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for My Best Friend's Brother

4/3/2022 c33 Monnie Mcintosh
This story is so sweet ,makes me want to eat candy the whole time. This is my third time reading this and I love every chapter. You are an amazing writer and I wish you keep writing us great stories like this one. I’m sure I’ll read it again.
3/30/2022 c28 OpheliaBedelia
Apparently this fic has gotten under my skin as I am reading it, because I dreamed a very sad ending to it last night, in which Edward died and Jasper and Bella ended up together. This is the first time I've ever dreamed about a piece of fanfiction. Love these kids.
3/29/2022 c14 OpheliaBedelia
This last section with Jasper is so lovely and sad.
3/27/2022 c31 6Way 2 HP Obsessed
I just marathon read this in a week and I am shocked that more people haven't found it! While I certainly didn't get up to quite those shenanigans when I was in high school, I found your characters incredibly relatable. You have a unique and distinct style that I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed so thoroughly! Keep up the fantastic work, I'll start on your other stories next!
2/28/2022 c33 4AlexandraaCullen
I’m shocked this story doesn’t have more reviews. It’s absolutely beautifully written. I love high school fics and this one was fantastic! I’ve noticed you have a second story on your profile so I’ll definitely be checking that one out next. Thank you so much for sharing
2/28/2022 c32 AlexandraaCullen
I love this so much!
2/28/2022 c31 AlexandraaCullen
I loved this chapter! Your writing is beautiful and I love the way you ended it off
2/28/2022 c28 AlexandraaCullen
This is so sweet, I love Edward and Bella as a couple. I feel like your Edward and Bella are some of my favourites I’ve read
2/28/2022 c26 AlexandraaCullen
Oh no, I have no idea what this could be about!
2/28/2022 c24 AlexandraaCullen
Wow that shocked me! Wasn’t expecting that at all!
2/28/2022 c22 AlexandraaCullen
I mean… it was bound to come out. Bella had so many opportunities to tell her but it came out like this instead. I’m not surprised but feel badly for them both. It’s a hard situation! If I was Alice I would be hurt to have even lied to by everyone for so long
2/28/2022 c21 AlexandraaCullen
Yess Bella please tell everyone haha
2/28/2022 c20 AlexandraaCullen
I have to wonder what they are waiting for now
2/28/2022 c18 AlexandraaCullen
I feel like they have waited to long to tell anyone. It was a cute sweet secret at first but at this point I don’t understand why they don’t say anything. Renee already seems to know and Esme has known for years and both are okay with it. Renee can smooth it over for Charlie and Bella should tell Alice before she finds out on accident.
2/27/2022 c14 AlexandraaCullen
I feel we haven’t see the worst of Jasper’s path to destruction yet
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