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1/18/2021 c75 13Legomasterlord
UA or All Might's Agency. If not those, then maybe I-Island.
1/18/2021 c75 6Ashley-A.Anderson
I like how Aiko's the big deal everytime she's here, so cool and serious and scary, and then with Kuroe she's like. Such a goof. Yeah.
Aiko's awesome.
1/18/2021 c75 57ShadowPillow
Internet cafe's, or cafe, since he needs to gather info. Since they don't likely have a machine that can reliably connect to online services... they'd need to go somewhere with free wifi. Maybe if the guy has a smart phone he can use that to connect; I doubt the technology is so diverged that wifi functions wouldn't work. If he doesn't have a smart phone, then internet cafe that provides a machine is a better bet. But that's a short bet and the list of possible places fitting that criteria is too wide. Still, a cafe in an area that has been significantly affected by timeline differences, like Kamino, could probably be a good place to stumble into him. It's both a place for good coffee, to sit down and watch, and for doing some quick reading on the net. Library might also be a good option if Porter's that type, but again, there are many libraries. (Libraries do also have free computer access though.)

In this world... it's particularly hard to get information, so I imagine any nexus point where it's easier to get info he'll go. I'd also hit areas that are personally relevant to him or people around him, since he knows them the most and would like to check how much they diverged. I'd also get to that statue and see if there are any clues as to why it's a "small mystery", perhaps if it attracted one Porter it'd attract another.

One does also wonder how Porter eats, sleeps, and makes money to do the prior. He probably carries around a lot of cash, rather than having any credit cards. Libraries, again, are helpful for getting warm in the winter. Unfortunately, being a traveler of many resources, as long as he can liquify some of his assets into cash in /some/ world (probably be smart if he had a base in his home world), he's good, so it's impossible to really track how he earns money. Maybe he does travel light and does steal or something, but probably not, given how he has so many trades. Maybe he makes profit off of online ebay sales, based on commodities more available in one universe than another? Or maybe not, it's hard to say and that'd be very hard to track without knowing specifically what to look for.

I'd say generally their idea of targetting what's different between their universe and this one is a good one, and putting out feelers that they're looking for Porter. That can be some good bait, if he does get curious. Plus, he always has the ability to rapidly escape to another universe so it's not as risky for him to abate his curiousity, methinks.

So Aiko didn't really mean to traumatize Eraser Head, huh. Now I really wonder how that came about... and how her attempts at reparations are doing to do anything. It's a small world, since Kuroe knows her so well. I wonder if she'd try to help Izuku if she realizes that Izuku wants to help Aizawa escape, since she's not technically part of the League and as being in Izuku's custody, it should technically villaneously be under his purview to do what he wants with Aizawa... so if he wants to let him escape, why not?
1/14/2021 c74 13Legomasterlord
Zero Gravity. Definitely Zero Gravity.
1/14/2021 c74 25lovleydragonfly
Excited to see how you'll incorporate some of kurogiris background! Havent found d many fanfiction with info from the manga yet so ita saddening.
1/13/2021 c72 13Legomasterlord
To Aiko, I would ask, "Your chemistry isn't just a hobby, but it's something you were taught, right?"
1/13/2021 c74 7Eramis8
Teleworking animals are a problem no matter what breed. Sushi the invisible cat is only going to make this wilder.
1/12/2021 c74 25543mj
The power to compel anyone to drop whatever they’re holding. (Typically food, hopefully not a phone)
1/11/2021 c74 57ShadowPillow
1/11/2021 c74 Observer
More chaos will come of Hatsume meeting Yaomomo granted Sushi has an invisibility quirk. If Sushi can teleport, especially if it's more than itself, Midoriya and Shinsou will attempt to train a cat to teleport them out of the base to hilarious/terrifying/drama-inducing results.

While my first thought for a bad quirk for a pet to have was teleportation, I think a contact body swap quirk would escalate from a problem for the owners to a situation requiring specialized pro-heroes to solve. Especially with a pet that loves physical contact.
1/11/2021 c74 2DragonshadowRyukage
Teleportation, hands down. Or a time-affecting quirk.
1/11/2021 c74 1willfinch
i think the most annoying quirk for an animal to have would be invisible poop as the owners would have no idea where or when the animal had pooped and would have to deal with that smell
1/11/2021 c74 fencer29
I'm pretty sure Yaoyorozu's response would argue that Hatsume will cause more chaos. After all, so far as she's concerned Sushi is mostly harmless - Hatsume not so much, Aizawa might not agree, but then he's never Hatsume. Midoriya probably can't decide either way - he's still too creeped out from waking up to find Seiko in his face. And so long as he has his games and his Izuku-kun is safe, Shigiraki could probably care less.

Now if Sushi can teleport, that could be a problem (once she figures out where they keep the food nothing will ever be safe). However if she can take someone with her when she teleports then Izuku may have just identified their means of escape - assuming they can convince a cat to do what they want it to do (I think I my have just identified the flaw in that plan).
1/11/2021 c73 3somas35
Hiya. As a person who doesn't read the manga I wanted to ask if Aiko is an original character? I've not been able to find a reference for her, or at least nothing that's at all similar to the character in your story.
1/9/2021 c55 13Legomasterlord
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