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for The World Championships

11/29/2022 c69 James Birdsong
Beautiful fanfic.
12/24/2021 c55 Guest
write about tyson have sister with red hair that she have beast phoenix ice.
7/11/2021 c1 Beyblade luv
Nice story but I really wished Hilary was here :(. She is one of the main character so...
1/24/2021 c1 23Darkened-Storm
This is a positive start, you look like you have done a great deal of planning and work for this story - I appreciate that.
Your ideas are very solid, and you seem to have a really good grasp of the characters. You might need to develop your exposition a bit more but other than that this is a solid start - keep up the great work
4/21/2020 c1 5animejunkie23
Woah, good chapter mate. I regret not reading this fic before. Well Kai is certainly OOC in this fic (Seriously though, he's talking too much. I thought that hn and whatever were the only words in his dictionary) Good job, I'll look forward to reading more chapters
1/25/2020 c2 120Droplets of blue rain
Wow...I love the beybattle! So, the Australian team consists of Juanita, Amber, Kaiden, Chad and Xavier! Nice!

Though I don't think I like that Mr. Coupe...surely his talking about cheating in their last tournament reminded me of Barthez *Sighs*

Anyways, nice!
1/24/2020 c1 Droplets of blue rain
Woah...a new tournament? In Australia? Amazing!

Loved everyone...pardon me, actually I'm not used to Kai being so open with the rest of the bladebreakers...maybe he changed after the Justice 5 incident? :P

Anyways...carry on! :D
1/24/2020 c16 2Stark02
Oh friend, I can not imagine all the effort and time you spent to create those new teams, characters and beasts, but I congratulate you very good and entertaining, I hope you are not gone and can see what is next.

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