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10/3/2019 c3 prettyarisa-chan
Hahaha, I loved so much when Natsu yelled at Lucy...not because he yelled at her but because it was the proof that he was extremely worried about her. Not coming back on time. Aw Natsu, sooo cute !

I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that there's something off about Natsu and Lisanna's dating situation. He wasn't so enthusiastic on this subject when Lucy popped up the question, um...and oh my ! I almost thought Natsu overheard Lucy talking about her feelings for him. Especially with his super hearing ! I bet Lucy almost had a heart attack, at the moment, haha!

Oh, and do I see the famous green eyed monster called "jealousy" ? with Natsu interrupting Hibiki and Lucy's conversation...*me with a big grin* I like it, Lucy is catching Natsu's attention, little by little.
I can't wait for the moment he'll fall head over heels in love for her.

Thanks for the new chapter ! Til next time.
10/3/2019 c3 xMuffinsx
Gah, Natsu is starting to get a little snarky. I would've knocked him out, lol. I guess this a sort of a have his cake and eat it, too, situation? It's so weird that he doesn't want to discuss his new relationship if he's so content! Maybe Hibiki will sweep Lucy off of her feet and show Natsu what he's missing (:

Keep 'em coming! I'm sticking with you til the end!
10/3/2019 c3 Ember Reverie
Lucy's so cute acting the giggly teenage girl. I can see how Hibiki's behavior would have her acting all blushing and giddy.

I like the way she assuaged her teammates. For some reason, Gray doesn't seem like the type to really care for sweets, though. I guess muffins aren't quite in the same category as cookies or cake, though, so I think it works.
10/3/2019 c1 Guest
Lucy should move on and fall in love with someone too cause it's unfair if Natsu is the one only capable of loving somebody else. I hope Lucy will fall for other guy too and I hope Natsu witnesses that to for him to learn how it feels to be in that situation. But I know this type of fanfiction, the typical fanfiction who will only hurt the female and only makes the female dumb.
10/3/2019 c3 Guest
I am happy she is moving on!
10/2/2019 c2 NerdmomDM
I just read one of your other stories and enjoyed it so much I wanted to see more of your work. I was definitely not disappointed! I really enjoy your writing style.
9/30/2019 c2 guest
It's a good thing that Lucy took some time away from the guild. This way she can reflect on her situation better. And at least, she wasn't completely alone, she had a friend with her : Hibiki. The Pegasus mage, behind his silly playboy facade, can be a reliable friend. I'm glad Erza, Gray and Natsu are planning to go after Lucy, it shows their concern for her (though I'd have expected Natsu to leave immediately to search for her). He's so impatient most of the time, our hyper dragon or...hyper salamander (Lol) But I'm sure deep inside, he's very worried about her.
How will Lucy cope with Natsu and Lisanna's relationship ? it hurts to see the one you love with someone else, but knowing Lucy, she'll try her best to put their happiness, before hers...
This is getting interesting, please continue!
9/30/2019 c2 Guest
Lucy is moving on. I am happy for her. I am worried about the next chapter. There will be arguments ugh.
10/2/2019 c2 EchizenRyoma
hibiki sounds like a decent guy...
10/1/2019 c2 10Gaia Kame
I love how even though this is a Lisanna returns and Natsu and Lisanna start dating due to the sense of familiarity and perhaps a sense of expectations it’s not like every one of the other stories regarding the plot idea. This has a more canon feel and realism to it than the stereotypical stories regarding similar plots of Lisanna’s return. As a result I highly enjoy and look forward to seeing the next chapter! So please don’t stress about this story, for I can’t tell you how refreshing it is. So please keep up the wonderful work and writing. Until next time, ja-ne!
9/30/2019 c2 CheLou86
for me jellal or gajeel..
9/30/2019 c2 xMuffinsx
I'm so happy that you posted again so soon! I wouldn't worry about anyone being turned off of this story just because it's not *boom* NaLu. While I definitely ship them pretty hard, I do enjoy slow burns or anything related. I do worry for Lucy, though, since they're to be end game (I hope so! crosses fingers*) I can only imagine Natsu suddenly getting his "aha!" moment might cause her major issues (especially Lisanna...). I'm so glad Lucy's finally realizing that it's okay to be hurt, but happy for your friends, and that she'll eventually have her moment with someone in the future. While I think Lisanna is treated pretty unfairly in other stories, and she's always been shown to be a sweetheart, I just can't see a relationship with Natsu being something that would work out. I've always seen them as more of a brother and sister sort of deal, so I wonder if that would tie in later? Like maybe everyone expected she and Natsu to get together and that sort of pushed his actions. Anywho, please keep this up! I'm really enjoying this so far and how you portray their thoughts/feelings.
9/30/2019 c2 Ember Reverie
I'm so glad Lucy found the clarity and peace she was looking for. She's got a healthy attitude going forwards. The acceptance that's she's come to will make it easier to move on.

Oooh, a confrontation with the team is upcoming. I hope they won't be too mad at her. She'll just have to let them know that she needed a little space. It's not the entire story, but not at all a lie either. Team Natsu is really bad about boundaries. lol
9/30/2019 c2 zahad dragneel
9/29/2019 c1 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
Ooh I'm actually really interested to see where this is going! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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