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for Son of Harry Does Different

10/26/2022 c64 HeartsGlow
How do you get seven weeks out of the time between August 4 and September 1? I believe you meant four weeks? I like most of these so instead of repeating "I like this" I am looking for glaring errors. You really hate Snape, don't you? LOL
10/26/2022 c63 HeartsGlow
This one might be funny to young teens. A bit too juvenile for me
10/26/2022 c62 HeartsGlow
Glad you put harry & Susan together finally.
10/26/2022 c61 HeartsGlow
Should have poked him and called him Humpty Dumpty!
10/26/2022 c60 HeartsGlow
Ooookaaayyy... how do you go from an event that happened a few days prior to FOURTH year, to several days into FIFTH year? Here, Lucius died before fourth year. Umbridge was fifth year. During Fourth, she'd have no reason to go gunning for Harry as he had not yet seen the rebirth of Voldie.
10/25/2022 c55 HeartsGlow
Dumbledore and his lies again. He well knows Sirius never had a trial.
10/25/2022 c54 HeartsGlow
Got rid of Ol' Lucy. Too bad about the Olivander. Was he Garrick's brother?
10/25/2022 c52 HeartsGlow
Way to go Flitwick!
10/25/2022 c51 HeartsGlow
The first time I saw Kylo Ren, I thought "He'd make a perfect young Snape". Alan Rickman was great as Severus Snape but most of the characters chosen (Rickman included) to be James and Lily's age and contemporaries were WAY too old to portray people who would have been merely 31 in Harry's first year. Wizards and witches supposedly age slower, so showing people obviously in their late 40s and 50s playing characters in their early to mid 3os was laughable. I liked this one. Dumb-as-a-door just can't give up, can he?
10/25/2022 c50 HeartsGlow
10/25/2022 c49 HeartsGlow
You named one too many prefects. Two per year (per house) for fifth through seventh equals six for Slytherin, nor seven.
10/25/2022 c48 HeartsGlow
Loved this so much!
10/25/2022 c42 HeartsGlow
Very amusing chapter. FYI: If Charlie is Head Boy, it's the 1990/'91 school year. The twins are second years, not Firsties. Charlie graduated June "91, Harry started Sept '91 and the Twins went into third year.
10/25/2022 c41 HeartsGlow
Sirius' attitude is awesome. Other "Snape is Harry's Father" authors always make Siri turn away from Harry.
10/25/2022 c39 HeartsGlow
That was really uncalled for by Harry.
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