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for Gate: Thus the Doom Slayer Ripped and Tear there

4/13/2020 c2 Dandaman5
Hope this gets updated soon. This is good!
4/10/2020 c2 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Good 2 chapter.
I hope the doom slayer will have some magic, artefacts ( holy and demoniac), runes and weapons to add to his collection. Hope he will find some lost tech from the night sentinel and the maykr with some lost datas from the UAC.
I hope that when he go to rondel vega will scan all the book in the library and will add some runes, magic and alchemic change to the praetor suit.
I really hope that with rondel library scanned and internet, when the slayer will go to japan for the fire dragon jugement, that vega will find ideas of upgrade for the suit, of new weapons, amnos and some ideas from games in sci fi or fantasy style.
Also i cant wait to see what the slayer will do the spys of the usa, china and russia. It will be a slaugther... or not !?
I hope the doom slayer will find some good medieval weapons like sword, bow, shield, shuriken, assassin blade or other good stuff. Help you of assassin creed to find some ideas.
For monster, boss and other bad guy ideas or mythology use castelvania (for golems, démons, wampyrs, lycan, frankenstein and even necromancer), darksiders (1 to 3 and even genesis), god of war and high school dxd.
I hope we will see the slayer at italica, sateda, rondel and the Dark Elf forest.
I really want to see how the slayer and vega will upgrade his suit and weapons. I really want the slayer to learn some magic and use alchemy.
I hope we will learn how the armour will evolve from doom 2016 to doom eternal. Also how or why the doom slayer have find the cidatel of doom.
Please write a lot and have fun.
4/9/2020 c2 mistersnx
Another great doom slayer story thank you Author for creating this!
4/7/2020 c2 gamerdimention
well made and intensive storytelling. I love it!
4/1/2020 c2 20Red Raven 007
There's just one problem. You seem to misunderstand The Doomslayer. The reason Doomslayer hates and fights Demons is because they are a threat to humanity. The reason why he even locked himself up in hell is because to protect Humanity. He protects Humans. He's a Savior. This Doomslayer is like a meme rather than the actual Doomslayer.
3/27/2020 c2 1muddin2900
this is very nice. Doom slayer not talking is the best. not giving a crap to the others is also the best. all in all, its good. no harem though. The guy is to angry to love.
3/26/2020 c2 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
They are forgetful
Leaving stories and without finishing
But you... you will be better.

Type and post until it is done!
3/25/2020 c2 SpudyPotato
Awesome chapter, I wonder if they'll use the fact that the Slayer damaged a tank gun barrel, worth a few hundred thousand dollars, against him later on. Maybe as justification for their paranoia. No doubt they'll call for his detainment abd disarming...like that'll go well...
3/25/2020 c1 SpudyPotato
So goddamn awesome! Great work! Great that you didn't ignore Tuka, though she was only in it for a moment her scene really mattered.
3/19/2020 c2 Guest
la verdad es que me esta gustando la historia, esta tomando un rumbo muy interesante, me gusta mucho la verdad, sigue asi
3/13/2020 c2 Saurons Wrath
A good chapter, if a bit wordy. Nice cliffhanger, too.
3/8/2020 c1 Dragon Bone Z
Cool man. Mind doing a challenge? Ever heard of Kamen rider? Any kind?
3/5/2020 c2 Reader25846
Maybe in Falmart is where Doomguy get his Fortress of Doom and upgrade to his suit with magic or something.
3/4/2020 c1 Reader25846
Pretty interesting story! is this harem? Honestly I'am not sure how to feel about doomguy having a harem, while I like harems it just it did not feel right for doomguy you know.
2/22/2020 c2 1VikingZeroOne
Man, I really wish that you would update sooner. I was having a blast reading this.
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