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6/4 c13 Country-Fangirl
3/25 c13 Hades Wolf
Oh my GODS! This is ADORABLE!
3/17 c13 11nekokenna
Perfect ending! I loved it so so so much! I love how Burr is satisfied with his daughter's decision, and of course, Alex and John are adorable as usual :). Awesome ending! I love this story
2/16 c12 nekokenna
Wow I just caught up with this and it is amazing! A lot of people try present tense and don't do it very well, but you did it really good! The plot development was perfect, and i loved all the ships. :) Can't wait for the epilogue!
2/15 c4 nekokenna
Yayyy Philip and Theodosia ship! I love this story so far!
1/20 c11 5TealSnake
1/20 c10 TealSnake
1/20 c8 TealSnake
I’m sorry but I just started having a stroke when I saw the Halloween costumes and all I have to say is: oH MY GOD Y E S
1/2 c11 Jessie B
1/2/2020. This was a good chapter. It was cute and I love it. I liked reading the part where everyone is is kissing. I liked Laffeyette's daughter too, she seemed adorable. Will you put Jefferson in the next chapter?
Now to answer your question, there is already a beauty and the beast au on Wattpad and it has Eliza as Belle and Hamilton as the beast. This one will be different (I wouldn't want you to get accused of stealing someone else's idea) but I'd you want a Disney fairy tale with Hamliza the how about a Little Mermaid au with Eliza as the little mermaid and Alexander as the prince you can do that story and the beauty and the beast story and that way we can a lams story and a Hamliza story.
1/1 c11 Hamilfan 321
This chapter was great. I love the hint of Mullette in this chapter. All together couples in this chapter were adorable. I love it and can't wait for the next chapter.
Also glad that you're going to do the chapter idea I gave you but when will you be able to post the first chapter of my Hamilton Avatar au I suggested? Also Happy New Year to you and I wish you have a good year ahead of you. Bye.
12/28/2019 c10 Fiona White
12/28/2019. Hey I have a few more ideas for episodes/chapters for my story request, but first I would like to tell you something... Have you ever seen X-Men The Animated Series from the 90s? And do you have Disney Plus, anyway if you have not seen the series it's on Disney Plus and it's really good I suggest you at least watch the first 4 episodes to see how you like the show and if you do you can keep watching it if not you don't have to, I am asking this because the ideas I have for episodes/chapters are based on episodes of that show (also the show as from the 90s so there's going to be some cheesy moments and also there's a chapter in the show that would say phrases from the 90s that was considered "cool" back in the 90s so there will be cringe moments that'll make you think "oh, that did not agree well" ) other then that the show is amazing and I highly suggest you watch it. Anyway here are the ideas for the episodes/chapters...
The first episode idea tells the origin story of Laffayette, back in France he was born into a family that lived in this guild/secret group of minorities that genetically modify their children when they are 6 months old to get their powers early instead when they turn into a preteen (that's when most minorities get their powers is when they're preteens but sometimes the powers can get their powers earlier like Alexander did at age 8 or sometimes they get their later like Thomas at age 16), the group he was born into was secret guild made be Frances Government where at a young age the people in the group are trained to do the dirty work (in this au the leaders of France is a governor and his court of 25 men and women and their children inherit their positions in government when the court person gets to old, retires, or dies, and the governor's name is Governor Louie The 15th, and the reason why this government has this group is because they use this group as weapons and also it's them to kidnapped other minorities to use as waterloos, they also have the group kidnap, torture and kill what the governor called "traitors" of France) anyway Laffayette was trained at a young age already knew to control his powers at a young age. Well one day this group was in a mission and Laffayett was part of it, well the mission was that the group was kidnapping and killing traitors in Paris, the "traitors" were actually a bunch of innocent poor people (a mostof them minorities, some with mental illnesses, and some who are deformed) trying to start a revolution because the government is cruel to them for being so different and imperfect/impure Laffayett and his brother once they realize they were actually hunting down and hurting innocent people the decide to leave the group the do but are the government finds out about the escape when catch up to the two brothers. Laffayett's brother let's himself hey captured to let Laffayett escape, Laffayett goes to America where he meets George Washington and agrees to live in and even teach at his school. Oh, one thing I forgotten to mention about the school is that it's a school for minorities to the learn to control thier powers but it also teaches the same stuff regular schools do like science, math, reading about writing, lititure, history, life skills, computer skills, and even different languages, like French and Spanish. It's also home to the superhero the Hamilsqaud oka part of ( I don't know what the superhero team name is they maybe you can decide the team name) Laffayett also becomes part of the superhero team. Now in the present day Laffayett gets a phone call from his brother that Laffayett's parents and himself (by himself mean Laffyette's brother) are captured, this was set up however because even though Laffayett family was captured it's a trap set up by the group to kill Laffayett and how family for escaping/leaving the group. Laffayett flies to Paris, France by one of the Hi-Tech planes the team has for when going on a far away mission, the team worried about Laffayett gets on Hi-Tech planes too and try to help Laffayett. Here is a conversation between Alexander, Thomas, and John in this episode...
