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8/31/2023 c211 SMB
Hagrid wouldn't go down like that. Half-giant resists spells.
8/31/2023 c210 SMB
Dumbledore wouldn't know that word. He's from the 20's.
8/31/2023 c205 SMB
It didn't say what the bill was, only the title.
8/31/2023 c200 SMB
And again, f**k you, Susan. :D
8/31/2023 c198 SMB
Too little too late.
8/31/2023 c197 SMB
F**k you too, Susan.
8/31/2023 c196 SMB
Harry didn't get the map until the first Hogsmeade visit in third year. He did not know about it at the start of the year or what the nicknames were.
8/31/2023 c186 SMB
Two weeks is not a summer and you didn't say what happened.
8/31/2023 c185 SMB
But he didn't get any presents.
8/31/2023 c180 SMB
And another chapter mislabeled with a blatant lie.
8/31/2023 c179 SMB
That had nothing to do with magitech, you lying bastard.
8/31/2023 c166 SMB
Who was the wizard that f**ked her? You're gonna say that it doesn't matter but it f**king does!
8/31/2023 c140 SMB
Pretty ruthless and callous to murder Susan and then not mention anything about the tournament or what happened to it. Did it continue? delayed? cancelled?
You also ignored the fact in the first chapter that you had Harry in a room surrounded by aurors for the first task to save him from participating and to ensure his vow is unbroken. Doing what you did this chapter was you being vindictive against Harry being happy and you are a horrible person for that and for lying.
8/30/2023 c125 SMB
Way too many underlines in the chapter for no reason.
8/29/2023 c90 SMB
What was in the letter? You respond with it doesn't matter. Then why the f**K did you include it? Chekov's gun unfired.
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