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10/31/2022 c210 HeartsGlow
Hmmm... Don't know that I've ever seen Kirk's initials that way. His name is, and has always been, James Tiberious Kirk.
10/31/2022 c204 HeartsGlow
According to Merriam-Webster], , and Oxford, disrespecting is a word. It’s the gerund form of the verb disrespect, among other things.
10/31/2022 c196 HeartsGlow
This was the start of third year. Harry does not yet know who Prongs and Padfoot are, nor about the Map.
10/30/2022 c187 HeartsGlow
Ah, but harry had already met and didn't like, Malfoy
10/30/2022 c180 HeartsGlow
It did not occur before her birth; Hermione was two years old when Pettigrew was thought to have died. But yeah, she wouldn't know that anyway.
10/30/2022 c177 HeartsGlow
would love to see where this one could go.
10/30/2022 c176 HeartsGlow
I really can't believe they'd include Luna in the deaths
10/30/2022 c175 HeartsGlow
Harry is 376 days older. His birthday; July 31, 1980. Ginny's birthday: August 11,1981. THIS was pretty funny though
10/30/2022 c169 HeartsGlow
So, what? The nuclear fallout destroyed the humans?
10/30/2022 c164 HeartsGlow
LOL. When you first kept saying castle, I was worried that you were talking about destroying Hogwarts! Then I realized you said Wiltshire not Scotland. Then I was confused because Malfoy has a Manor (many large manors could resemble a Palace). Oh well. O love when they get the muggles involved.
10/30/2022 c156 HeartsGlow
The werewolf incident actually happened fifth year (the 1975/76 school year) not fourth year.
10/29/2022 c147 HeartsGlow
ooohhh... this needs to be a story on its own. Even if it's a short story.
10/29/2022 c146 HeartsGlow
and still, none of them admit to being wrong.
10/29/2022 c140 HeartsGlow
and so ends the Bones line.
10/28/2022 c133 HeartsGlow
You are STILL showing racist tendencies. WHY can't you just say "Dean"? You never say things like "the white girl" or "the white quidditch player" but you always say, "the black... whatever". You always call Dean and Lee "the black..." you called one of the chasers "the black girl" in an earlier chapter too. As if their skin color was their defining characteristic.
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