John: Guys, I'm worried about Laff, He's never acted like this before.
Alex: Yeah, I'm worried about him to, he said something about going back back to France.
Thomas: France? Laff, never wanted to go back there, but whatever is calling him back can't be good.
John: The worst part about this, besides being worried, is we don't know how to help him, he never talked about his past to any of us.
(Thomas gives John a sad but understanding look but Alex is confused)
John: Alex you've only been here for a few weeks so you don't know, well you see Laffyette had a tramatic past and every time we mention the past, or family he always seems sad but also unattached, so whatever happened in his past must be a really painful memory.
(Now Alex understands and has a sad look on face) oh and Laffayett's brother is named Perrier.
The second episode idea is about George Washington. (And this episode is based on a episode of X-Men The Animated Series called Enter Magneto, that episode was the episode that interduses to us the mutant supervillain Magneto) Anyway the Magneto for this episode the Magneto like villian is Benedict Arnold and his powers is eclecticity and magnetism.( Benedict Arnold wants to create a war against regular humans and minorities and kill all the regular humans and make a world where only minorities ruling the world Peacefully without pursicuction, and before you say that's the kings idea it's not he wants to enslave the regular human race and make them suffer the way minorities do while minorities rule the world) Now before Benedict became a supervillain he and George Washington were friends. They meet each other in the army base during was time (this war was the Vietnam War) and they even saved each other's lives while fighting in the war. After the war they helped the poor people in Vietnam and even someone u.s soldiers in a hospital. One day the patients that where taking care of were kidnapped by terrorist and they go out to rescue their patients, while fighting the terrorist they used their powers (neither one of them are the o the o they was an minority so the revialed their powers to each other for the first time) the patients get freed but Benedict is not done yet and vesiously attacking some of the members of the tarrorist (those members were only 16 years old at the most) George stops him telling that's enough (we discover that the reason why Benedict Arnold was so aggressive, it was because the small country he grew up in became a communist country when he was so young well his family was poor and suffered a lot, when Benedict turned 10 his powers manifested, the communist find this out and kill Benedict's family and he was taken to this presion/ camp where they abuse and train him to become a "perfect" soldier for the country's army, he eventually escapes and goes to America where he became part of the U.S army and help fight against communism) Benedict was so harsh on them because of that. He says all humans are like the communist and that they pursicute , kill, or use minorities as objects and n that they all should die. George doesn't believe this at all he believes that humans and minorities can live together in harmony and peace (that's is his dream for the world and one of the reasons he created the school and the superhero team) and tries to convince Benedict otherwise but he doesn't listen they go their separate ways and Benedict Arnold becomes a supervillain (I don't know what his supervillain name will be you can decide it) and he and George have lots of battles/fights with Benedict Arnold. George never told his students and team about Benedict. Now Benedict Arnold has returned and he may be that most powerful foe the team has ever had to fight.
The last episode idea is based on the X-MEN comics with a little bit of the cartoon had well...
