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8/15/2020 c8 7Crack-jouchan
On the nickname thing: damn are you trying to kill Hibiki? xDDD jkjk

Ooof Natsu's becoming stubborn as hell. He's cranked up the annoyance dial, the overpossessive idiot, probably cause he can't figure out why he's upset in the first place.

Poor Lis :( I think she knows herself what's wrong but can't really do anything because neither Natsu nor Lucy will say anything *wince*

Well here we go OWO on to the volcanoooo!~
8/15/2020 c7 Crack-jouchan
Aww Hibiki's such a gentleman! ...I feel bad for him, ouch. At least Lucy's not gonna hide him anymore xD That's awkward as hell, and while I understand her not wanting the whole guild to know, it seemed a touch— desperate, I say?

Oof, it seems Natsu's starting to chaff a bit? Hmm... I'd like to think those 'rules' in relationships are supposed to be instinctual rather than stuff you have to consciously follow, y'know? ...or is that too much to wish for? Ahaha. But Natsu seems to be taking it as more of a burden. I wonder if anyone other than Lucy has pointed it out to him...? Or am I reading too much into it? But I suppose I can understand that compartmentalizing thing... even if I don't particularly like it much.

And... oh dear. If Hibiki uses Lucy's nickname infront of Natsu? Well... I don't think it'll be pretty!
8/15/2020 c6 Crack-jouchan
Oh dear Lucy's definitely getting carried away... I don't feel too good about this. Meanwhile Natsu's just stressing her out all the more uuuuffff. Hmm... seems like there's a sharp contrast between their perception of the dating scene, huh? This can be problematic... though I admit, I too may have a but of skewed view of romance from reading so many stories xD I myself have zero experience so I can't say for sure either, haha! Actual relationships might just be that boring, really!
8/14/2020 c14 Loso
Oh my god! My heart! This one hurt but I love it anyway, I'm so happy you're back, can't wait for the next chapter!
8/14/2020 c4 Crack-jouchan
Damn is Lucy getting attached fast. Daresay... too fast? Granted, Hibiki probably feels like the much needed spot of solace she needs, and relationships have definitely been built on that before.

D'aww, Hibiki's so sweet :3 sigh... I've said it before and I'll say it again: if it wasn't for the scenario, I'd totally ship them! xD I might go and find a HibiLu oneshot for a bit, lol.
8/14/2020 c3 Crack-jouchan
Aww, Hibiki when he's genuine is so charming :3 if it was in another scenario I probably wouldn't mind shipping them~ but nah, not today xD though he is a friend that Lucy needs right now, which is good for the time being.

Poor Loke's trying to convince Lucy for the better, but it's probably still too early for her D: nghhh. It's far too easy to stay in the loop of bottling things up once you've done it for too long... I have a feeling this will take more than awhile to resolve.

Hmm... seems like Natsu's having problems with Lisanna? Well, probably not 'problems', I think it would be more like a sense of wrongness rather than any actual problem... They are far too nice people for that! xD With the whole 'coming back alive' thing, it's possible either or both of them got carried away and took what was meant to be friendship to somewhere they weren't ready for. I think there's a term for it. Least, that's my potential take on it since this looks like a NaLu story :P
8/14/2020 c2 Crack-jouchan
Oooh, I totally get it. It's... somewhat like the divide between what you feel you should feel, and what you're actually feeling. I've had quite some emotional issues myself so... I get it, somewhat it's far more easier to run away, so I don't blame Lucy for wanting to do so... but it's also true that it won't solve anything. She's smart enough to know that.

Hoo boy, her friends are mad xD justifiably so. I just hope this doesn't end up blowing up... this confrontation has a potential to end badly.
8/14/2020 c1 Crack-jouchan
A...hahaha... I tend to put the abandonment fics down to delusional chuunibyous. Luckily it seems they've decreased in number lately... But it's interesting to see you take that concept and turn it into something coherent! Bravo! \(o)/ I like it!

