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9/26/2023 c130 6Smiley-Nami
This is good. Continue when you can.
8/22/2023 c11 11nexusplayer
I wonder if he's got one for all And I just missed it.
Or he doesn't and I missed it.
Or he hasn't attempted to use it
7/25/2023 c130 PG.182227
YIPPEE. You're back. Thanks for the chapter. And can I just say, this is the second best my hero fit ever. Keep up the good work
7/24/2023 c130 fencer29
It has been a while, hasn't it. How long ago was it now, that Mic let himself get himself outwitted by a bird?

Getting back to the story, this sounds very much like the work of nobody's favorite mad scientist (not even AFO actually liked Garaki - he just considered the old fool to be useful). The question is, who is the not-so-good doctor working for?

If the first Nomu did in fact simply appear in a puff of smoke (or steam), rather than emerge from one of Johnny's portals, then presumably it came from someplace else. Perhaps even from another world where Nomus are known to exist?
7/24/2023 c130 57ShadowPillow

Ojiro's theory wasn't something I had thought about. What if Class 1A weren't the only ones transported into this world? What if they were a sort of counterbalance? What if AFO is here too?

Because there's also something mysterious going on about Izuku's quirk too...

There are a lot of possibilities. This is really exciting. I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
7/6/2023 c42 groggarioth
"Eight Grown Adults in a Child" for Midoriya

Paradoxical Perversion for Hagakure ('cause she has to naked, but you can't see anything)

Sticky Balls for Mineta (which might actually be the name of his quirk, in which case he was dealt the worst hand in the world by the author.)
3/9/2023 c129 6notnatural17
I’m so excited to see what’s to come!
11/23/2022 c122 2Shihaku4
the thing with the Tohru and Tooru, or even Tōru, it's different ways to romanize the name. they are the same en pronunciation, so it is a funny as a omake I guess from the English perspective xD
11/21/2022 c129 ninjaboy12
OH MAN! This is a really good return of this story. There is a noumu who has somehow exists despite All for One being dead. Did it somehow find a way to cross dimensions since it seemingly appeared out of no where? is it the same being who brought the 1-A gang here? Is it this dimensions version of the doctor who is making them? I am so excited for the next chapter. Even if it's probably not going to come for a while.
11/21/2022 c129 fencer29
The one thing which they hadn't seen before in this world, and didn't miss at all.
8/22/2022 c128 jtsnowman
Gahhh this is so exciting! I need more hahaha
6/27/2022 c128 57ShadowPillow
Fiiiiinnnaaaally. I am looking forward to this. Seems like a lot of things are colliding together just now. The escape begins! Izuku's condition strikes! Mysteries of AFO and disembodied voices rise! And the escape, the escape, the glorious escape!

May you have fun writing it.
6/27/2022 c128 ninjaboy12
Oh Man. it's happening. at long last, after almost 130 chapters the time for escape is here. it's actually kind of surreal, all these chapters wondering how it was going to happen, and now it's here.

This escape plan is going crazy, and I am just imaging when they get there and they find out eraser head isn't there. then they'll need to sneak into the den of Izuku's crazy older sister. they're probably going to wish that they had kept the handcuffs instead of putting them on Mic. This is a crazy thing that is happening.

Good luck with your writing, I'm gonna sit in suspense for the entire hiatus. Thank you for the awesome chapter.
6/27/2022 c128 Addy
Ooohhhh mmyyyy goosshhh-
Everything is coming together-! I’m excited.
I cannot wait for everything to fall into place, and I’ll see ya whenever I see ya!
6/18/2022 c1 yepyeppers34
I tried reading the story but honestly it just felt more like a slog to do more then anything. The only interesting parts were dekus and honestly it feels more like a focus on your OC's more then anything.
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