In this au John Adams is a Sinator in the state of New York and is running for President of the United States of America is also a racist that hates minorities (he's like this because her's scared of them and believes they are all dangerous and evil) and he promises that as President he'll find all the minorities and lock 'em like the "animals" they are. But he gets kidnapped by The King and his men kidnaps him because then want to make an example of what happens when you oppose minorities. The team (even though they don't like him and he's racist) to rescue him. As John Adam is behind rescued he realizes that not all minorities are bad.
That's it I hope I helped you more with my story.
12/25/2019 c1 Jessie B
12/25/2019.I have a few scenes for my fanfic request and here they are...
Scene 1: This scene is from the past when Alexandra meets headmaster Thomas Jefferson. It was the day Thomas moved into the small town to become the new headmaster for the town's local School/ University and at first Alexandra is excited to meet him and think that this new headmaster would let her join the school and learn new things (she loves to learn and read new things and wants to go to the school because even the she's very smart and well educated because her adopted father George Washington taught to read and write she wants to go to the school because it'll give her more opportunities to learn law and have adventures outside of the provintal town and actually be able to do more in life then become a house wife) the old headmaster was sexiest and didn't allow girls in the school, but much to her dismay and annoyance headmaster Thomas Jefferson is just as sexiest as the old headmaster. However, even though she couldn't go to the school she finds ways to annoy him and sometimes will have arguments/debates with him. So they hate each other.
Scene 2: This scene is a sweet scene from the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast but it's also important the original fairytale. After paking things up for George's trip to the fair in the market place that's in another town miles away from their town ( a trip George goes on every year to sell his wood carvings, the wood carvings he makes are things like clocks, jewlery boxes, music boxes, toys, and wooden statues recreation scenes from class fairytales and books) he sells them for money he uses for winter when it's too cold for plants to grow in their garden. And every year he asks Alexandra if there's something she would like to have as a gift from the market place, and every year Alexandra asks for a single red rose (the reason why she asks for a rose every year because it's something that reminds her of her mother because of the only painting of her mother has her mother holding a baby Alexandra in one arm and a single red rose in the other) and every year George gives her that gift.
Scene 3: This is the last scene idea I have for the fic. (Oh remember this, in this au Alexandra Hamilton lives in a small town "with like a few hundred people and it's one of those small towns where everyone who lives in it knows each other" and Alexandra in an outcast because she's not like most girls in the town because instead of flirting/courting boys to find a husband, wear makeup, stay home to cook and clean, or even gossip she instead reads books, and has ideas about politics, but at the same she's also the most beautiful girl in town with hazel eyes, fair skin, and long brown hair that she often ties back in a ponytail, and this causes the intintion of Charles Lee the most handsome man in the town, who was a soldier/general in the war and it's the town's best hunter and he's considered to be a town hero, every girl in the town wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him, but he I've vain, selfish and a brute "Alexandra in sadly the only one in town that sees that though" and he wants to marry Alexandra because she's the most beautiful girl in town and that makes her the best wife and in his mind he deserves the best) (also in this au Charles Lee it's basically the character of Gaston who it's the villian of the story and Gaston had a friend/sidekick named Lafou "which is french and translates to the fool in english" who follow him around everywhere he is also smaller than Gaston and for this au Charles Lee's Lafou is Samaul Seabarry and when Lee tells Seabarry that he wants to marry Alexandra at first he's shocked but then after Lee explains why he wants to marry her he agrees that Lee deserves the best)
Anyway in this scene Charles Lee brings most of the town to Alexandra's house (this happens the day after George leaves to go to the fair "the trip to the fair is a few days long") where in front of the whole town he perposes to her. Alexandra is disgusted by this (she doesn't like Charles Lee) and humiliates him in front of the town by not excepting the perposal and pushing him in a mud puddle and stomps away furious. This is what she thinks...
Me, one all people he could've chose to be his wife, he chose me! Well, no sir not me, I girintee it, (she goes to the hills to relax and calm down as she thinks...)
