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for Safety, a sequel to Asylum

10/13/2019 c2 223JanetM74
Fantastic to see Scott beginning to find his feet.

Also kudos for referring to Beginnings - remember choking on my coffee when One had rats!
10/13/2019 c1 Minimam
Thanks for a brilliant update. You have handled this story brilliantly especially with the humanity. Good to see Scott back, even though as he admits, he might never be 100% x
10/10/2019 c1 From Japan
I always wanted to read the story of these adult Tracy. Your story is so wonderful!
10/5/2019 c1 Guest
Really enjoyed asylum and now very excited to read this too. Great start, looking forward to seeing how it goes!
10/2/2019 c1 Minimam
Brilliant start and so glad you wrote this. It's good yo read pieces where the characters are human and don't just jump back in as if nothing had ever happened. Looking forward to more x
9/28/2019 c1 JanetM74
Woohoo! Fantastic start...can’t wait to read more! Than you so much.

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