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4/15/2020 c23 2Moonprincess1416
1/24/2020 c23 Amanda27A.g
That was epic thank you for this story.
1/13/2020 c21 Amanda27A.g
I love how Usagi came back to reality like that,
1/8/2020 c20 James Birdsong
Surely a good story
12/25/2019 c18 12Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
Sleeping Beauty and Ulrich just has to kiss her to wake her up
12/10/2019 c15 Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
I finally got around to reading this whole thing
12/5/2019 c14 1princess serenity0822
I love this storg so much!
11/27/2019 c12 Guest
it would be interesting if you had Jeremie and Hotaru become a couple
11/10/2019 c9 21edboy4926
Good chapter
11/4/2019 c7 edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
10/31/2019 c6 edboy4926
Good chapter.
10/25/2019 c5 edboy4926
Good chapter.
10/19/2019 c4 2Moonprincess1416
~*This is getting so exciting, i wonder how Yumi and Sissi will feel when they find out Ulrich and Usagi like each other.*~
10/14/2019 c4 21edboy4926
Good chapter
10/6/2019 c3 edboy4926
Good chapter.
Still can't wait for Setsuna's reaction when she learns the truth about the time jumps.
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