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for Gate: Thus the Doom Slayer Ripped and Tear there

9/27/2019 c1 Stratos263
Good job on the start. I wonder if on the JSDF side of the gate if the world has the doom 2016 game and eternal there. If that is true imagine the look on their faces when they see the doom slayer
9/27/2019 c1 Reader
I hope the Slayer will butcher that SOB Zorzal so hard that even Rory's face will become green!
9/27/2019 c1 6Blazblade
Please for the love of god, have Slayer burst into the throne room during the negotiations and massacre Zorzal's men and make him and Molt shit their pants in fear. Frankly, I think Slayer would ignore Itami and the others stopping him from doing anything if he wants to brutally kill the bastard prince. No way he would allow scum like him to live after seeing his rape victims. Hell, he could even punch Molt in the face for his actions and not give a damn about Saldera coming after him in revenge. Frankly, they would just be more limbs to the slaughter.

After all, DS is a force of nature in human form, unstoppable and won't pause until his target to dead in the most bloody way possible. His rage is limitless and those who fight him have basically signed their death warrant.

I want him to fight Rory and show that he not going to put up with her BS and show he can kick Apostle ass if he goes 100%. Hell, if he say kills Gisele with the BFG, I can expect Rory will be afraid of the fact that he can kill her and realize to never make him an enemy.

Once we get to Italica, I can't wait for the JSDF and co to see Doom Slayer slaughter the bandits in a way that even Rory couldn't match and the reactions to him making the legions of hell terrified of his power during the Diet meeting.

All I can say is, you sir have made a story will be following with significant interest. Good work.
9/27/2019 c1 21edboy4926
Awesome intro.
Looking forward to more.

Can't wait for the possible Diet Scene where VEGA (cause it's obvious he will do the talking) shows the entire world the history of the DOOMverse and the idiocy of harvesting energy from HELL OF ALL PLACES!
9/27/2019 c1 3kamikage86
9/27/2019 c1 4Enclave93
I can't wait for the hot springs bloodbath now
9/27/2019 c1 1Gamerman22
To the Empire of Falmarts, Doom... is... always... ETERNAL!
9/27/2019 c1 doomqwer
hmmm this could be fun
9/27/2019 c1 Nik5555
mmmh good for now
9/27/2019 c1 Rider126
Haha, you better be trembling in your boots gods, cause Hell has its own personal boogieman, and he's just kicked down your door.
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