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11/23/2022 c122 2Shihaku4
the thing with the Tohru and Tooru, or even Tōru, it's different ways to romanize the name. they are the same en pronunciation, so it is a funny as a omake I guess from the English perspective xD
11/21/2022 c129 ninjaboy12
OH MAN! This is a really good return of this story. There is a noumu who has somehow exists despite All for One being dead. Did it somehow find a way to cross dimensions since it seemingly appeared out of no where? is it the same being who brought the 1-A gang here? Is it this dimensions version of the doctor who is making them? I am so excited for the next chapter. Even if it's probably not going to come for a while.
11/21/2022 c129 fencer29
The one thing which they hadn't seen before in this world, and didn't miss at all.
8/22/2022 c128 jtsnowman
Gahhh this is so exciting! I need more hahaha
6/27/2022 c128 55ShadowPillow
Fiiiiinnnaaaally. I am looking forward to this. Seems like a lot of things are colliding together just now. The escape begins! Izuku's condition strikes! Mysteries of AFO and disembodied voices rise! And the escape, the escape, the glorious escape!

May you have fun writing it.
6/27/2022 c128 ninjaboy12
Oh Man. it's happening. at long last, after almost 130 chapters the time for escape is here. it's actually kind of surreal, all these chapters wondering how it was going to happen, and now it's here.

This escape plan is going crazy, and I am just imaging when they get there and they find out eraser head isn't there. then they'll need to sneak into the den of Izuku's crazy older sister. they're probably going to wish that they had kept the handcuffs instead of putting them on Mic. This is a crazy thing that is happening.

Good luck with your writing, I'm gonna sit in suspense for the entire hiatus. Thank you for the awesome chapter.
6/27/2022 c128 Addy
Ooohhhh mmyyyy goosshhh-
Everything is coming together-! I’m excited.
I cannot wait for everything to fall into place, and I’ll see ya whenever I see ya!
6/18/2022 c1 yepyeppers34
I tried reading the story but honestly it just felt more like a slog to do more then anything. The only interesting parts were dekus and honestly it feels more like a focus on your OC's more then anything.
6/16/2022 c50 Guest
Okay, I take that last review back. A ghost? A FUCKING GHOST?! Really?! Why would you even write that? I could accept some contrivances. I could accept super competent and connected OCs. I can't accept a goddamn ghost with no explanations! At least the OfA Vestiges were in/part of a quirk and not just floating around in the real world. I enjoyed what I read, but I don't think I'll continue reading this story.
6/16/2022 c40 Guest
I feel like you're relying wayyyyyyyyy too hard on OCs to drive the story forward. How did Uraraka not get captured by Shiggy? OC. How did Mina's group trust her? OC. How did Izuku not blow his cover immediately? OC. How did the heroes know about Mina and Eraser? OC. How did Shoto get to Odawara and get connected to the Runaways? OC. Of course Anjou the highschool girl is a genious hacker with connections to everybody. And of course the guy Shoto saved is a good samaritan who helps runaways like him. And of course Aiko is bad enough to work with Shiggy but not too bad since she's Izuku's adoptive sister.

I still really like the story and I'm definitely planning to read more, but it's full of contrivances and the OCs feel like plot devices as much as they do actual characters.
6/14/2022 c127 7Eramis8
Midoriya about to suffer a reset like his counterpart. Can only guess what this will do. And Tooru proving her real skill is communicating.
6/14/2022 c126 Eramis8
How worse to start things than by saying "So I woke up somewhere I don't rember being at..."
6/13/2022 c127 6Sagarel's Devil
Ah. Shit.
6/13/2022 c127 55ShadowPillow
Ooooooooh noooo.
6/13/2022 c127 Observer
Hmmm. Izuku is about to spill major details on the Alliance in order to help him escape and then he immediately shuts off? I kinda want to blame Aiko using Taboo on him and it having grown so powerful due to time that it has become ridiculously overkill, yet having such abnormal activation requirements that it only kicks in on rare occasion due to Aiko attempting to minimize how constrained Izuku would be by it.

Alternatively, maybe he's suffering from multiple quirks working together to form a dangerous cocktail of amnesia.

Either way, I above all hope he doesn't reset to that dimension's Izuku, because nothing would be worse than watching him angst about his situation for so long only to have him functionally unable to participate in its resolution while seeing what would effectively be a new character steal his moment and botch all his efforts up to this point.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
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