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1/18 c116 Observer
What's the most interesting thing you've ever seen?
1/17 c116 54ShadowPillow
Yup. That is a smart move. All his friends need is the code which Seiko can give verbally, convince EraserHead, and bust out of here. Even better if currently the majority of the Villain Alliance is out rn. Or if Toga can grease the wheels a little. Hopefully the time shall come soon

Keep up the good work
1/17 c116 Light Wolf Moon
I wonder what Izuku's planning by asking Seiko for a favor. He could always ask for her to mess with Shigaraki by showing up and disappearing when he sees her.

I think I'd ask Seiko if she's left other pieces of art around the base for the villains to find. Why? Because the reactions to the cherry blossom tree with dead people hanging from it was hilarious and it'd be entertaining to see if she's done it before.

Either that or if she's dead, a noumu, or something. I mean, she doesn't seem to be breathing, apparently doesn't feel cold, and gives off an aura of being wrong, so either it has something to do with her quirk or she's not human.
1/17 c116 2ninjaboy12
Ok. So Izuku is goign to use Seiko's love of entertainment to help Bakugou, Shinsou, and Aizawa escape, and than he can bust himself out, potentially with the rest of the 1-A gangs help.

I'm starting to wonder if Seiko and Mail are secretly related, what with their love of entertainment and chaos. Especially their love of chaos. I can't stop laughing at how happy Mail was when he found out Mina had stolen Hawks hand cuffs.

the only question I could think to ask Seiko, and (hopefully) get an answer would be to ask if she is a ghost.

great chapter, excited for the next one.
1/10 c115 54ShadowPillow
Oh no, Shoto.

(I cracked up a little, I can't deny it. The misunderstanding is so silly, and is exactly Shoto. Poor boy, hopefully he will figure things out. Though tbh I would be confused too.)
1/10 c115 7Eramis8
Traditional Inari mask then, Hannya mask for Ochako.

Also Todoroki is one dense child.
1/10 c115 Jowen2713
Holy shit, I can totally see Shoto asking Present Mic how to know if a girl likes him, while Mic is being held captive by a bunch of homeless teenagers.
1/10 c115 2ninjaboy12
Oh, Shoto, don't ever change.

I have a feeling that when Ochako goes to visit Aiko she'll find out that Izuku got busted, and then she'll warn everyone about what happened, and they'll have to delay the plan a bit, to be able to save Izuku as well. Assuming Seiko doesn't act as a messenger between them, where Izuku tells them to prioritize Bakugou, Shinsou, and Aizawa, and then he just busts out himself.

As for the question, I think Ochako would where an astronaut mask. Mina would probably try to find a mask that looks like a Xenomorph, Kaminari would go for some lightning based superhero mask, Jiro would probably want a mask with some kind of music note or something. Izuku would without a doubt wear an All-might mask.
1/6 c114 Addy
Are you actually kidding me. I’ve gone THIS long without knowing there was another update. I’m disappointed in myself.

Anyway, daaaaaannnnnngggggggggg; that’s all I can really say right now. The plot twists are crazy!
12/28/2021 c114 Guest
Okay, IZUKU. Be a hero, risk yourself, and smash thru the door with your quirk. Fuck it. Time to escape now.

Seriously, how far are we into this story? Halfway? Almost to the end? I love this story but this pacing man. It’s just out of character for Izuku
12/27/2021 c114 ninjaboy12
Good chapter.
12/26/2021 c112 JustAnotherGuest
SO IT IS HER. MAN I'M SO HAPPY. SHE WAS SUPER ADORABLE. Her name is a bit cute too
12/26/2021 c113 JustAnotherGuest

AFO (no way am I pronouncing his name silly) died here. Did his Allies(The doctor that experimented Nomu for one) disappear?

That doctor was making a body through Shigaraki as AFO's vessel. Will this still happen in your possible arcs? Like the Doctor gone mad and tried to steal Shigaraki away so he can possibly resurrect AFO?

I mean... It's AFO here. His scale if villainy is practically World Wide. No way in hell does he not have contingencies in place.
12/25/2021 c113 Addy
Ah sh..oot.. um
First of all, sjgfksjdnskdb WJAT?!
Second of all, oh no.
12/23/2021 c113 Jowen2713
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