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for Harry Potter rejection letters and alternative Triwizard Tournament

9/10 c12 4597boss
because we like the part two.
9/10 c12 28Sakura Lisel
Could you do a rejection letter story using the online Namesake comic? Where a 'Writer' OR a 'Namesake' Harry Potter is raised by somebody from the comic series when his letter comes in? Or he gets summoned for the Triwizard tournament.

If you haven't heard of the Namesake comic, the address is namesakecomic com.
8/9 c10 Guest
Amazing Story. Just have a few ideas that you could use in this if you so wish to do so.
IDEA 1(Letter): due to something happening Harry ends up raised in an alternate country in an alternate universe, where 17 years go by in 1 hour in the other universe. Then the 'Game Of The Oni' happens, Harry is selected and does win against the Oni Representative, Lum. Then after the misunderstood confession the letter arrives, and well there are some 'choice words'(in the most wholesome way to say that) from Harry and Lum, with everything Lum wrote basically coming as 'leave darling alone and don't try anything against him'
IDEA 1(Tri-Wizard): Despite this letter Harry and Lum still end up being summoned and Harry has to go through the challenges, only exception, Lum joins him for the final task, so Voldy's gonna get zapped so hard that each horcrux just loses the soul shard in it
IDEA 2(Letter): This one fits the same idea as before, just Harry dies at some odd point and is now in the Urusei Yatsura world as Lum. So more bashing is going to come from her
IDEA 2(Tri-Wizard):This one is not connected to the one above. But in this Harry was sent to the Azur Lane world where KMS Roon raises him as if he was another research kansen(just a male one). And now it's going to get fully insane with basically a mini-Roon around
5/3 c10 AnimeGoji91
Make Harry Potter and Makai Kingdom in this story and put Harry X Pram (Makai Kingdom) love and they destroy Dumbledore and Voldemort too!?
3/26 c8 AnimeGoji91
DAMN! Now that creepy a also hope will be Harry and Alice Angel in this story oh is going to be scary as hell!?
3/17 c8 Doom60
How about Star Wars where his grandfather is the emperor or the galactic empire
3/17 c8 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
2/21 c7 28Tremor230
It was a wonderful collection of small pieces of art :D
Good job!
(Also, it's an honour to be considered an inspiration to write this, thank you :) )
12/15/2019 c6 AnimeGoji91
Why The Dark Side has just being!?
12/12/2019 c6 James Birdsong
Odd stories but good. There are some typos but some are possibly intentional
12/11/2019 c5 AnimeGoji91
Now that sick and kick ass and please continues this story and put Disgaea and Harry Potter, Harry and his Harem Disgaea Girls or his Girlfriend Etna!? Or put Bendy and The Ink Machine and Harry Potter, Harry and his Girlfriend Alice Angel!?
12/11/2019 c6 28Sakura Lisel
I LOVE it so far and hope you do another one soon. :D

Wait so if Harry/Minky has been dead since the day she was left with the Dursleys, and her OLD body is probably rotting away in some grave back in the human world, then WHY did Minky STILL get a letter addressed to her PAST LIFE self?

EVERYTHING that made her 'Harry Potter' magically, biologically, name, species, etc. is LONG gone, so whats the school owls doing delivering mail to a kid who basically no longer exists in ANY way that should make it possible to STILL find her even with whatever magic enchantments the owls have that let them always find their targets?

Plus I bet if she had been reborn human, that she doesn't even LOOK like what everybody in the magical world be expecting 'Harry Potter' would look like thanks to her new biological parents DNA, OR have her infamous identifying lightning bolt scar anymore unless it followed her into her new life as a birthmark or something. *lol*

Though another thing. When she mentioned the Dursleys, how does she even remember them or what they did to her if they killed her the same day she was left with them? Doesn't sound like it was enough to time to leave a lasting memory on her then 15 month old mind on people she barely spent time with before she died. *lol* she should have forgotten all that, along with any other memories of her 15 month old former life, after she was reborn and had a new life and memories to live with instead.
11/10/2019 c4 Guest
chapter 4

Good chapter. There is not very much stories where Harry is raised by Descendants
characters. I have few new ideas if you like them.
HP / Detective Conan / Case Closed crossover where Harry is raised by Gin and is
assasin - in training. HP / Winx Club crossover where Harry is raised Valtor
And maybe other Descendants crossover where Harry is raised by Villains of Isle of the Lost.
11/6/2019 c5 3697014
I just read the MLP wiki article on "something sweet to bite"

Yeah, this was certainly interesting, fun read.

And yeah the Dursleys killing off Harry, is quite possible if they were really that that narrowminded and bigoted and they would probably get away with it too because Harry was born in the Magical side of things so there would be very little paperwork on him on the Mundane side
11/5/2019 c5 Sakura Lisel
Wait... so for the second Task, just WHO did they kidnap to be Harry/Candychild's hostage? With how bloodthirsty he is I doubt he sticks around long enough at Hogwarts for ANYBODY to be 'something he would miss the most' because everybody should be terrified of him by the time the Second Task happened. So WHO was the mysterious fourth hostage they picked for HIM to save?
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