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9/8/2021 c103 Observer
Ochako went back alone. That is very bad. Midoriya has suffered vicariously enough, and now he's going to put whatever happens to Uraraka on his conscience as well. Not to mention what's going to happen to Uraraka. Who Aiko told to never come back. Who Aiko will find looking for a notebook containing Midoriya's most important secrets. Aiko, the assassin.

Midoriya, I know you feel bad about Aizawa, but your best friend is in mortal peril. (Or possibly in for a non violent punishment of massive consequence if the story takes a route with a lighter tone due to Aiko regarding Ochako as a friend of Izuku and being a practitioner of logical ruses.) You need to get your hero pants on and go make sure she doesn't lose a limb or worse!

But wait! Ashido might get there first! ... Then Aiko will discover not only that Ochako came back to search for dangerous secrets, but even brought back a friend. (Who hopefully is wearing a one of a kind scale face prosthetic to be recognized, but that's unlikely.) Aiko might be rightfully pissed at Uraraka. Do you hear that Midoriya! Ashido's life is on the line too! She doesn't even have friends with Midoriya cred in Aiko's book! The second you get a text from Ashido to get the damn key, you warp straight over there, no delay.

Best case scenario, Ashido makes record time so that Midoriya can find out Uraraka was searching alone in record time. Then Midoriya can convince those two not to go digging around an assassin's nearly abandoned home for secrets said assassin likely doesn't want found. Maybe Todoroki can come with Ashido when she shows up to level the playing field if there's a fight.

Anyways, thanks for another chapter.
9/7/2021 c103 ninjaboy12
Good to see Present Mic again. Mina is going out in an epic disguise, and is in love with Anjou's older brother, I loved that joke. so glad to have this awesome series back.
8/20/2021 c102 6GotTheMovesLikeYaegar
I just spent the last 2 nights reading this fanfiction in it's entirety and all I have to say is: You really can't get to the point? It's very clear you enjoy these interactions between the characters and you are very good at them, but for 500k words, very little has happened, dare I say?

That being said I thoroughly enjoy reading the first 40 chapters, the playing out of the characters was very well done and the sequence of events that led them to meet each other? Really good.

But after chapter 50, nothing solid really happens. Bakugo and shinshou still have the leg restraints, Aizawa is still stuck with very little improvement, everyone's met each other but it's mostly been just reveal, minor thing happens, reveal talk a little, discover some new drama (Dabi being todo's bro, shinshou being ojiro's n monoma's close pal, people learning about the dimension travelers) and just when I thought we were getting somewhere ( they key to the anklets) turns out it's for naught and they need the og keg anyway. Just kinda destroying my expectations in a not so fun way.

Finally, the characters feel kinda underwhelming? I think Uraraka, kirishima, todoroki (if a bit over dramatic) and jirou are pretty close to their cannon counterparts.

Ashido and Kaminari the Dummy Duo are naturally going to do stupid stuff, but I feel as if they're kinda weak? Take it this way (this applies to all of 1-a) but at a top top school at Japan, the elites of the elites, even the worst student there would match or exceed the best student at average schools. Naturally this would apply to mha-verse as well.

That and Deku has quite frankly very little similarities with his canonical self. Outside of interactions with his friends, he is so ooc it kinda hurts. I don't know what or why AO3 likes to make deku a literal baby wimp who is so emotionally unstable as to cry at everything, but give the man some credit. If this was season 1 deku I might agree. But this is at least post-chisaki so he should have a lot more confidence than you make it out to be.

Finally- OC's. I typically hate reading them, but since this story has a large cast, it's pretty okay for what's needed. That being said- I read this story carefully to not miss details and I still went "who's Kas/Oracle again?". You have a lot of them and they perform their function well enough, but man I just don't care about them as much as I do the main cast.

If it took 500k words to get to not even half way of rescuing deku, shinshou, bakugo and Aizawa, how many words will it take to get them home?!

Good story. My criticism is only there for you to think on if you want to, and doesn't really affect anything you've already written. I still really enjoyed reading this and I'll try and keep updated.
8/16/2021 c102 ninjaboy12
HOLY CRAP! IZUKU REALLY DID PUT A PICKUP TRUCK ONTOP OF THAT GARBAGE! That was my reaction when it was mentioned in the chapter, it was something that I never thought about until now, and my god, even without One for All Izuku is the strongest kid in his school (Strength wise, not quirkwise, though he is also the strongest quirk wise.) gonna miss these updates through August, excited to see what happens next, after your break.

Kaminari is so screwed with the test, and winter break is fast approaching for them.

