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11/26/2019 c13 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
You know what, it wasn't what I expected but I loved it none the less! I'm definitely the sort who loves back story and depth of character/lots of details so I really enjoyed seeing Lisannas take on things and how her side ties into the parts of the story we've already seen! Kudos! I can't imagine natsus gonna find it easy seeing Hibiki and Lucy if he's now realisedhe likes her XD
11/26/2019 c13 bored-out-of-my-mind247
As I said before. Amazing. I love how you portrayed Lisanna. I’m sad but I understand the feeling of being with someone because it’s what was expected and when finally free it hurts but it feels right. I loved your story. Ignore the haters. I think some of their arguments are stupid. Being a girl had nothing to do with being an over thinker. My bf is an over thinker. And he surely is t a girl.
Anyways, love it. Keep it up and can’t wait for Natsu to come back.
11/26/2019 c13 Ember Reverie
I don't think I was expecting a break-up, but I can see why you went there. Something has been off since the first second and Lisanna (and probably Natsu, deep down) freaking knew it. The way he asked her out was the definition of obligatory. Her agreeing to it as well (even if there were some lingering feelings pushing her to go for it). Their relationship seems to be about trying to recreate the past. Well, recreate probably isn't the best word. It's more like, they decided to take that step (that had always been expected of them) that they were 'robbed' of when Lisanna was sucked into Edolas. Except, they're both different people now, so, it just didn't work out like expected.

Lisanna coming back from Edolas must've been a bit easier than the shock she faced going there, if only because Earthland Mira totally changed into Edolas Mira. lol
That had to have made the transition back at least a little easier. If only because of keeping that bit of familiarity.

Poor Bickslow. Passed out on the floor and his crew just left him there. lol I would've expected better of them. Well, Freed at least.

I'm glad we'll be seeing some reaction from the rest of Team Natsu. The tension must be thick at this point. esp. given that Natsu really don't do subtle.
11/26/2019 c13 b2utifulshawol
I'm new and went to look at reviews and wow you are right about entitled. I love everything about this so far mainly because I love slow burns and drama haha so this is exactly my cup of tea. Hope you don't let the erm entitled ones get to you! You do you!
11/20/2019 c12 Shadoweddark
As a reader devoted to this fic, my actions? Shameful, g, to not read this latest chapter right away! (Lol I’m too dramatic) I wanted to read and review as soon as it came out but I was studying— OH THE PAIN because when I saw you updated I started flipping out because yaAAAS MORE CONTENT. But then I had to dig up the last of my tiny self-restraint because of my stupid final and decided I’d wait... and, sadly, I managed. But I’m back!
Poor Lucy poor Natsu poor Lisanna— tHE LIST GOES ON. Oh and Hibiki’s the bestest boy
Oh my god Lucy and her overthinking is something I get on a spiritual level, like ME 24/7
As always you are awesome at following the thought process and pains of an over-thinker. I loved this little chapter and can’t wait to read the next! :D
-I’m glad you enjoy my reviews. I can be super long winded haha but I can’t help it when I love a story and you deserve to know it’s awesome!
11/18/2019 c12 3Michiamotippete

Ohhh Lisannaaaa I'm sorry! ok they have 1) broke up 2)had a very unpleasant argument
I'm sad for poor lis

I can't wait for next chapter girl
11/18/2019 c12 Layla Heart
This is getting frustrating. Is this going anywhere? Don't get me wrong, your writing is lovely and well done, but you should have warned that this is slow burn, soooo fukin' slow. I guess I don't like Lucy's overthinking, l mean, I'm a woman and I obviously overthink, but also I address things straight so I can stop nonsense like canon Natsu that I'm not seeing here. You have been saying for ages Natsu's pov would come and explain a lot of things, I hope so, because besides all characters are OC, your "Natsu" is not the one we love from Mashima.
11/18/2019 c12 1bluegamergirl11
Wonderful as always! Thanks for the new chapter!
11/17/2019 c12 NerdmomDM
I assume Lisanna was talking about Natsu's dislike of Hibiki? Is the "event" Lucy telling Hibiki about her fight with Natsu? Anyway, thank you for the great chapter!
11/17/2019 c12 3The-Ruby-Rabbit
Can’t wait till the next chapter!
11/17/2019 c12 xxxxxx000000xxxxxx
Omw! I'm so excited for Natsu's POV.. honestly. Especially with his facial expressions that Lucy didn't see. And I'm so curious to know what Lisanna was talking about.

The excitement is killing me! Can't wair for the next chapter :D keep up the amazing work!
11/17/2019 c12 FoodforTHOT

I THOUGHT THINGS COULDN'T GET MORE TENSE I WAS WRONG I WAS SO WRONG! Agghhh, when Lucy was like asking if they could just forget what she said and how it was stupid I was like OK NATSU HERE'S YOUR CHANCE then he didn't and I die! You really know how to keep me coming back for more, cosmic-sama! Like, damn, I know they're on the precipice of something great they just need to clear the air first, but I wanna just push their faces together and make them kiss!

On one hand, I do feel bad for Lisanna and I just wanna give her a huge bear hug, but she's a very strong and sweet person, she has a strong support system, and she deserves to have all of someone's love! Not to say that I blame Natsu, he can't help how he feels either! But ughh, I KNOW YOU WERE CRYING LISANNA MY SWEET BABY ANGEL ( ಥ _ ಥ ) And now I am thinking I would love to see a sequel of sorts with her getting her happy ending with a special someone.

Another excellent chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
11/17/2019 c12 10ipromiseimnotatotaldweeb
Honestly I love this chapter! The story means so much more when it's set up in such a delicate way that you're weaving the story! I wish I could do that in my fics XD but hey! That's what practice is for right!?
And I don't think you're overdoing the overthinking at all, it seems to make perfect sens eon the world you've created! Also have Natsu and lisanna broke. Up? Did she do it and that's how she knocked sens einto him!? AhHH I can't WAIT for the next chapter!
Thank you again for writing such an awesome story!
11/17/2019 c12 2savwafair
have I ever told you how much I love you for putting the review responses at the end of the chapter?
gahhhh I wanna know about the mission with Hibiki! what did they do, did he ask any questions, was it awkward?
I cannnn't waaaait for next chapter! how far back are we going with natsu's point of view? I hope we at least go back to when she told him about her feelings! and if nothing else, I wanna see his and lisanna's conversation.
was lisanna crying? is that why her eyes were red? I bet she broke up with Natsu and told him to get his act together to fight for Lucy even though it made her sad.
man tbh I wouldn't mind a chapter from lisanna's pov. Ooooh is that gonna be what next chapter is? if I didn't so badly wanna go back over everything from natsu's perspective that's what I would put my money on.
11/17/2019 c12 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Man poor Lucy, she doesn't know what to do now, she wants everything to go back to the things were but Natsu made everything much more complicated and don't think he didn't mean to. Lisanna is a smart cookie, whether she know what is going on or not, she really did need to knock some sense into him and send him off to reflect on what he is feeling and what he wants to do. Please update soon :D
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