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for Son of Harry Does Different

11/1/2022 c240 HeartsGlow
Susan was stupid on not telling Harry that Hannah DID NOT know about the "Potter Stinks" part of the badge and removed it when she did find out. I thought that was the main purpose of Susan approaching Harry in the first place!
11/1/2022 c239 HeartsGlow
very novel idea. I'd like to see a story about this, but one where Peter was captured too
11/1/2022 c238 HeartsGlow
One of my sons went to school with a pair of twins that the school separated to be able to tell them apart. However, one had two blue eyes, the other had one blue, one green. Otherwise, they really were identical.
11/1/2022 c237 HeartsGlow
Poor Harry. He always thinks things are his fault. Actually, his reasoning was quite good, but with the way he was raised he'd never try to discuss the problem with the Weasleys.
11/1/2022 c236 HeartsGlow
The Twins strike again!
11/1/2022 c233 HeartsGlow
Harry's anger at McG is all out of proportion
11/1/2022 c234 HeartsGlow
Oh, Ron! That was golden!
11/1/2022 c229 HeartsGlow
Hmmm, would veritaserum work on your Dumbledore?
11/1/2022 c228 HeartsGlow
Very Slytherin, Harry!
11/1/2022 c227 HeartsGlow
Cannot review this as I have no knowledge of Dune other than hearing the name.
11/1/2022 c226 HeartsGlow
He is angry at Snape and accusing Snape of his parents' murders yet having friendly conversations with the actual murderer.
10/31/2022 c223 HeartsGlow
Yeah, canon Harry was forgiving to the point people walked all over him.
10/31/2022 c222 HeartsGlow
Yay Harry!
10/31/2022 c216 HeartsGlow
YES! Harry did good here
10/31/2022 c214 HeartsGlow
In most (all?) of your stories with Tonks, she is still there when Harry starts Hogwarts. She graduated the previous spring with Charlie Weasley. I like the stories that follow your title wherein Harry (or someone else) does something different than in canon, which usually changes things, but you also change characters, time, timelines, etc. You aren't having them "do different" as much as changing everything. That's not really following the premise of the Title. Having said that, I do like most of them.
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