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for Son of Harry Does Different

4/9/2022 c245 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
4/8/2022 c245 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/8/2022 c245 Hands Off MY Wolfie
A 'trusted' professor lied - a fast way to lose respect of the other eyewitnesses.

Why does the Minister always seem to be hanging around with Dementors, especially when out visiting?

Thanks for sharing and take care.
4/8/2022 c245 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
4/8/2022 c245 magitech

About time someone accused Dumbledore of obstructing justice, something he often did to protect eht guilty and shaft the innocent.
Does no one ever think that by having Harry and Ron withdraw their statements about Snape being a liar make THEM liars?
Of course Dumbledore AND Granger only care about protecting Snape.
Isn't it suspicious Granger never wholeheartedly supports the truth over her precious authority figures.

And correcting the mistake of a Previous administration is pure PR gold
4/8/2022 c245 191Luiz4200
Does Dumbledore really think Snape has any respect to lose?

P.S.: Thank you.
4/8/2022 c245 25Miriam1
I absolutely love this!
4/4/2022 c244 38Vixen Uchiha
Okay I would re read the other parts but I cannot figer out where I need to go an I get a little help in that please
4/4/2022 c244 magitech
Typical Dumbledore, always the control freak and guilt tripper of good people.
Pity he never put that effort into correcting the vile students at his DE recruitment school.
Same with McUseless, just Dumbledore and Snape's defender.

Only problem I have is I think Granger would have potioned Ron. Why? Who else would want to marry the howling banshee, Molly to be, that is canon Hermione Granger.

As a long ago one shot I read says "Just because someone says the love you does not mean you HAVE to love them back" and spoiled brat Ginny thought she'd get her way as she has all her life.
Spoiled rotten by the whole Weasley clan as the first girl born into the family in many generations.
4/4/2022 c244 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
P.S. If you consider the rewrite of some old story, maybe you'll consider Rise of the Wizards by Teufel1987? There are hundreds of turning points in that story, when Harry, still darkish and manipulative, can avoid turning into a successfull version of Tom Riddle, commiting genocide of muggles for his twister version of Greater Good.
4/4/2022 c244 EP
4/4/2022 c244 3Deathmvp
Nice work on his point it all out like that.

next "story DOHDD" I recomend you set a side chapter 1 for AN other info. You can then Set up when things are conected and list it on the 1st chaper .Something like

Love traiangle SOHDD 4,6,15
Molly is a Ass hdd 255 and SOHDD 6,7, 10, 12 ,13, 15, 16
4/4/2022 c244 Hands Off MY Wolfie
Why is one particular adult such an idiot and then there is his thug - maybe not physically but verbally?

I've been reading potter8668 for years.

Thanks for sharing and take care
4/4/2022 c244 25Miriam1
This was a logical scene that didn't happen.

But you executed it beautifully.
4/4/2022 c244 5plums
"reign him in"... yes, because announcing sordid illegal things that people do to him because it ends up simultaneously defending his public reputation sounds like such a bad thing to do.

was kinda okay, until people that should be on Harry side occasionally spoke up or did implied actions that were meant to keep Harry quiet. Susan does NOT feel like an ally here.
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