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5/1/2022 c123 1HDDNeptuneFTW
Chat name: Out of the loop
4/20/2022 c123 7Eramis8
Kirishima has to be "Red Sharpie Man!"
4/18/2022 c123 1KiteRider
Red Fakeout for Kirishima
4/18/2022 c123 Apep Sun-eater
Finally caught up. I remember on chapter 15 going: "Man, chapter 20 is when most good fics peter out and I'm rapidly approaching that mark here. Whelp, I'll just enjoy the ride for - 105 more chapters!"
4/18/2022 c123 Addy
Hmm idk what names I would choose, not very creative lol.
Allsssooo the chapter today? Very nice. I loved it
4/18/2022 c123 fencer29
Why wouldn't Dabi believe their story? There comes a point where any complex cover story becomes so unbelievable that no one would be idiotic enough to make it up and try and expect anyone to believe it, and these kids are so far past that point that it might as well be somewhere down in Antarctica (along with the half of his younger brother's quirk that he used to freeze him with that first morning).
4/5/2022 c122 Light Wolf Moon
Hagakure could sneak into their base to find everyone and also cause a distraction to aid in their escape. Now whether or now Seiko might be able to sense her or not is a good question (I mean, she's been hinted at as dead by this point, so she's gotta be dead), but I doubt Seiko would interfere with something that might entertain her. Just hopefully there's no among the League of Villains that would be able to detect her presence because then things would go south fast.
4/5/2022 c122 7Eramis8
With Hagakure added, the possibility of direct intervention could be available.
4/4/2022 c122 Addy
honestly, I can’t even make a prediction for the chaos because I know you’ll surprise me Author. I am excited tho!
4/4/2022 c122 ninjaboy12
I can see all kinds of Chaos. Tooru sneaking into the villain alliances base, and throwing stuff around while making ghost noises, with the sound dishes that Mei and Momo made to freak the villains out. Ochako going back to Aiko's to deal with the not telling people without getting quirked thing seeing Aizawa, and then pretending to fangirl and try to take a photo, than maybe having back-up arrive with sleep gas, and tying Aiko up with the special quirk cuffs (still think that those cuffs will be used on Aiko is some way.) I also can't shake the feeling that Hawks is going to bring up the encounter with Shoto, Mina, and Ochako to Midnight at some point, bringing them up in the chaos. Maybe Gentle and the rest of the thieves breakdown a door while live-streaming and have a battle with the villain alliance, or some other group. Meanwhile as all this is happening Seiko is just sitting there with some popcorn watching the trainwreck happen. love this story.
3/24/2022 c121 Guest
What a twist! Not Tokoyama, but instead Hakagure! NOW THE PIECES ARE IN PLACE
3/22/2022 c121 3Eisenhower Haloway
POGGGGG, it's Hagakure! And she can control her quirk here! (Latest Manga chapters seems to hint that Hagakure CAN actually turn off her invisibility quirk, and she just need to learn how to)
3/22/2022 c121 7Eramis8
Hagakure appears and in her visible form! Everybody is about to lose their minds.
3/22/2022 c121 demedichi
The struck out with Tokiyomi but instead a wild Hagakure appeared!

Not gonna lie her quirk may actually be the key to getting Deku and his group out of there. The ability to turn others invisible is insane for a rescue operation.
3/22/2022 c121 Jowen2713
WHAT! I was definitely not expecting another member of class 1-A! What a twist.
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