I want so much more then this provintal life, I want advanger, I want to change the world with my ideas, and I am not throwing away my shot.
And those are my ideas for scenes I hope you like them and remember that the beauty and the beast Broadway show is on YouTube, the reboot is on Netflix and Disney Plus and the original movie is on Disney Plus.
12/23/2019 c10 M.J
12/24/2019. Hey I would like to say a few things about my fanfic request they're about Laffayett and his lover Andrenne. Well after Laffayett and Hercules helps Alex reunite with his parents, Laffayett is reunited with his love but he also gets hi dagger back. Laffayett is angry at Jefferson for sepreating him from his love, stealing his his dagger and using it to control him, and hurting is love he wants to get back on Jefferson and have revenge on Jefferson and since he has his dagger back no one can control or stop him from doing so, but his love Andrenne ask/begs him not to because he would be giving in to the darkness within him and cause him nothing but hatered and misery and she doesn't want that for him because she loves him and wants him to have his happy ending which he won't get if he gives into his darkness, so Laffayett agrees but it's hard for him and the darkness is tempting. (Keep in mind he is called The Dark One for a reason so trying not to give in to the darkness is hard for Laffayett and also he , just like Rumplestilskin, likes to make deals with people involving his magic abilities and believes that magic always comes with a price, Laffayett is also even though he looks young "like in his 30s or 40s" he is actually over a hundred years old and was the one who taught Jefferson's father magic, Laffayett can also see bits and pieces of the future and is the one to earn the Washingtons about the curse and prophecy in the first place) that's it.
12/23/2019 c10 Jessie B
12/23. I would like to tell you something I forgotten to mention about my beauty and the beast au.
Also since you never seen beauty and the beast before the Broadway musical is on YouTube the live action remake is on Netflix and Disney Plus and the original animated movie is on Disney Plus, I am saying this because in the au I would like it if you mix some of the ideas of each version in the au but I you also can put some of your own ideas for the story to make it new and different from the movies and musical.
12/18/2019 c10 Fiona White
12/17/2019. Great chapter, I love it! Philip and Theodosia kissed and are now officially a couple, Yay!
Hey I would like to know when will you post the second chapter of my story request? And when you do, I have a few things I would like to explain about it. Well for one the story is like a series and each character is part of an episode of the fic. And here are a few ideas for episodes...
1. Alex finds out that his brother is alive and is also an minority with similar powers to Alex. But this reunion is not what it seems. It turns out that James Hamilton (Alex's brother) is on King George's side and wants asked to join him. When Alex finds this out and that James is on the wrong side hurting innocent people he's devastated and here is what they say and do...
James: Join me Alex, and with the King's help minorities Will while this world and all who treated us poorly will pay!
Alex: No, this is wrong. (Alex has tears coming out of his eyes) I won't join you, not like this.
James: (Angry and shouting) What! You would want to help these humans!? Alex think of what they've done to us in the past, they hate and fear us, think about what happened back in Nevis, our father left us just because we were minorities, and mother's suffering , when she was sick they refused to give her medicine just because she gave birth to us, don't you see all the humans have to pay!
Alex: No! Your wrong. They only fear what they don't understand, we can make peace with them, make them understand.
James: (sighs) I didn't want to do this Alex, but you leave me no choice.
(James attacks Alex with lightning causing Alex to fall, Alex and James battle each other, when it's over James disappears and Alex breaks down crying, John Laurens comes toward Alex and comforts him (I would like this story have Lams in it) they both go home and try to rest)
2. The team fights a member of the King's men and his name is James Reynolds. James Reynolds is a telepath that since fears and create real looking illusions he uses his powers to read the fears of the team and create realistic illusions of their fears.
Alex, because of the hurricane being trapped in a bunch of tight ruble for days cursed hot to have clostrophobia (the fear of tight spaces). Anyway the team must get over their fears and defeat James Reynolds.
3. This story is about John Laurens and his relationship with his father. But before we get to the plot of the episode I would like to tell you what John and Alex said when they met...
John: My name's John Laurens and I have super strength.
