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for Gate: Thus the Doom Slayer Ripped and Tear there

4/20 c1 Guest
Hey to anyone reading this, sorry some wrong click when you read fearfrom, i mean fear from ulquiorra. Sorry.
4/20 c1 Guest
You know what if ulquiorra is given a secons chance by the god to go to falmart against the darkness and the corruption of the empire, im really sure the gods of falmart will learn to fear and respect ulquiorra, even zorzal and his ilk will learn some fearfrom him?
4/19 c1 Guest
Hey have you ever think about making ulquiorra and gate thus the jsdf fought there crossover it would be intresting if somehow ulquiorra reborn in falmart.?
1/21 c2 smoleboi
plz update
8/30/2020 c2 BONTEN
With the upcoming "DOOM Eternal – The Ancient Gods" I daresay you have more new material to work with, especially regarding the Gods that treat the Special Region as if it were a petting zoo… VERY BIG MISTAKE on their part, should they apply the same mentality on the Doom Slayer, for sure!
8/16/2020 c2 PEARL ZANE GREY
[My present concern is the Japanese Government. No doubt the General will inform his government about this. We must assume that they may try to get some hold over us, despite our warning. In order to gain access to our weapons and technology. We will have to be careful.] VEGA warned.

Given the Doom Slayer’s track record to these sort of things, I’m not too worried… especially with VEGA around to serve as the 'BRAINS' and the mediator, to the Doom Slayer’s 'BRAWNS' and the exterminator. As of now, there’s not really anything to coerce the Slayer into accepting anyone’s demands… unless SOMEBODY stashed the Fortress of Doom in the Special Region.

They ought to be glad they’re not Wolfenstein’s Nazi Germany… the Doom Slayer would have gone on the warpath and brought the population to near-zero once they show hostile intent — and that’s before the Kreisau Circle decide to give the Slayer a helping hand!

And if the Japanese government (and others) happens to be a bit TOO INTRUSIVE into the Doom Slayer’s and VEGA’s dealings, well… nothing like either a good old 'Demonic Invasion' or a 'Marauder' on the warpath or the 'ICON OF SIN' REALITY-WARPING ITS SURROUNDINGS to strike Primal Fear into the hearts of the arrogant, ignorant, moronic humans of this dimension!
7/13/2020 c2 Guest
Come on man can you post more
6/22/2020 c2 1Etherious.Nat5u.Dragneel
Pls update this is great!
6/15/2020 c2 2HyperionATLAS
great so far just needs a new chapter to be posted
5/15/2020 c2 Joy is overrated
vega too loose with information, slayer showboating why? why would he need to test fire his own gun.. dumb. demons, they shouldn't be the same since its a different universe but given the writing style you'll try to force that too. Its a good story so far, but these and a few other things keep this from being great
4/28/2020 c2 GreatLakan
Please we want MORE! The other doom crossover wasn't really that good because doom slayers would talk in a more friendly manner - it wasn't him and worst of all hi get nerf i am hoping for 3rd chapter i can't wait!
4/22/2020 c2 guest
"sees the last bit of the chapter" I have a feeling that medieval enemies are the last thing the jsdf should be worried about, let's hope the can survive I mean hey there is guy that made hells demon piss on the spot.
4/18/2020 c2 jayjayduque123
4/13/2020 c2 Dandaman5
Hope this gets updated soon. This is good!
4/10/2020 c2 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Good 2 chapter.
I hope the doom slayer will have some magic, artefacts ( holy and demoniac), runes and weapons to add to his collection. Hope he will find some lost tech from the night sentinel and the maykr with some lost datas from the UAC.
I hope that when he go to rondel vega will scan all the book in the library and will add some runes, magic and alchemic change to the praetor suit.
I really hope that with rondel library scanned and internet, when the slayer will go to japan for the fire dragon jugement, that vega will find ideas of upgrade for the suit, of new weapons, amnos and some ideas from games in sci fi or fantasy style.
Also i cant wait to see what the slayer will do the spys of the usa, china and russia. It will be a slaugther... or not !?
I hope the doom slayer will find some good medieval weapons like sword, bow, shield, shuriken, assassin blade or other good stuff. Help you of assassin creed to find some ideas.
For monster, boss and other bad guy ideas or mythology use castelvania (for golems, démons, wampyrs, lycan, frankenstein and even necromancer), darksiders (1 to 3 and even genesis), god of war and high school dxd.
I hope we will see the slayer at italica, sateda, rondel and the Dark Elf forest.
I really want to see how the slayer and vega will upgrade his suit and weapons. I really want the slayer to learn some magic and use alchemy.
I hope we will learn how the armour will evolve from doom 2016 to doom eternal. Also how or why the doom slayer have find the cidatel of doom.
Please write a lot and have fun.
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