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3/22/2022 c121 Observer
Hagakure couldn't have picked a better time to join the squad. She might just be the key to the rescue operation.

More importantly, this is such a better take than Hagakure running away to be a nudist like so many people were suggesting. Plus, it hints that the divergence occured more than 15 years ago since Hagakure was conceived with a different quirk.

Unless there's a very tight time limit or strict drawback, I bet Hagakure now wishes she was born with her alternates quirk instead.
3/21/2022 c121 fencer29
They certainly didn't SEE that one coming (bad pun, I know, but I couldn't resist).

And on top of that, Kyouka finally knows the answer to the age old question, "What does Toru Hagakure look like?"
3/21/2022 c121 2Glorificate
Oh wow I did not see that one coming! I love it so much but I did not see that ome coming! At all! Wow! Also I love that her hair is neon blue. But wow! Talk about a twist!
3/21/2022 c121 Addy
Well alright. Hagakure is here! And her quick is different, weow. That fight scene was super cool too, it’s just too bad they couldn’t figure out if they could recognize them.
Nice one!
3/21/2022 c121 55ShadowPillow
Wow, they didn't find their Dark Phantom, but they found someone else! What a lucky twist of fate!

I am also surprised, like them, that Ingenium really went after the vigilantes rather than the thieves. Maybe he thought he'd have a greater chance at a successful intervention with them.
3/21/2022 c121 2luiscorte8
How? What happenned? Is she better controlling her quirk? What?
3/21/2022 c121 ninjaboy12

I have so many questions. Ochako, and Mina are going to be so happy to see Hagakure again. Actually see her as well.

This was an amazing plot twist. We all thought it would be Tokoyami who was from the 1-A verse but it was actually Hagakure. This is so good.
3/21/2022 c120 1Squidzi Galaxi
More people if you get what I mean
3/21/2022 c121 Squidzi Galaxi
YOOOOOOO. Never thought there would be more.
3/11/2022 c120 7Eramis8
Love the reveal of Kuroiro being part of the thieves.
3/8/2022 c120 Guest
Oh god, that is brilliant! I’m really hoping either of the two are from the original universe! There’s gotta be some payoff to this. Though it is fun!
3/7/2022 c120 Addy
Ah! Is that whatever his name is! The actual shadow guy! Oh that’s so cool, I didn’t think I’d see him here!
Bless you Author, you’re very kind. Thanks for posting this, it definitely helps. :)))
Love this chapter!
3/7/2022 c120 ninjaboy12
I think that the funniest way a heist could go wrong is if you break into a vault, but it turns out you didn't disengage the alarms correctly and you end up arrested. I really did not see Kuroiro working for Gentle. this just made things much more interesting. especially if Jiro calls them by their real names, and lets them know that she knows who they are.
2/21/2022 c119 Observer
Great revision keeping the teeth curling back line. Makes the thug seem downright demonic combined with his head turning more draconic. Also, discord team, good job getting Eraserhead out of the alliance headquarters. He's going to be so much easier to save from there... So long as Aiko doesn't kill him first you absolute maniacs. (Be that physically, mentally, emotionally or some combination thereof.)

Either way, I can't wait for the vigilantes vs Gentle Criminal fight. Your last action scene with them was amazing if my memory isn't over exaggerating it.

One last thought, imagine if Katsuki, Shinso, and Midoriya don't find out Eraser is in another castle in time and decide, "**** it, we're going to tear down the Alliance's base until we find him." I'm convinced they have a decent chance of single handedly toppling the organization so long as Kurogiri is preoccupied with something.
2/21/2022 c119 fencer29
Actually that's one way to get Aizawa out of the Alliance base. And after seeing Seiko, Aizawa may be not consider Aiko to be quite so bad, especially if she's obviously making an attempt at not to cause him to freak out any further). At least he can be fairly certain that Aiko is alive.

Also looks like Totoro and Uraraka-chan will be in for a bit of a surprise next time they drop by.
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