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for My Best Friend's Brother

2/20 c1 Shelly0506
This fic is amazing! Love love love it
1/21 c1 Guest
Also. How does this have less than 1K reviews?! A seriously underrated and underreviewed fic.
1/21 c33 Guest
Oh my. I’m way too old to read teen love stories (but aren’t we all around this place?). I binged this on a winter weekend and it took me back so many places. Middle school, boys, puberty, high school, first jobs, first cars, first kisses, first I love yous. Road trips, first drinks, best friends, parties, studying, concerts. Watching my friends try to figure out how to grow up in this world. College, grad school, graduations, careers, and career changes. Weddings, baby showers, funerals. Feeling like a 16 yr old when we were handed our first baby, even though we were very much legal adults with real jobs and real money. Mortgages, miscarriages, hospitalizations, counseling, divorces. My babies going to kindergarten. Then going to middle school. Figuring out who we are and how to love each other, 16 years after we said I do. Thanks for such a sweet yet evocative fic.
1/1 c33 Artsitina
Your words are pure magic
8/2/2023 c33 hellishrose
God this really is the sweetest love story that ever existed. I am so glad I found your story from a recommendation. I read the entire story in a day and had tears and huge emotions the entire way through. Thank you so very much for all your dedication to this amazing and heartfelt story. Thank you for loving this version of Edward and Bella and all the rest of the characters. Thank you so much for doing them so much justice. Thank you for a beautiful love story
8/1/2023 c32 wannabebellacullen
This has become one if my favourite stories. I just read it for the first time and its amazing. I loved every single sentence in it. You are so so talented and i cannot wait to read your other stories.
6/14/2023 c33 Senorfrogs
The best story. You are so talented ️
6/13/2023 c27 Senorfrogs
Amazing history
6/12/2023 c18 Senorfrogs
The best writer!
6/11/2023 c16 Senorfrogs
The best
3/26/2023 c33 JaysWorld2
Can't stop rereading this story. I just finished Dusty (again) before starting this (again) and while I get why people would think the stories were similar... they're really not. The only thing in common is Edward being Alice's brother and drugs. But even the drugs aren't the same. Dusty is angst and pain, while MBFB is love and hope and healing. I love both, but in different ways.

Doesn't hurt that the lemons in this story are so good I completely disregard the fact that they're just kids.
3/16/2023 c33 Daire123
Incredible story! So much character growth and real life challenges that so many others disregard. I loved the connections between the characters. Bella truly was a beckon and helped guide her friends throughout their lessons. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to read more!
3/4/2023 c33 1Myketje
that was amazing!
2/8/2023 c8 10demonhybrid13
I like your story...I really do. I also understand that sexual relations do occur at this age but as an adult, I feel weird reading underage teens doing this so I just imagine them older in my head. The nicknames are a bit cringe too but at the end of the day, it is your story.
12/21/2022 c33 Just Sus
I loved this story! I kept thinking that you were going to have Edward cheat, but so glad you didn’t, They had an unusual love story that kept them together. Edward was amazing in her love for Bella. I'm glad Jas and Alice made it, too! Thank you for this love story( and lots of sex)!
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