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3/26 c247 roxannemorgan
I love these short HDDs, but I'm developing a twitch! I gotta Britpick - NO ONE in the UK has called the police "Bobbies" since the 1960s, and even then it was usually greeted with howls of derision.

If not insulting (as one sometimes is), they're known as police officers, or just "the police".

Meantime, back at "Daniel Radcliffe", one of the great disservices I think JKR did fiction was to make the magical so mundane. It ought not to be beyond the skills of a mage to erect privacy wards, and turn #4 into a giant gherkin, or give the house wings and have it fly around the garden. Not to mention, sending someone who isn't Severus in a snit would just mean "Stupefy"/apparate/"How do you like Scotland?" before a shake of the cat's tail.

I really wouldn't mind seeing a smart Wizarding World version of this HDD...
3/25 c114 roxannemorgan
Good short; one comment tho. I think one of the things that plays into this is outside the books, and that's what the culture of education was like in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s (when JKR was at school).

By those standards, Severus Snape isn't remarkable. I met more than one similar teacher, maybe more than five, when I was going through a Grammar School about the size of Hogwarts. On the bright side, Snape doesn't hit his pupils. On the dark side, the teacher whom I still loathe, fifty years on, only used her vicious tongue.

It wasn't that we didn't hate teachers that were bullies, you understand; it was that it was expected, and we knew there was no point complaining.

I do have a lot of sympathy for Snape, obviously, especially BabySnape. He was a Halfblood (or Mudblood) loner in Slytherin, and I suspect surviving that took a lot of time. And then he had to face 4:1 bullying from Gryffindors. When I was bullied, it was knowing that I had a group of friends at my back; I saw what happened to the loners. If Snape had allies who were future Death Eaters, I can understand why.
2/21 c211 Guest
Honestly Sirius killing Peter is not smart capture him take him to a trusted auror let them fill him whit verita serum there a free godfather. And Hagrid and his loyalty to dumbeldore is disturbing always thought it was kind of disturbing how Dumbledore could decide were Harry would live
2/20 c176 Ayiz
i find this chapter compelling could have made a whole story out of the whole concept. reminds me of a story I reads were the muggleborns rebel and start their own guerrilla war against the wizirdaning word because the ministry decides to appease Voldemort by sacrificing the muggleborns
2/18 c118 Ayiz
A little nitpick the Cruciatus Curse is not green that’s the killing curse. I think the pain curse is red. And I absolutely love your Harry whit a spine one shots it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Specially the ones were Harry stands up to Snape or minerva always feels like she never supports him
2/18 c106 Ayiz
Yea no I would never blame Ron for Hermoine almost getting killed by the troll. Quirrell let it in the school and the teachers thought it was in the dungeons. Hermoine could have as easily cried in her dorm as another classroom. It was bad luck. What Ron needs to do is to apologise for his words and only his words
2/16 c21 ayiz
this one is a duplicate its from HDD
2/16 c1 Ayiz
Hi ive just arrived from HDD and I gotta say thus far im thoroughly enjoying your one shots. Specially the ones bashing Snape and the ones having harry standing up for himself and pointing out the craziness around
11/25/2023 c125 Mattoropael
The underline makes this completely unreadable.
11/24/2023 c43 Mattoropael
At the time of Aunt Marge being blown up (1993):
- HMS York was undergoing refit in the UK, though understandably you want a destroyer there and she was period-correct, so this isn't a big problem.
- A Type 42 destroyer like her would be using Sea Dart missile against Marge-balloon. She was never equipped with the French Exocet anti-ship missile, which is only equipped on the Argentine version of the design (Yes, real irony there). Exocet is also not a surface-to-air missile.
- The local RAF fighter unit (No. 1435 Flight) were flying the Panavia Tornado F.3, which is already twin-seat. There's no need to substitute American fighters even if you want a flashy arrival by fighter.
- The "Eagle" is the F-15, The F-16 is the "Fighting Falcon". Twin-seat variants for both are fairly rare since they were mainly built for training, outside of the F-15E Strike Eagle.

All of this information is easily accessible with the most basic research effort with Google ("HMS York", "Falkland Islands RAF", "USAF Eagle", "F16") and then Wikipedia.

Alternatively, just avoid mentioning the specifics since wrong information distracts readers with said knowledge way more than vague mentions (e.g. "a fighter", "a surface-to-air missile").
10/27/2023 c38 1setokayba2n
In theory while he did right, the others are also right that it was excessive, sure they put Harry in prison and yes the Weasley did all that bad, but what fault had those still in Hogwarts that did nothing? Or those born after Harry was send to Azkaban that knew nothing about it and also lost their magic? Or even the ghosts of Hogwarts and Portraits
9/1/2023 c250 SMB
One of the better ones to end a run on.
9/1/2023 c248 SMB
Not an apology or reparations, just f**king refreshments. F**k you, McNaught.
9/1/2023 c240 SMB
Actually, by the wording "to seal this pact", Harry just has to refuse the marriage and bang, the pact is unsealed.
The Abbots broke the pack, anyway.
9/1/2023 c218 SMB
what the f**k happened for McGonabitch to thank Harry for preventing Malfoy from being hurt after attacking him? It made no sense!
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