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20m c166 70Pixel and Stephanie Forever
There is no way in hell that the United Kingdom would be party to genocide or suggest it be used at all... We've been to war on that very factor!

If the American forces had tried to do anything, they would have faced swift and merciless action from our lads and lasses
4h c166 28Kairan1979
All it takes is one wizard survivor with nothing to lose. He'll use Imperius curse and start a Third World War.
5h c166 Guest
And it seems all to plausible, especially the reason.

And the fact it was a crimes against humanity, every government has a responsibility to protect its citizens. If the magical world refuses to take action then the Mundane world needs to do so itself.

I Estimated that the Wizarding population of the planet is about 11 million in the 2000's, a hundred thousand in Britain alone. As such while a massive undertaking it is not impossible to identify and tag every wizard on the planet.
8h c166 25Miriam1
I guess the non-magical world was tired of being taken advantage of.
9h c166 3BJH
This begs the idea of how the surviving magical, and there has to be at least some, will react, not to mention future muggleborns?

What if the Admiral’s grandchild is magical?

13h c166 12Banner
This one makes my heart hurt. I can see everyone's position. When the magicals were proven to be an uncontrollable threat, well, something had to give.

Thank you.
13h c166 2alix33
The girl knew nothing or the girl said nothing? Because she might know something and be too horrified by what she knows to say it out loud, write it down or communicate it in any way, shape or form.
Did you mean to write "was the young victim's father"?
"have to go to them" should be five separate words, not four.
Did you mean to write "prime suspect was related"?
14h c166 bensdad
Wow! Very dark. Good stuff.
14h c166 Colshan
Hitler would be proud!
14h c166 StrongGuy159
Weird chapter continue please.
15h c166 Crys
All too plausible.

Thanks for sharing.
15h c166 21katmom
16h c166 12polarbear20000
Oh, damn.
16h c166 Ep
Mais la réponse des survivants serait sûrement quelque chose comme le feu démon sur les capitales...mettant ainsi fin a la planète
16h c166 KamenRiderAshita
To start this off, it's always bothered me how in works with a supernatural world, the denizens of said world are always so fast and loose with memory-wiping spells uncaring of the fact that such spells are deeply violating and often unethical. Authors of these works typically ignore the darker implications of such spells existing in order to draw attention away from any possible consequences of these spells being available for public use. Not here. This chapter perfectly demonstrates why memory spells should only be available to a select few, and even then only after extensive ethics testing.
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