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10/25/2021 c108 Guest
Who else has been dreading this moment since literally chapter 1 of the story Shouto could literally not have any worse luck right now
10/25/2021 c108 fencer29
Actually I would say that Shouto has excellent taste in shelters - in fact his taste are so good that Dabi apparently had the same idea (and he seems to have a lot more experience with this sort of thing).

As it is, I'm not sure who was more surprised - Shouto, Dabi or Hawks.
10/25/2021 c108 Observer
I believe the reunion is destined to go up in flames. Whether gravity continues to function and the forecast calling for acid rain remains to be seen.
10/25/2021 c108 ninjaboy12
Oh man! Shoto's busted! SHOTO'S BUSTED! I highly doubt that he will be able to get away, unless Ochako and Mina show up to save the day, which will just lead to a whole other batch of drama, this time between Ochako, and Touya. Shoto is really in trouble now. maybe he can climb into the sewers, and ice the pot hole over so that he can run away. All I know is this reunion between the two is going to be disastrous.
10/18/2021 c107 57ShadowPillow
Ooh that last line felt really ominous. Excited to see things heating up.
10/18/2021 c107 ninjaboy12
man, this chapter felt really tense. with Izuku, Katsuki, and Shinsou all but playing 3-d Chess against the villain alliance, Shouta not in the know about everything going on, the remote that could possibly be found, Shouto alone, as he tries to ditch the bug. Mina and Ochako, heading to meet him, where all three of them could be caught, and everything that Jirou, and especially Kaminari have riding on the tests (seriously, who wants toddlers playing in their room.) I wonder if this feeling is going to last the rest of the chapters up to the escape.
10/12/2021 c106 JustAnotherGuest
The players are slowly moving and the game is set. The pieces on the board are finally getting together. Only a matter of Time now
9/30/2021 c106 ShadowPillow
This was a really cool chapter. I liked how everything sort of flitted from one place to another based on information passing along, and Kuroe being at the center of it. It was a really cool look at the vigilantee info network in this world.
9/27/2021 c106 fencer29
Odawara definitely seems to be attracting too much attention for the runaways to stay there.

Take the time to finish plan their escape (as well as what will probably go wrong - these things never go entirely as planned).
9/27/2021 c106 ninjaboy12
Oh man. Kuroe just accidentally screwed Kaminari and Jiro, didn't he? unless Jiro, and Denki do the smart thing and decide to wait a day because they are still drained from the exams, and don't want to make any mistakes that could get them captured, because they were tired. I love it whenever Aiko and Kuroe react, and the fact that Aiko thought giving Izuku non-lethal poisin was a good gift idea is hilarious to me. good luck with your 2 week Hiatus, great chapter as always.
9/25/2021 c105 7Eramis8
Not very good at designing robots, so maybe a robi-squirrel surveillance system?

But great chapter to pay off the run-in with Team Storm Chaser.
9/20/2021 c105 ninjaboy12
OH, the hacker is going to find out that Shoto Todoroki is also involved in this conspiracy. and whoever he tells about it is going to be either more excited, and curious (Lady of the night and Oracle, since the two of them are clearly loving the whole dimension hoppers thing) or scared (Literally anyone who knows about the teenagers going missing, but not the dimension jumping thing). wonder how hawks will react when he finds out that Shoto is with Uraraka, Cause he will probably call Dabi to say what's up. I wonder how everyone not in the know will react when they finally learn whats really going on. great chapter.
9/20/2021 c104 Eramis8
Iida changing now would cause so much chaos.
9/20/2021 c36 6PeliikGrahSol
Iida Tenya, he would cause a huge raucous by simply being himself as he comes to terms with... everything not being dystopian.
9/15/2021 c104 Guest
Monoma would cause the most chaos is he switched RIGHT NOW, because he would have no idea what is going on, and in his melodramatic reactions, he’d ruin things for the runaways
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