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for Mosaic Broken Hearts

8/13/2020 c14 19mushi9
Love the start to this next part! And I 100% agree, you will never please everyone so write the story to suit you and the ones who like it will stick around and the ones that don't? Well there's over 66,000 stories on this site for Fairy Tail alone, so I'm sure they'll find something more their tastes. Thank you for sharing with us! Looking forward to what happens next!
8/13/2020 c14 Ember Reverie
Yay, you're back!

Ugh, Natsu! Just tell her. Sooner rather than later. The NaLi breakup will probably be a hot topic around the guild and of course Lucy is gonna wanna know what happened. I'm sure she'd rather hear it from him than anyone else, esp. after that promise he just made. Don't break her trust you idiot!
Better hurry before the furry blue troll lets it slip. :D

Yeah, I'm with you about not making Hibiki not fight for her. No-one is that noble. Well, maybe if he found out he had an un-curable disease and like a month to live, but I'm certain you're not going THERE, lol.

There actually is a reply button. Just click on reviews and by each review there is a button that says 'reply to review'. It's the thought bubble looking one.
8/13/2020 c14 2savwafair
hrmmmm I wanted to know the rest of the lisanna conversation grumblemumble
I liked that it was Natsu but I would've loved to go back and see events from his perspective... but maybe you're still planning on doing that? I suppose I'll just have to hope
also like Natsu do you want her to find out all this stuff from a third party? first lisanna didn't tell her, now him... she may very well think there's a conspiracy going on! and what's worse is that she'd be kinda right!
I hope she picks up on him not promising. she deserves better. stupid natsu.
no matter what though, I'm so happy to see you again! this story is lovely and I like it a bunch so seeing you come back to finish it is really exciting!
thank you so much for continuing to share your work with us!
7/29/2020 c13 stranger1999
it seems so fitting that you had Lisannas POV as an interlude to transition into Natsus perspective. Really brilliant if i might add.
Anyway she really is the real MVP in this story and im glad she made Natsu understand what was going on in his head!And thank you once again for capturing her true character and not falling on those ridiculous bitropes because they i lose braincells everytime i come across those.
Now atleast my heart can rest somewhat easy now(i really can't imagine nalu with anyone but with each other although theres still hibiki and Lucy to think about).
I really hope this is continued soon and really can't wait for Natsu's perspective!
7/29/2020 c12 stranger1999
Kinda looks like Lis and Natsu broke things off. Because im pretty sure its obvious to Lisanna now that Natsu clearly harbors more then platonic feelings for Lucy
Also im pretty sure things won't be half as complicated for Lucy if she could just get a control on her own damn mind. Honestly, her relationship with Hibiki doesn't seem like it'll go smoothly too because with Natsu wreaking havoc on her mind and heart like this and with her hiding things if this nature from him. it won't be smooth sailing for them.
7/29/2020 c11 stranger1999
my hearts just being shredded consistently at seeing those two idiots like this. Im really getting invested in this story. sighhhh
7/29/2020 c10 stranger1999
Ya know if you'd have Natsu said that, i would have ended up blowing a complete gasket because it would have been a complete OOC move that he would never do but oh well thank you for not doing it. Anyway im already mad at Natsu because my poor baby Lucy is suffering so much and why he gotta be such a jerk but then again its Lucy's perspective and ima just wait to read his perspective to see whats up in that mind of his.(i do love the both if then ya know its just Lucy's been the suffering and thats why im being biased towards her)
anyway your ability to invoke emotions through your writing is frankly amazing cuz im a mess of emotions right now.
7/29/2020 c9 stranger1999
god this fic is tearing me into shreds. Ofcourse Natsu had to walk into such a situation and ofcourse he got terribly jealous. And ugh i wanted to shake him so bad when he went away after Lucy revealed her feelings but then again it feels in character for him to do so because he really can't face emotional situations now can he?
7/29/2020 c8 stranger1999
damn i can't stand seeing Lucy and Natsu with other people and doing couple things. i really can't. it hurts.
i hope Natsu gets his shit together soon.
also it hurts seeing Hibiki calls her 'Luce'. despite it being completely fanon. its just Natsu's thing ya know?
Also Lisanna is definitely catching on to stuff. Pretty sure she's going to be one who does something if Natsu doesn't.
7/29/2020 c7 stranger1999
Natsu is definitely the type to do things like these and i love how accurately you've captured his character. And damn if Natsu doesn't figure things out soon, Lucy is definitely going to move on completely (she already seems like she has though
7/29/2020 c6 stranger1999
alright it hurts seeing the strain on Natsu and Lucys relationship and it hurts seeing her actually beginning to move on and it hurts whenever theres even the slightest mention of Natsu and Lisanna as a couple(although theres something off about it all?)
7/29/2020 c5 stranger1999
Lisanna's a smart girl. She's definitely started to figure out that somethings amiss. Also its kinda of a good thing Lucy didn't tell Natsu she was going a on a date because if he got this jealous then he would have definitely thrown a complete gasket at that but at the same its not good that she's hiding this from him.
Also someone needs to explain to Lucy that just because Natsu is dating someone doesn't mean their friendship is negated in the slightest.
i swear Lucy's biggest enemy is her mind at this point.
7/29/2020 c4 stranger1999
Natsu really can't see Hibikis true intentions can he?I wonder if its because of his oblivious nature or if he truly didn't imagine that Lucy would ever date him.
Honestly Lucy does seem to like Hibiki but it also somewhat seems like she's using him to try to move on.
7/29/2020 c3 stranger1999
Lucy seems like she might be considering Hibiki as a potential romantic interest. And damn i feel like shaking some sense into Natsus head honestly.
7/29/2020 c2 stranger1999
I really liked Lucys interactions with Hibiki on the Oracien Seis arc and i was kinda disappointed not to see them interact more(not in a shippy manner though, just as friends)and i kinda like how you've chosen him instead of Loke and Gray whom people might choose (despite me having a soft spot for graylu ehehe). and damn looks like she's resolved to move on.
and aww look at her team being worried for her.
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