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6/1/2021 c92 7Eramis8
Several uphill battles begin...
5/31/2021 c92 ninjaboy12
I can't wait to see Mic's reaction when he finds out they're not brainwashed, and are in fact from an alternate universe. He's probably gonna have a shocked look on his face, and accidently use his quirk while screaming WHAAAAAAT! The scene with Mic also has me wondering how Shinsou, and Bakugou are going to react when they find out he lied about having an episode, also wondering how Aizawa will react, would he be in disbelief, or would he he say something like "Yeah, that may as well happen" and accept it. also really worried about what they got on Shinsou. do they know about Ojiro, and Monoma? Have they found his parents and are threatening to hurt them, or something else. great chapter as always, excited for next week.
5/25/2021 c91 Eramis8
Could see Kas referencing Claymore and Berserk, like mentioning the witch's shame, or Gut's tragedy.
5/24/2021 c91 Observer
The 1-A vigilantes are going to run into the big three, see Mirio, have 'Nam flashbacks, and hightail it like no tomorrow. Then either Nejire and Sun-Eater will have a laugh at how scary Lemillion apparently is, or Lemillion being a well trained pro will close the distance and clobber our favorite vigilantes just as bad as their first meeting. Unless their stint as vigilantes is paying huge combat experience dividends, those two can only hope the Lemillion Friends never catch sight of them.

Thanks again kind weaver of words.
5/24/2021 c91 ninjaboy12
ok, wow, this was a good chapter, also Spinner and Kendo teamed up to become vigilantes, I have no idea how that happened in this dimension, but I love it. also this chapter cleared up a bunch of stuff. the person Ojiro was worried about was Shinsou (that's probably going to be an emotional reunion.) Also I love the fact that Saki and Kas know about Present Mic, and are you hinting at a fight between the big 3 and 1-A vigilante's. so excited for the next chapter.
5/24/2021 c91 Eliphas-Chaos
Shouji being bad at drawing but good at spelling is cool, makes him have to think about how he writes his messages and Shinsou being friends with Ojiro wasn't something I was anticipating, so props to you. With the dark anime references, there is one I can think of which I am a big fan of but I am not sure if it would be suitable though, could I PM you, and that way you can research and judge it at your own leisure?.
5/17/2021 c16 Daybreaker1
Oh, boy. This is going to DESTROY Ochaco's parents. They're going to assume she was kidnapped by villains (she disappeared without leaving a note). Her mom in particular is going to blame herself for leaving Ochako to go to her appointment.
5/17/2021 c5 Daybreaker1
Jirou's wrong about Mineta's Quirk. Pop-off is actually pretty strong - for example, during the Sports Festival, when he used it to stick Mei's Hover Soles to the ground, the Hover Soles broke trying to break free. His hairballs aren't affected by water, either, and he can use them as trampolines or climbing aids. I'd say his Quirk is around about as strong as Asui's.

Mineta's problem is personality, not his Quirk. 1-A's weakest Quirk is actually Ojiro's Tail Quirk.
5/13/2021 c90 JustAnotherGuest
5/11/2021 c90 Eramis8
The plot twist reveal! This isn't just one divergence, this is multiple!
5/10/2021 c90 2Glorificate
You don't need to confirm or deny, but I've been of the opinion since the start that Aiko is Ayane. I was very excited when Ayane was referenced again. I've been waiting for it. Feels like it supports my theory.
Excellent job and can't wait to see where it goes from here.
Wait, could the split have occurred because of Aiko/Ayane? When did she move in the "cannon world"? And Aiko's mentioned getting quirks from AFO... I don't know where I'm going with this, but I think I'm onto something.
Thank you for indulging my real time theorizing. I wish you all the best!
- Glorificate
5/10/2021 c90 57ShadowPillow
I was wondering about that. Now I'm wondering about that even more. It's a little bit sketch to me if these are really this Izuku's memories about the "Ayane" or the other one's... but I do think by implication at least that this is really this Izuku's memories and something about Ayane diverged between the two worlds. Something that has to do with the secret other!Izuku has. Though... hmm... didn't he say something like "what if you didn't exist in this world, Ayane" or something like that? Would Ayane really be the divergent cause?

The mystery grows.
5/10/2021 c90 ninjaboy12
Ok. you really know when to take breaks and keep people in suspense. first with the reveal that they kidnapped present Mic by mistake, and now this giant reveal that All Mights death wasn't the first change. I'm hyped for the next chapter. when it comes to the very first change, Im not sure, but I get the feeling that its going to be very important. During the talk with Aiko, it was hinted that Izuku had another quirk, so maybe the first change was that in this dimension he was born with a quirk, or maybe it has to do with the very first person to get a quirk, or maybe the first change is that quirks have existed in this world longer than we've ever known. Either way, I am hyped for the next chapter.
5/10/2021 c90 Guest
I am so confused
5/7/2021 c89 2Glorificate
I absolutely love this story! I found it a day or two ago and was hooked from chapter one!
You're doing a really good job of bringing up the stakes as the story progresses. It feels very natural. I enjoy the characterization and character interactions you've written.
I also really enjoy Aiko and Seiko. It's fun to have characters we aren't familiar with to up the suspense.
I wish you motivation and inspiration in this and all your works!
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