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11/17/2019 c12 Ember Reverie
Ugh, Natsu is being soooo frustrating. Lucy is handling that remarkably well even with her overthinking. Maybe she should throw a punch at him. He responds well to action like that.
Trying to just start a conversation isn't working, so why not? lol
It'll get his attention at the very least. ;P

I can't wait for Natsu's POV to start. We need some insight into him.

Poor Lisanna. :(
Stuck in the middle of all this and not even knowing what the problem is. Well, I'm sure her intuition and observation has given her a decent idea, but until someone is forthcoming, she's going along mostly blind. Natsu is difficult enough to deal with under normal circumstances.
Good thing she's got Mira there to turn to if need be.

Have you had any ideas about incorporating the opinions of the other guild members? It's not necessary of course, but it but I keep finding myself wondering about what the others might think (esp. Gray, for some reason).
11/17/2019 c12 MollyyyAnne666
Still in love with this story! Can’t wait for the start of part 2!
11/17/2019 c11 3The-Ruby-Rabbit
I love this story.
With that said, I'd like to say that you don't owe anyone an apology on how you choose to portray cannon characters, no matter how OOC you want to make them. If some readers can't understand what you're doing with the character, they may want to work on conceptual and contextual understanding.
You don't have to defend your story, I think you are doing a spectacular job, and I get excited every time I see it in my story alerts!
11/17/2019 c11 lu
before i get into the /real/ review, i just wanted to say i'm sorry for all the negative comments you've been getting :( you don't deserve that. unfortunately, people will always have something rude to say. i hope you don't stress too much about them and focus on what you feel is best for you story. at the end of the day all that matters is that YOU are satisfied with your work.

OKAY! onto the real review :)
first, i usually don't gravitate towards the whole natsu/lisanna/lucy trope bc it always ends up portraying lis as the bad guy or natsu & lucy very ooc and it's not my cup of tea, but yOU have written their dynamic so incredibly well. the way you build up lucy's inner turmoil about the situation and her slow, yet steady growth and her moving on is *chefs kiss* i love it. second, i LOVE when people get natsu's true personality right. lots of people like to portray him as just this dense brick with no regard for people's feelings or what he himself is feeling and i always felt like he would have a strong grasp on those things considering he was raised with a big family. he would have to be able to be in tune with people emotions. third, i love the angst. idk if it's just me, but i love reading a well written nalu argument. we NEVER see them srsly argue in the manga/anime and i love to see how people think they would argue in those terms. my favorite kind of angst is tension build up of a big fight just bursting to happen. and this story is just full of it. it's 11/10. this story in general is 11/10.

i read all 11 chapters in under 45 minutes i think. and this is the longest review i've ever given dhsidjsikd. also, the title of your book? masterpiece in itself. add the beautiful writing to that beautiful title? how could this NOT be good? ugh i cant wait for you to update! much love :)
11/16/2019 c11 IndigoArcher89
As usual, can't wait for more!
11/15/2019 c11 5Anjay
Please update soon!
11/15/2019 c11 1Uchida Akira
Keep it going!
11/13/2019 c10 28CeceliaStar
Ive literally been thinking about this story all day so I thought that meant I should leave another review. I fucking love it. Makes me really miss Fairy Tail. Lately I haven’t thought about them in a long time (which is crazy I’ve written SO many ficus for them) and reading this has made me remember the heartache and yearning I feel when reading/writing for them. It’s literally driven me up the wall and made me want to get back into writing fan fiction. Don’t know if I will, I’m really busy, but god did this make me want to. It’s very good, is what I’m trying to get at. I love it a lot. Thank you.
11/11/2019 c11 Ember Reverie
Sorry, I accidentally hit send before I was done with my review.

Anyway, quiet chapter. Their 'issue' has definitely caught the notice of everyone else.
I hope she braves it and decides to talk to (or maybe even outright confront) him because if things get worse between them, it's only gonna make it that much more awkward. And while they're the primary players, they're not the only ones affected. Erza and Gray would be concerned, but for Happy, it could really end up hurting him considering how close he is to both Lucy and Natsu.
11/13/2019 c11 CeceliaStar
Oh no I feel so empty come back and fix it plz ;-; I've read a hundred stories with this kind of plot it and its not enough they always heal some part of me and I need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I love it a lot, thank you for your words)
11/12/2019 c11 FoodforTHOT
GORL. OMG. GORL. Let me just say first that I am like heart eyes emoji at you right now for laying down the law and saying your piece! Just when I didn't think I could love you more! ;)

Second, I could never be disappointed with this or anything you write! It's okay if it wasn't a team thing right now, I honestly just wanted to see the dynamics (and tension!) between Lucy and Natsu especially after everything that's happened, which I think you portrayed that well! I also liked how Erza, Gray and Happy are keen on the fact that SOMETHING is going on between our confused li'l bbs.

And omg, I would LOVE to see Hibiki's reaction if Lucy explained what was going on! I wanna know what he would think about all this.

And YES, Natsu's POV is comingggggg! Aggghhhh, I'm excited!

Again, great chapter, keep workin' your magic!
11/12/2019 c11 1WhatAnimeHasTaughtMe
This is a great story! I really like how it’s developing and I can’t wait to see what happens next :)
11/12/2019 c11 AnimeAngel240
Wish I was half as brave with just letting others know about my feelings as Lucy is in this. Love the direction this is going. Keep up the good work! :)
11/12/2019 c11 3Michiamotippete

Natsu needs big sis Bea mean words! But I love him and I understand he needs time but...HE'S WEIRD NOW AND IT'S WEIRD HE'S WEIRD

What if he heard she said that to happy and now he's thinking "what? She didn't plan to tell me? ever?" or something like that and that would make him think about what he feels for her? OR WHAT IF HIBIKI COMES TO THE GUILD AND HE KISSES LUCY AND NATSU JUST STORMS OUT CAUSE HE CAN'T WATCH HER KISS ANOTHER GUY?
11/12/2019 c11 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Nope, not disappointed whatsoever. I think, I want to say, that with Natsu he has always been about consistency, he knew Lisanna and grew up with her and she and him played house with Happy as their child and even hinted them getting together and be a family (like a married couple) and I guess since her return he wanted to make her happy, I feel, by asking and telling everyone that they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Lucy on the other hand was like a new adventure, new person to learn and grow with and she's interesting and also she loves Fairy Tail with all her heart like he does even though she has never been in or ever joined the guild when they first met. I think he views her as one of his closet (best) friend and considers her as such, he doesn't like when things changed like when the new guild was built he didn't like how it felt and or looked until the entire guild got into a fight is when he felt happy and let loose, he finally accepted the new way the guild looked because now it felt like home.

So when Lucy told him she loves(d) him, it threw him through a loop, because he didn't view her as a love interest, even though through his actions says otherwise. With Lisanna he remembers how it was and how she was and what she wanted, so he gave her that, because it felt familiar to him and since he is not all into change, he went with it.

That's how I see it from your book and writing, I could be wrong and be WAY off, but that's how my brain is telling me. Awesome book as always and please update soon :D
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