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for Son of Harry Does Different

8/28/2023 c60 SMB
You messed up the timeline in this one. Skipped from summer 3rd year Quid Cup to start of 5th Umbitch. No TWT.
8/28/2023 c48 SMB
You wrote all that and didn't have Harry thank Kobe for teaching him everything he needed to know to become the man he is today? What a waste.
8/27/2023 c40 SMB
Harry deserves to be miserable because he took the stupid bint back.
8/27/2023 c38 SMB
Molly gets no retribution for killing Hedwig? Hermione for destroying Harry's cloak and album?
8/27/2023 c21 SMB
Copied from HPDD.
8/27/2023 c7 SMB
Should have had Dumbles pinned for the murder.
6/2/2023 c250 maiseuhlol
12/18/2022 c114 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
Harry acts pretty terribly in court, AND, Severus Snape is a man without repentance, or remorse for his actions. The only thing he cared about, the reason he did what he did was his self obsession with Lily Evans and his desire for revenge against Voldemort.
12/17/2022 c161 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
Harry is massively overreacting. I mean, massively. Still makes a bit of sense that changes to personality would be noticeable.
12/17/2022 c103 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
It's good to Myrtle being able to pass on in peace. Very cute. Poor Harry, though I was honestly surprised how few girls kissed him in the books.
12/17/2022 c95 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
That's a good point about him being a willing death eater, and the difference in how nazi prison guards were dealt with compared to how he was dealt with.
12/17/2022 c91 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
Harry and Ginny playing tag on brooms with Tom Riddle's special services award is too cute!
12/17/2022 c69 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
Truthfully, fuck Filch. He has no redeeming qualities (aside from his love of cats). I wouldn't allow him within a mile of children.

On a more mature note, these little one shots are remarkably fun to read.
Proper spelling, interesting takes on both characterization and plot, and fun dialogue.
12/17/2022 c58 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
That was pretty cute.
11/1/2022 c246 HeartsGlow
I'd love to see Rolf wipe the floor with this Harry. He is a total ass.
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