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10/29/2019 c8 NerdmomDM
I feel like Lisanna kind of handed Natsu off to Lucy when they were on Tenrou island when she told Lucy to stay with him. I think they're FINALLY going to get together in 100 years quest, although who knows, since Hiro Mashima says he's not good af writing love scenes. I loved this chapter, btw!
10/29/2019 c8 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
Yooo this is even better than I expected! I honestly love the way you write as well! Can't wait for the 'can of worms' to be opened then!
10/29/2019 c8 xxxxxx000000xxxxxx
You updateddd! Wow.. I act like you only update once a year haha! This chapter.. omg! I had a feeling that he wouldn't blow up right away, because he's still processing it.

Shit is gonna hit the fan in chapter 9 and I can't wait! Opening a can of worms? Well now.. I wonder. Don't know if I'm right.. but could it be that Lucy's feelings for Natsu come full circle?

If that is the case, there is going to be a ton of freaking drama and angst and I'm a complete slut for those. So trust me. I'm not gonna hate it haha! I could probably never hate what you have planned for this! And I doubt anyone else could either. We all love your story so much! So don't be too nervous :D it's gonna be great.

Judging by Lisanna's reaction at the end I am now a 100% confident enough to say, that she definitely knew Natsu's feelings for Lucy before he's gonna realize it. I think that's why she also kept their relationship still a little "platonic" except for the kisses and hand holding and so, instead of pushing things further, I think. I could be wrong. So maybe I'm not 100% confident about it Lol.

But anyway! As always. Amazing work! I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work! :D
10/29/2019 c8 Ember Reverie
Hibiki got off easy. Cana in particular could've been soooo much more suggestive/embarrassing. lol

I doubt it was the intention, but you really made me feel for Natsu. Sure, he's acting a little obnoxious and clingy, but still. Man, he REALLY wants all that tabloid fodder about Hibiki to be true. lol

I'm bad at predictions. I think it's because thinking too much about the possibilities might ruin the surprise factor of a story too much.
10/29/2019 c8 2savwafair
this is lovely! tho I admit I get a bit grumpy when nali stuff happens :P that's just me bein dumb tho. I actually really like all that stuff, especially because it seems likeif I'm reading it rightlisanna already has some idea of what's going on and is just trying to enjoy it while she can. poor lisis natsu going after her on her quest? or is she "accidentally" going to run into Hibiki while out? orrrr is she gonna get super hurt and natsu will freak and realize how important she is to him and go all crazy because of it? or or or other stuff?
Also I miss happy. I can't wait until it's natsu's turn so we can see more of him!
I love this! keep writing!
10/29/2019 c8 FoodforTHOT
Mwauhahahahaaaaaaa! Seethe, Natsu! Jkjk, I love Natsu, but he needs a good kick in the pants and this chapter delivered! I am seriously so antsy for the next chapter. I guarantee I will love whatever you have planned 'cause the way you write is so refreshing and different from anything else I've read on this site. Which is why I can't even try to guess what happens next! You always surprise me, which is another reason why I love this story and your writing so much.

So I'll be waiting here patiently (but not really tho) for the next chapter! :D
10/28/2019 c7 1CuteBubbles
I love your fic! I’m glad for Lucy that she moved on and I love how Natsu is so perceptive and possessive of her without him even knowing it! The little jealous blow-up he had was priceless. I can’t wait until he finds out about Lucy liking Hibiki because he is going to blow his top, and he’s finally gonna realize he’s head over heels in love with her! Please update soon!
10/27/2019 c7 16CrazyZaika
I like this story, especially because Lucy got some time to be happy for a time with someone. Don't get me wrong. I love NaLu. NaLu is my absolutely favorite pair.

But I don't like, that she has to suffer, just because Natsu decided to run straight to his childhoodcrush.
And I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
10/27/2019 c7 ladystiletto04
Make natsu smell hibiki's scent in lucy's house. Now that would be hard to explain. If hibiki is ther often, natsu should caught wiff of him
10/27/2019 c7 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
I gotta day, this is not like the stories where Lisanna and Natsu are going out and kicks Lucy to the curb, this is totally different and I love every second of your book. Please update soon :D
10/25/2019 c7 5Anjay
OMFG! I can't wait until the next chapter! I wanna see a jealous Natsu!
10/25/2019 c7 122Dark Shining Light
This is getting good! I can’t wait to see Natsu’s reaction and learn if Lucy has really moved on or not. Can’t wait to see what you have planned
10/23/2019 c7 Guest
Yess please do dat. Also I love your story it is very unique
10/23/2019 c7 Sakura2bloom
Yes please
10/22/2019 c7 Guest
Awww they going out now
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