That said, for the love of god, does Lucy have issues xD but all too true. Basically FTail is a basketcase of issues, which is probably why they cling so hard to the idea of found family. But Lucy is one of the worst, if only because she tends to bottle it all up... probably a bringover from her dismal childhood. 'High-class' women aren't suppose to make much of a fuss nor do they have their choices taken into account, so she probably got used to repressing herself. Joining Fairy Tail might have actually made that worst, because she genuinely loves them and so ends up putting their happiness over hers, even if it leaves her miserable.

Okay, onto the story itself. There are a few spelling mistakes, but it still flows pretty well, and you got the characters' personalities down pat which is far more important, imo. Looking forward to see how this progresses, hehe!
8/14/2020 c14 5Perfect Memories
it's been a while since I had read this story so when I saw the update I started over from the beginning. it really dragged me in. I'm glad you updated. thank you! I cant wait to read when Natsu confesses to her but it's a lip/nail biter anticipation on what her reaction will be.
8/14/2020 c14 Copperreign12
Omg! I love this story! This chapter was amazing
, I loved Natsu’s POV and I was overjoyed he was going over there to apologize and confess. I was so happy but then peeved that he didn’t confess to her. He needs to tell Lucy that him and Lissana are done. Lucy needs to know that he is in love with her before anything more happens between Hibiki and her. I so want Nalu to happen only Natsu should be kissing Lucy’s lips not Hibiki. I love your writing it’s awesome. Can’t wait for next chapter! Thanks for updating!
8/14/2020 c14 Eli
For one I, want to say is that I truly enjoy you're story. I have read many fanfictions about Lucy leaving because of Lissana, due because she put them in some sort of spell or because people want Natsu to end with her. But Always make some points out of if that make the story crappy. In many ways one being that Lucy goes to the Celestial spirit realm. And if you remember correctly 3 days is the spirit world is 2 months and a half in the human world. 2. There was no team Natsu, before Lucy came into the picture. Natsu was going on Solo missions with Happy, same goes for Erza and Gray they went separate. Lissana had her own team with Mirajane and Elfman. 3. Lisanna was the one who implied they where on a relationship due to talking care of Happy as a baby which it doesn't mean he had feelings for her he was just a child. It was only innocent and cute that's all. 4. Don't hate the writer she did nothing to deserve such hate. For one is her story she can do whatever she wants to do with her story. If you all gonna do is judge her for what she does then I suggest you try writing a story with your own opinion of the story and see how that goes. She is is keeping the characters as they are not changing them to please the readers and if you don't like it them why do you keep reading it?... Anyway author keep doing you're best I love your story and keep it up. I want to see how this ends and thank you for sharing it with us.
8/14/2020 c14 1bluegamergirl11
AHHHHHH YOU’RE BACK! THIS CHAPTER IS AMAZING! GOOD ANGST! That’s the stuuuuuuuuff~~ Looking forward to where you take it!
8/13/2020 c14 FoodforTHOT
I. AM. SCREAMING. I audibly gasped when I got the email that you updated this!

Girl. Girl. Girl! This was so good! I'm so happy they have talked some things out. Obviously there is so much more to talk about, not that Lucy knows about it! I actually thought it was really sweet (if not tragic *cries*) that Natsu would decide to keep his feelings to himself, thinking it would be selfish of him to tell her how he feels because of Lucy's comment. BE SELFISH, NATSU! :'( You know I just want to see my babies together like yesterday!

I cannot WAIT for Lucy to find out Natsu and Lisanna broke up! I am dying to read her reaction!

8/13/2020 c14 stranger1999
not much of a chapter? I've been dying for an update so I'd say this was pretty good!The highlight of this chapter was definitely Natsu and Lucy making up!Though i wouldn't say the air has been completely cleared between them since Natsu's is now keeping his feelings to himself as well he certainly didn't tell Lucy about what happened with Lisanna. But someone else would have to tell her(probably Lisanna she clearly seems to be more capable of using her brain in times like these XD)
Really liked this chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
8/13/2020 c14 5ghostini
yes! I know you said it wasn't much of a chapter but it was definitely worth it dw :)
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