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6/13/2022 c127 Observer
Hmmm. Izuku is about to spill major details on the Alliance in order to help him escape and then he immediately shuts off? I kinda want to blame Aiko using Taboo on him and it having grown so powerful due to time that it has become ridiculously overkill, yet having such abnormal activation requirements that it only kicks in on rare occasion due to Aiko attempting to minimize how constrained Izuku would be by it.

Alternatively, maybe he's suffering from multiple quirks working together to form a dangerous cocktail of amnesia.

Either way, I above all hope he doesn't reset to that dimension's Izuku, because nothing would be worse than watching him angst about his situation for so long only to have him functionally unable to participate in its resolution while seeing what would effectively be a new character steal his moment and botch all his efforts up to this point.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/13/2022 c127 2luiscorte8
I noticed something, the similaritiea between the number of travelers and the number of spirita in OFA seven full travelers and seven full spirits, two dreamers (shinso and Shoji) two incomplete spirits of All Might and Izuku. Was that on purpose?
6/13/2022 c127 Addy
I- what?! What- is this Shinsou? Dude, you- gosh I guess you CAN- but a cliffhanger?! TwO wEeKs?
An exciting chapter, Author, thanks!
6/13/2022 c127 ninjaboy12
Oh no. It's happening again. What even is it? is Izuku going to talk to the previous users next chapter? is one of the past users going to try to take over his body to help? is it All for One. Is the other Izuku trying to take back control? I am freaking out right now.

Why did this chapter have to have such a good cliff hanger? darn you and your awesome story.

but really. this is an amazing story, and is really well written, excited for the next chapter.
6/2/2022 c126 Legion S010
Definitely the worst way to start is with the villain connections... as we’ve seen before... ease in with All Might, get that heart attack out of the way, and watch Crawler freak out... would be fun
5/31/2022 c126 fencer29
"We're not aliens. We're transdimensional beings."
"What's a transdimensional being?"
"Uhhh - sorta like aliens."
5/25/2022 c125 3Shiras Kino
This is wild. I just binged read this and I'm sooo tired but so happy. Love the Yaomomo and Mei dynamic.

My answer for the question is : Tailman. I want to see how original world reacts to the viciousness of this one.
5/20/2022 c125 7Eramis8
Hmmmm, I'm thinking bring either Anjou or Seiko. I feel like those two could cause so many things in the background.
5/17/2022 c125 Addy
Awwwhwhwhhaw, that’s so cute to think about, Gran Torino angry over the fact that he has to sit in a car seat. Anyway, great chapter! I loved the different dynamics
5/17/2022 c125 Observer
If I had to bring one person over to canon? Aiko would probably be a fireworks show and a half between fighting a seemingly back from the dead All for One, desperately attempting to get to Izuku to 'save' him from the heroes abusing his amnesia, and consequently becoming the number 1 villain according to the hero association. Dabi having to cope with Endeavor being alive and attempting to reform would be neat, plus he's liable to backstab Shigaraki and co. if it kept Todoroki safe I think. However, my choice is Monoma. He doesn't have any reason to despise A class over petty rivalry, and would make for a better, marginally humbler, and much more violent hero.

Also, I can't get the idea of Mineral, La Brava, Gran Torino, Recovery Girl, and Nedzu going on a car seat road trip together out of my head. It mostly features all of the characters giving Mineta contradictory advice on how to get girls/be a better person who girls could then like. Since Koichi is now the dedicated chauffeur, he can drive. I'm thinking they can start just outside Nagasaki and go to the Northern tip of Hokkaido. Should be fun.
5/17/2022 c125 1KiteRider
definitely bringing Axe-Murderer Ojiro back to Canon
5/16/2022 c125 55ShadowPillow
Yoooo Koichi. The chillest dude. I'm so happy to see him and see him get brought into this madness.

Also. I love how Kuroe is just tired, and also how Ran just knows everyone, and I can't even question it.

Good work this chapter. Hahaha, I look forward to seeing how this cacophony will pan out.
5/16/2022 c125 ninjaboy12
I'd bring Aoyama. I'd love to see how the two of them react to one another, and their differences.
5/4/2022 c124 7Eramis8
So many cliffhangers and... just amazing set up for half-dozen individual storylines.
5/2/2022 c124 ninjaboy12
with the first confrontation. I think that Oracle will either get away, or get Hawks to tell him who owns the bag, and why he is so desperate to keep it hidden.

with the second on, I think Lady of the night is going to look around and find out that Kaminari and Jiro are also from the 1-A-verse.

with the third one, I think Koichi is either going to be taken to Odawara and see present Mic, or he's going to become privy to the dimensions jumpers, with him being brought to Kaminari's apartment. (also not really relevent to the guesses, but I love that Yaoyorozu is basically all in on the using her's and Hatsume's babies to catch people)

with the fourth one I can see Ojiro and Monoma interrogating the dimesion jumpers asking why they didn't mention anything about it, and some crazy arguments. maybe even Present Mic hearing about Hijacks secret identity and knowing who to look for when he gets away.

Fianlly, with the fifth one, I think Aiko is going to ask for him to escape with the kids and have Aizawa not mention anything about Izuku, as a way of protecting him. Or if she is developing Lima syndrome ( and the stockholm syndrome is finally starting to set in for Aizawa) she might ask for a kiss, making the slight crack ship that was mentioned in the reviews when Aiko and Aizawa first encountered eachother canon.

great chapter. looking forward to the next one.
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