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for Hunt for Unseelie Jack

4/10/2020 c1 10MarioDS01
Not too bad so far. Although like others, would like a little history of how Philo's past could be different.

Also like others to commented, love the series as well and just finished watching season 1 a 2nd time with my father and picked out things I did not see the first time and actually reminded of things I forgot.

Still hope for season 2, even in tough times, don't want to series get lost. The thing is with a series this complex, its hard for even fans to make stories for it.
10/14/2019 c1 DrunkBobRoss
Even if the vocabulary is different, it's the same story. There's always a "them".

Can't wait for the next installment.
10/8/2019 c1 glagla60800
I totally love the series and I love the idea of this fanfiction. I really want to see more. how did he grow up? did he meet vignette?
10/7/2019 c1 Brev
I loved it! I cant wait for the next chapter. I am familiar with the show so I didn't have a hard time following the dialogue, but I think a glossary could be helpful to others.
10/4/2019 c1 4Shodow17
Thank you! We need more fanfics on this show xD
10/4/2019 c1 Sona14
Why make a glossar, if you could use it for your world building? Just describe the creatures, after all we all know them just by other names. Describe a bit, how the world works, that the police is just for leggers (and what they are), who are Crotch, who or what is/are unseelie Jack and the others (for example the fea cartel) and how Philo had contact with them. You don't have to describe the hole network just mention off hand that they are a underground cartel of fea and only fea and such things. It will give the reader the information needed for them to start understanding the world (by the way a descriptions of the city's (that it is a city) technological developement and power structures could be helpful) and not feel like be thrown right into the action without any contest and with a character full of righteous fury about things the reader doesn't know of and has no context for to feel sympathy with him and the critch.
The idea sounds interesting and I like the way you gave Philo his connection to the police. The description of the fea and their humiliation was good and Philo's fear to be found out. I also like how he has a strategy to live in both worlds the best.
For the character feeling I would also suggest, that you could work a bit more with Philo's senses other than hearing and seeing, like how it smells, feels, maybe even how the air tastes. A comparison of differences in smell between the different parts of the city...
It's the first chapter so I can't really say anything to anything else than the descriptions and new words, so that will have to wait 'till later chapters.
I anticipate the next chapter eagerly,
sincerely Sona
9/28/2019 c1 C.E.W
bozob11, not to mention that the Pact might take advantage of the severe unrest, and who knows, could be making plans to take the city. An empire tumbled by its enemies can rise again, but an empire that crumbles from within... that's that. The Pact won the war, and could seizing Tirnanoc's resources to build their war machines and who knows what else to one day take the Burgue.
9/28/2019 c1 GodsgiftFires
sorry Absolom Breakspear not his son
9/28/2019 c1 GodsgiftFires
I find this story to be amazing(Good start). The notion of civil war in Burgue is interesting, but i think that it will be not only critch against humans, the chaos in the political environment of the city state is just too big. The opposition party is responsible for the lost of the war in Anoun, which brought the large wave fae immigrants in the Burgue. I can not imagine that they have large suppot of the masses or the remaining military land forces in the city. In the season finale the political majority basically accepted the demands of the opposition and the city counsel is lead by two inexperienced and unlegitimate leaders. Jonah Breakspear was popular and under his rule civil conflict will not transpire, but after his death (under suspicious circumstances) it could happen. Many humans will not see new government as legitimate. When the economic crisis hits (the young idiots put one of the citys largest and vital workforce behind bars) they are going to be street fights, riots and maybe full blown revolution. Military coup could happen, the landforce suffered a defeat in war that they could have won. In this situation the city of Burgue will become one big urban battlefield between the standing army reinforced by fae squads(they served with them during the war) and the police force reinforced by the government militia (and maybe the navy, they did not fought together with the fae in wartime). Anyway i love to see the how the relationship between Vignette and Philo will go in your fic. (Sorry for my English. Greatings from south slavic Bulgaria, the Balkans)
9/27/2019 c1 Guest
Love it so far! Please continue. Carnival row needs more fanfiction!

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