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5/5/2021 c89 ninjaboy12
this was a good chapter. It was nice to see Mail again. I wonder who Mashirao is talking about (is it someone we've seen already or hasn't been introduced yet. or is it the person that Anjous brother and the eight Precepts are looking for.) excited for the next chapter.
4/27/2021 c88 fencer29
While having the muzzle removed may seem like a good thing, Shigiraki and Kurogiri would not have ordered it removed unless they felt that they had some other means of assuring that he wouldn't be using his quirk against them. Could they be using him as a guinea pig for Chisaki's quirk blocking or destroying formula? It would be difficult to tell if it was effective on him without removing the muzzle.
4/26/2021 c88 7Eramis8
Boy everybody is working on their end. Though, question remains what they did to our favorite Somnabulist-style Quirk.
4/26/2021 c88 Observer
Izuku very well may just find the notebook moments before being asked to rendezvous with Todoroki and Ochako, in which case we'll get a nice scene where something horribly heart wrenching is hidden in the notebook and the two will get to comfort him. Alternatively, Izuku won't get the update in time and either Aiko or the league will find them first. That would be amazing to see the fallout of. Thanks once again.
4/26/2021 c88 4Trado
So Shinso finally got the muzzle off, which should be good news, but with his attitude I'm betting the league threatened to hurt or kill someone close to him if he tried to brainwash anyone. It makes sense and it would explain his mood though I could be wrong.

I totally forgot about the secret notebook that Midoriya has hidden. I don't know when it will show up but when it does, that is going to be an important chapter with a lot of crucial info. Also, going to Aiko's means more Izuku and Aiko hopefully, I like their interactions.

Not sure about the new OC yet, need more time to form an opinion.

Great chapter, I'll be looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.
4/26/2021 c88 37Ya Boy Guzma
Something about disagreements over the breakfast menu is now making me wonder- League of Villains food fight when?

Great chapter as always, Apple!
4/22/2021 c87 JustAnotherGuest
4/21/2021 c87 Guest
YO THE GRAFFITI MESSAGE PORTION of this chapter felt really fucking inspiring and like a turning point. Also a hero who knows about the parrellel world thing! Yes! Can’t wait for more! COME ON IZUKU! Overcome that guilt and do something! I hope when he breaks out of the villains alliance hideout he says something inspiring and cool! COME ON MAN! BE A HERO! TRAIN YOUR QUIRK!
4/21/2021 c87 7Eramis8
1) The squirrels do actually run the world with their global cabal.
2) For the dimension hoppers, I imagine it has something about Anjou being the potential cause.
4/21/2021 c68 xfel
Love the throwback to the smoke quirk kid!
4/20/2021 c53 xfel
Am a bit disappointed Uraraka didn’t mention her meeting Dabi yet
4/20/2021 c15 xfel
The reactions after the robber was down were so well done!
4/20/2021 c87 Lillar101
3 I love your work, you are doing a great job on this. I'm super excited to read more. You have done a fantastic job with every aspect and writing this from so many perspectives must be taxing. Thank you for deciding to share your work.
4/19/2021 c87 Observer
If I were to make a conspiracy theory board it would start with every instance of a politician doing something that doesn't either help them politically or fit their ideological modus operandi with the same going for big corporations doing things that would obviously lose them money. I'd then set them all on a timeline to see if any of these abnormal behaviors occurred within a small time frame of each other to check for coordinated activity. I don't know what conspiracy this would lead me to, but it'd probably be pretty interesting. As for the jumpers, I'd imagine there's a picture of Momo and Iida under 1-A vigilantes saying "secret informants?" and a sticky note under Momo saying "Recently researched wiretapping bugs, covert surveillance technology and bomb making." then in bold "TERRORIST?!" So that someone just glancing sees Momo labeled as such.

As for Midnight, I think she hasn't hit the bottom of the suffering you're going to put her through. She still has all her limbs and her quirk, all things the Alliance would gladly relieve her of if they ever have the means. Mineta's still kicking in this world too, right? According to some people he's the incarnation of causing pain and suffering. (Note: I don't hate Mineta, as many fanfics show, he just needs some friends to keep him on the straight and narrow.)

Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks!
4/19/2021 c87 Dabi fan 31
Aliens are real and the American government is hiding the truth
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