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for Mosaic Broken Hearts

4/23/2020 c13 Saiyajin no Ouhi
I really enjoyed reading this. I won’t lie, I was hesitant when I realised Natsu would be with Lisanna for at least a majority of the earlier chapters but I’m a sucker for angst with (hopefully) a happy ending, so I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did! I love your characterisations and how well you describe and explain the feelings of the characters. This is really very well written and I really hope you come back to write some more for this! I’ve been searching far and wide for some good NaLu fics (trust me, for the better part of a month) and I’m quite finicky with the criteria I consider necessary to make a good fic (good grammar, for one D:) and you’re a talented writer! Please update soon, I’ll be waiting for that email notification as patiently as I can :D
4/1/2020 c13 varee
Och, this was really enjoyable! You have a star for the insight into character's psyche, the cause and effect on their behaviour, the descriptions and narration holding true to each POVs.
Well done, author, I love it.
3/13/2020 c13 1Bs.trinkets
This story is really interesting, I hope you have the chance to continue it! I love the gentle way you've handled all the characters - it feels like everyone's a winner. Even Natsu acting a little bratty makes sense - he's just super confused because he's such a simple guy! Awesome writing. Excited for more, but totally understand if life's got in your way, especially with Covid-19 going around. Take care, and thanks so much for sharing this story with us.
3/7/2020 c13 BeautifulSamurai
This was so helpful. Lisanna is such a kind character. Hope you update again soon!
3/7/2020 c12 BeautifulSamurai
I love this fic!
3/7/2020 c11 BeautifulSamurai
I loved that Natsu slept on Lucy's lap on the train. Also the conversation between Happy was very sweet and needed!
3/7/2020 c10 BeautifulSamurai
3/7/2020 c9 BeautifulSamurai
3/7/2020 c8 BeautifulSamurai
so great!
3/7/2020 c7 BeautifulSamurai
I love this!
3/7/2020 c6 BeautifulSamurai
So interesting!
3/7/2020 c5 BeautifulSamurai
Yeah, I like the Hibiki choice. This is SO good!
3/7/2020 c4 BeautifulSamurai
Another fabulous chapter! I love slow burns
3/7/2020 c3 BeautifulSamurai
Love you writing!
3/7/2020 c2 BeautifulSamurai
I feel your pain Lucy
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