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7/5/2021 c97 ninjaboy12
Nejire would be the best, for some kidnapping scenario. especially with the runaways. I can just imagine her finding out a half a dozen kids are actually from another dimension, and going on an entire question frenzy, asking as many questions as she can and as fast as she can.

this was a really good chapter, excited to find out what is in that secret notebook. been rereading the earlier chapters, and the only thing I can think of that would have Ochako worried about Aiko is the portal quirk, but there might be something else, that I've missed. excited to find out.

only 3 more chapters till chapter 100, excited as all heck
6/30/2021 c96 Guest
Okay Midoriya needs to throw out the time table of “when these two universes diverged” because now we just have Eraserhead have a completely new way of using his quirk.

6/29/2021 c96 7Eramis8
I legit forgot that OFA supercharged Quirks and could enhance Aizawa's Erasure even further to the point it could eliminate a Quirk. Loved the shift in POV and timeline.
6/29/2021 c96 Legion S010
6/28/2021 c96 31Nick Foolery
woah wild. Aizawa can take away quirks for real? That's a pretty significant upgrade from his normal erasure. man, can't wait to see more! I want them to break out so bad!
6/28/2021 c96 Observer
I did not expect Aizawa having an evolved version of his quirk.

Now, how does it work? Firstly, there must be a steep activation cost or else Eraserhead would straight up eliminate the quirks of sufficiently dangerous villains all the time. One possiblity is that it requires a few seconds of eye contact, which normally wouldn't be achievable in a fight. Based on Aizawa's reaction it might also be permanent, in which case he normally saves it as a last resort. However, it's be much more interesting if the Villains thought it was permanent, when it really was temporary and Aizawa is just an Akari-grade actor that can fool people experienced at reading a fake reaction from a real one. My head-fanon though is that Aizawa can only lock a single person's quirk at a time, functionally rendering him quirkless as well until he meets the conditions for undoing the quirk-lock.

Thanks once again.
6/28/2021 c96 fencer29
The fact that Kurogiri said "It will only be temporary of course." suggests that the effect is not permanent. However unless he knows how long the effect will last it seems unlike Shigiraki to trust Highjack (or anyone else for that matter) without some form of restraint beyond just the ankle bracelet.
6/28/2021 c96 ninjaboy12
how was Aizawa able to do that? Is his quirk stronger in this dimension, than it is in the 1-A-verse? can Shinsou get his ability back?

what if Shinsou tells Izuku how he lost his quirk, and later when Izuku, and Aizawa are listening, to present Mics radio show together, Izuku could take some paper and the two of them could pass notes to one another as they talk about what happened. it might even make Aizawa trust Izuku again, if Izuku asks if there's a way to give it back to Shinsou. Aizawa might be hesitant, but than Izuku actually mentions the escape plan to Aizawa, could go a long way in the escape plan, having the villains not know that Izuku is trying to help them escape, was already an advantage, for Shinsou, Bakugou, and Aizawa, but if Shinsou has his ability back, and the villains don't know about it, that would be a huge advantage. Maybe if Izuku holds off on it, when he goes to get that new controller so that Shigaraki doesn't realize he has a quirk he could pick up a lock picking kit for Aizawa to hide somewhere, and Aizawa will know for sure that Izuku is on their side, because Izuku wasn't around at the moment when Bakugou asked if Aizawa knew how to pick locks, which would mean that Izuku was told by the other two, and Aizawa would trust Izuku, and then when the time is right they all escape.

This was an amazing chapter. only 4 more chapters till till 100. So excited for the next chapter.
6/22/2021 c95 7Eramis8
Either a psychological trigger that prevents him from using it or All For One was passed down and we have a mystery on our hands there.
6/21/2021 c95 Observer
Theory 1) Shigaraki has AFO now. Pretty self explanatory.

Theory 2) The Alliance somehow stole quirk erasers from Overhaul. Unlikely since many clues indicate Overhaul isn't in that business this time around, especially since Eri was likely born post butterfly point and could have a different quirk or not exist.

Theory 3) Dad For One lives, but is in even worse shape than in the main timeline. Somehow.

Theory 4) Chemistry.

Theory 5) The Alliance has a member with a quirk suppressor like Aizawa's that lingers for days at a time after activation, and Shinsou will have to get his freedom of speech renewed regularly.

The fourth one really makes me wonder the mechanism of Shinsou's quirk. What changes about his brain when he uses it? Can the relevant neurons be blocked by inhibitors? If so, how did anyone figure that out without dissecting him? (Twice just needs a few measurements.) What happens if you flashbang Seiko? Will Uraraka ever recover from the obligation quirk? And if it's one of the first three theories, how will they get our de-muzzled child his quirk back?

Also, anyone remember which chapter Izuku told Bakugo and Shinsou about his quirk? I can't remember if that happened or not.
6/21/2021 c95 31Nick Foolery
Quirk bullets or all for one?
6/21/2021 c95 Guestz6426
Oh yeah, laughs nervously, where is All for One anyway? Great chapter by the way!
6/21/2021 c95 Guest
6/21/2021 c95 ninjaboy12
They stole his quirk, didn't they? You really enjoy putting out big twists to this story don't you? how did they get rid of his quirk? Does Shigaraki have all for one, and stole Shinsou's brainwash, are quirk destroying bullets being made in this dimension after all? (Now I'm worried about this dimensions Eri too.) I really hope everything turns out ok for Shinsou.
6/15/2021 c94 Nick Foolery
i want everyone to escape in chapter 100
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