Great Chapter.
8/9/2021 c101 7Eramis8
A great chapter and Shinsou may yet joined the transported heroes.

For the villians, Toga would use Carmilla: The Bloody Heroine, Twice could be Duo: The Twinning Hero, Shigaraki could be Dustman: the Destruction Hero, and Kurogiri could Ghost: The Warp Hero.
8/9/2021 c101 ninjaboy12
Oh, Aizawa has a chance at finding out that Izuku isn't actually on the alliances side, Shinsou is also somehow connected to the mulitverse, and got a look into the 1-Averse (not sure how though. maybe there is a Porter who is a villain that came to the dimension, and decided to cause a little mayhem. Not sure how giving Shinsou a dream while he sleeps will cause mayhem though.) the six jumpers now know that Momo has gone off the rails (not as big to the chapter, just love mentioning that Yaomomo is a crazy 3-d printer now.) and Ochako is still freaking out cause Aiko, and now Izuku have multiple quirks.

with the new My hero academia chapter released today, the bleach oneshot, and a new chapter of ignite to the call. it has been a good day.

great chapter, excited to see what happens next:)
8/6/2021 c100 41Blyssabella
Can't wait for more!
8/4/2021 c100 Observer
Shigaraki saying "But first, Kurogiri." and then Izuku going silent means one of two things. Either Kurogiri sent Izuku to his room or Aiko's, or Shigaraki is using Shigaraki's tried and true method of protecting little brothers. Most importantly, Tomura seems like he will put some effort into fixing up Aizawa, three villains now know Izuku has a quirk until they're decayed in short time, and Aizawa is definitely going to get more active security.

I'm slightly disappointed that Izuku didn't get there first, because then we would have had an impromptu escape sequence where Izuku tries to free Aizawa before the attack can kick off possibly devolving into Midoriya, Todoroki, Uraraka, Bakugo, and Hitoshi (probably pushing the wheelchair) fighting their way out of the base seconds before Shigaraki returns to witness the carnage. However, I see how the way things are going now sets up for something greater than that idea, and I can't wait to see how much better the real version will be than that.

Also, I'm curious how effective a bomb really is against Bakugo. Your version definitely recognizes it as a threat, but we know he can withstand the recoil and shockwave of his own explosions which can destroy buildings easily. Does his quirk only protect him from his own explosions? If so, why? What are the rules about that in canon and this story? Is it because his arms negate most of it for him? Or is he just shockwave resistant?

Anyway, can't wait 'til next time.
8/3/2021 c100 JustAnotherGuest
So you did incorporate the latest quirks. Interesting... Repel? Hmmm
8/3/2021 c100 7Eramis8
Great chapter 100! Mysteries abound with the reveal of the attack on Aizawa and now 2 potential OFA boosted heroes.
8/3/2021 c100 fencer29
As soon as the skull mask was mentioned, my thoughts immediately turned toward Tesla (he probably received the most screen time of any of the LOV's cannon fodder)

Obviously that last conversation was among the prior users of OFA, but that last line makes me wonder exactly which prior users they were. I would think that Izuku's predecessors from his own world would already be somewhat familiar with Aizawa and his teaching methods, having seen him through Izuku's (and perhaps through Toshinori's) eyes. Yet here they are, wonder what it would have been like to attend UA with him as a teacher. Could the Izuku in this world also have OFA, and these be his predecessors?
8/2/2021 c100 ninjaboy12
WOW! That was an amazing chapter. Izuku managed to use one of the other quirks from past one for all users, Eraserhead now knows Izuku has a quirk (not sure if this is going to make Aizawa trust him now, or make him even more apprehensive about him). we also have Izuku being potentially busted for having a quirk, because like he said, it is going to be hard to cover up all the damaged stuff in the room, unless Izuku blames it on the three dumbassess that attacked Eraserhead (even if he does, Izuku did knock out those villains, which might make Shigaraki suspicious of Izuku.) yeah Izuku's probably screwed.

Congrats on reaching this major milestone, here's to a hundred more (assuming you want this story to go that long.)
7/27/2021 c99 31Nick Foolery
oh no
7/26/2021 c99 fencer29
I'm guessing that these "lower-ranking members of the Alliance" are exactly the best and brightest - messing with Shigiraki's little brother's "pet" sounds like the sort of thing which might cause Shigiraki to cull the lower ranks a bit.
7/26/2021 c99 Observer
Seems Seiko may have more loyalty to Midoriya than I thought. Or maybe I'm reading too heavily into this interaction. Either way, the big escape may have to kick off impromptu if cards aren't played right.
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