something you see everyday :P but just goes to show how much it affected him, oh my~

Ah well, atleast Lucy got it out. And like Loke says, she can start to move on. Natsu, on the other hand though... ohohoho ()

Hmm, did he not tell her about the job on purpose or did it slip his mind...? Or is he misunderstanding what she meant by 'boundaries'? Uhh... the last option might be plausible too, hmm...
8/15/2020 c9 Crack-jouchan
Oh my god that's such a dickmove, Natsu! /facepalm ughhh! But ohhhh my, look at what we got! uwu Natsu being seriously jealous rather than childishly peeved! (cough cough that's hot btw)

...But the issue runs deeper than that, huh? :( He caught her lying, oof. AND OH MY GOD SHE TOLD HIM. SHE TOLD HIM. Whoa, I did not expect that, I gotta say! And from her monologue afterwards... Most important person, huh? :3 Seems like someone hasn't moved on as much as she said she has~

Wait, he's STILL gonna be a jerk?! Even after he knows the truth?! Oh boy oh boy, so much drama!
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