Alex: Wait, hold up, did you say Laurens, as in Henry Laurens the CEO of Laurens Industries?
John: Yeah, he's my father (if you can even call him that, John says bitterly)
Alex: What do you mean?
John: He discovers I'm an minority and decides he doesn't love or want a "freak" like me. He a racist asshole that hates minorities.
Alex: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
John: Don't be, I'm fine and besides I have a family with the people here at this school.
(Both Alex and John decide to move on and let the others interduse themselves). Now for the plot plan the episode. Minorities in South Carolina have going missing So Alex, John, Hercules Mulligan, Laffayett, Thomas, and Eliza to investigate. What they discover shocks them all but it shocks John the most. John's father (Henry Laurens) and a few of his workers kidnapped minorities and do awful experiments on then claiming he would "cure them" (in other words make them lose their powers and make them normal human beings) but the experiments are hurting then and/or killing them. John had to confront his father and with his friends they stop the evil deeds of Henry Laurens.
4. This episode is about Thomas Jefferson. When Thomas discovered his powers he couldn't his powers and kept hearing other people's thoughts and what the thinking (Thomas was 16 years old when he discovered his powers) this caused him to have lots of pain and headaches. One day at school there "voices" of other people's thoughts was so bad and the pain in his his was so bad he wasn't himself his girlfriend Sally noticed his pain and ask him what's wrong. But Thomas accidentally made a phsycic blast (a phsycic blast with a powerful brain wave that telepaths have that depending on how powerful it is it can either make people unconscious or kill people) sadly though the phsycic blast th he made killed Sally. Everyone in the school teachers, staff members, and students stared at him shocked. Thomas not wanting the stares runs away, things get worse when police are now after him, he can't go back home and run back to his parents so ran out of town and never looked back and that's how he meets George Washington who takes him his school and teaches him to control his powers and not be ashamed of them, he does regret leaving his family without saying saying goodbye to them. Now a few years later in the present day. Thomas is losing control of his powers again on top of that Thomas had been seeing the "ghost" of his ex girlfriend Sally blaming his for her death saying things like "why did you kill me" The team is worried about him even Alex who doesn't get along with Thomas is worried about him. The team try to help Thomas.
(In the end of that episode I think it would be a sweet ending if after so many years without seeing them Thomas visits them and they hug and welcome back weather he's a minority or not)
5. This episode is about Aaron Burr and his daughter Theodosia. When Theodosia got her powers Aaron Burr told her to hide her powers because he was affaid that the government would try to take her away, or people would try to hunt her down and hurt or kill her. (Oh, if you are wondering where's Aaron's wife well she died when Theodosia was very young). It worked for a few months but then her powers got stronger and she didn't have control over it. When the town discoveres she's a minority they are very cruel make fun of her and the destroy their property and did things like throwing bricks at their house windows. Then the police are after Theodosia, when all hope seems gone Aaron Burr hears about this school in Mount. Vermen for people like Theodosia and teach her how to control her powers. So they go there. Three years later in the present day when a mission goes wrong Theodosia is captured by the king's hinchmen and now the team and Aaron are going to rescue her.
6. A new minority in News York City has been discovered and he has ice powers. He is 14 years old and his name is Phillip (yes it's the Philip that dies dueling George Eacker) an Alex and Thomas are send together to find them and convince him to come with them to the school before the king does. Along the way Alex and Thomas learn a few things about each other..
7. The last episode idea is based on an episode of the 90's X-MEN the animated series. In this episode on island named Merandia island is claiming to welcome minorities and that it's a paradise for them, it's a place where they can have a new start. But the team isn't really sure, she George sends the members of the team to investigate. He sends in Angelica Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton, and Peggy the do it. While on the island the discover that the things the island said was not true and the locals there have been underling them as slave labor, making them is their abilities for when they work, they make them work in the mines, and make them work on other stuff that has to do with natural resources, slaves after also Forced to build a dam that would be used to give more power and electricity. Scott the team tries to find a way to free the slaves.
That's it, I hope the ideas help you.
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