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11/1/2019 c9 Guest
I know you mentioned that he’d call her Luce and Natsu would hear it but I still screamed when it happened.
Oh my God over the course of this fic your writing has developed so well and I love love loVE where the story’s going.
Disappointed by this chapter? HELL. NO!
Keep doing what you’re doing, and I’m so excited to read what’s to come :D
11/3/2019 c9 unavailable unavailable
Oop lucy cat caught your tongue you simply should’ve told her -.-
11/3/2019 c6 unavailable unavailable
see lucy if you told natsu the truth things will be easier -.- but yet natsu is a “idiot”
11/3/2019 c6 unavailable unavailable
She I made my point exactly lucy was being a dick...natsu just wanted to go on missions with but if he go on missions with lisanna that’s when lucy will care?!
11/3/2019 c10 IndigoArcher89
I am glad you didn't do the Lisanna thing. That would be so OOC for Natsu and it drives me nuts when people write him like that.
11/3/2019 c10 unavailable unavailable
I wish you could’ve stick to your plan because I feel like that’s what lucy wanted right? She wants natsu to go on mission with lisanna more and she act she like she didn’t want go on missions with him back then why now?!
11/3/2019 c9 unavailable unavailable
I happy natsu walked away because what she said was uncalled for and mean
11/3/2019 c1 unavailable unavailable
So like...how people dragging natsu but don’t acknowledge the wrongdoing that lucy did to him. She lied to him, hide things from him, and was distant because natsu and lisanna dating ?! What kind of friend is that? Now I understand about the boundaries thing with natsu BUT he just wanted to hang out with his bestfriend and he didn’t know about her relationship with hibiki SO HOW HES DENSE. I feel like lucy was stupid for thinking natsu can’t go on mission with because he’s in a relationship with lisanna. LIKE LUCY YOU AND NATSU ARE BESTFRIENDS AND JUST BECAUSE YALL IN RELATIONSHIP IT DOESN’T MEAN YALL CAN’T GO ON MISSIONS TOGETHER OR HANGOUT ANYMORE! I’m pretty sure natsu would understand about her relationship with hibiki IF she would’ve told him. I hope natsu so everything lucy told him to like start hanging with lissana more and go on missions with her because that’s his GIRLFRIEND. Tbh I’m happy lucy feel guilty and I hope she apologize to natsu and they can talk about it. Also I like your story and I can’t wait for more :P ! But what your thoughts do you think natsu deserves the backlash or more so of lucy
11/3/2019 c10 xxxxxx000000xxxxxx
My poor Nalu heart is breakinggg! Damn. I felt so bad for her when Erza asked her "Didn't he tell you" she probably thinks he didn't want to ask her on the job cause he hates her now.

But I think maybe he just forgot about it, cause maybe when he got there his mind got sidetracked. At least I hope that's the case and he didn't do it on purpose.
The little idiot is causing such a rift between them now, he needs to get his head out of his ass.

And I'm so glad you didn't add in the Lisanna thing. That would've been too much for Lucy and for me Lol. I don't think Natsu and Lucy could've come back and recovered from that.

As always. Amazing job! And amazing chapter :D I can't wait for the next one.
11/3/2019 c10 42CelestialTitania
No. Stop Natsu. But actually if you had done the Lisanna thing, I would have actually DIED. That would've been wayyyy too much pain. And now I keep thinking that, what if Lucy manages to actually move on before Natsu gets himself together? Since he's ignoring her and obviously their friendship isn't the same. Like I'm loving the Hibiki/Lucy but NaLu is my OTP. I can feel the beginning of drama though so I'm ready. *Pulls on armor* Hit me with it.

(Sorry the review is so long! I ended up rambling a little bit)
11/3/2019 c10 Shadoweddark
You really capture overthinking and anxiety perfectly and I love that Loke’s helping her stay rational when, even though she really tries, she falters. And Loke?! We love a sweet, protective boy! He’s like that one awesome friend in charge of the brain cell there to not let her fears go crazy. Love love that. And I’m so glad that Lucy didn’t try to escape from the guild and her friends— it shows how much she’s improving! YAAAAAAAAS queen
I’m super curious to learn what’s going through Natsu’s head bc yeah that’s a lot to take in at once (I really can’t blame him for the awkwardness at all but poor Lucy!), but I’ll be patient for that :)
Also THANK YOU THANK YOU for NOT ending the chapter the way you decided not to. You’re doing the characters justice this way
I say this like every review but I’m always serious: I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. It did not let me down. And it just flows with the previous chapter so naturally I just asfhfjfjdjdndn
Of course you deserve the best reviews! I’m with ya the whole way!
11/3/2019 c10 2savwafair
yeah that lisanna thing would've been a bit too much I agree
I'm glad the team is acting normal. do they know? I guess we'll figure it out soon
I'm happy that Loke is there for Lucy to lean on
gahhhh I wanna know what natsu is thinking! I'm dying to know his side of the story omfg
11/3/2019 c10 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Damn, too short, wanted to know what was gonna happen next *insert crying emoji*. Take you time in what you want to do with what I questioned you, I'm sure it's going to be great. Please update soon :D
11/3/2019 c10 FoodforTHOT
No apologies necessary! I think of Natsu as being so dense that if things don't get spelled out for him, he won't get it xD Our simple little fire doof. But with what you wrote here, yeah, there's no way that he couldn't get what she was trying to say!

Poor Lucy! I'm so glad Loke was there for her, though. And I know she won't be sad for much longer. Love Loke's, "oops, didn't see you there but I totally did see you there" comment. Get 'im, Loke!

I'm really excited to see how Lucy and Natsu are gonna be on their mission with the team and if it's going to affect their job or not. I'm doubly excited for Natsu's POV! Great chapter, keep 'em coming! :)
11/3/2019 c10 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
Awh man poor Lucy also i totally rate loke for having her back like that! I'm interested to see what will happen on the job! Did Natsu deliberately not tell her or did he genuinely forgot cos he felt awkward/confused/angry etc... Excited for the next one!
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