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for Haruhi Knows

7/2 c3 Guest
Plz update
6/26 c3 Guest
You've nailed the characters!
6/23 c3 Guest
When will you be posting next? Great story!
6/13 c3 Guest
How the hell is this story not popular?! This is good shit!
5/19 c3 Guest
I'm honestly quite jealous. Your writing is really good. Not super informative nor boring or relying on base plot but very well balanced. The story seems very well made indicating a lot of effort put into it.
4/30 c3 Guest
This is very good writing. I mean really,this may be one of the best fanfics I've seen here. Great work!
4/30 c3 Guest
Iur saviour has returned!
4/14 c3 4The Pairing Guy
Hey, a very tantalizing idea for a fic, and you back it up with a great handling of Haruhi/Kyon. Even as a happily married couple, their relationship is fraught with difficult, often painful struggles that have nothing to do with Haruhi's power or the aliens, espers, and time travelers interested in her. I often feel sorry for both of them, and fear that their relationship may in fact be unable to weather what's coming, but at the same time feel their relationship is precious and worth saving. That makes great tension.

Kyon's job situation, for instance, is a great example of how, regardless of how scatterbrained she appears on the surface, Haruhi gives Kyon the push and direction he needs to be practical and useful. Without her, he would always settle for a tiny fraction of what he's capable of. In turn, you get the sense that without him, she'd only be able to obsess over things. Only he can calm her enough to simply love someone, like in the last scene of chapter 2. What's great is I don't even realize how you're using these scenes to illustrate their relationship while I'm reading, only afterwards.

I love how you throw all these teasers of Haruhi and Kyon's past into your fics without offering explanation. What was it that Haruhi did to make their honeymoon such an ordeal? Why did Kyon get so upset when he proposed? Stuff like that sparks the imagination and makes us feel like there's more to the characters than just what's in the story.

Chapter 3 is a bit choppy and honestly seems like a detour from the main plot, but I guess I won't know whether that is in fact the case until I've read the whole fic. Here's hoping you finish it!
4/10 c3 49Martin III
Dang, it seems I just wrote a review covering why 1st person with multiple perspectives doesn't work (in fact, it was over two months ago). You've managed to keep it from being confusing, but I'm not sure Haruhi's POV serves a real purpose here. All the content is already made clear through Kyon's POV, with the sole exception of her suspicions of infidelity, and I suspect that could have waited until Kyon learned of them. It doesn't seem like they could have any impact anyway, since Kyon is about to share with her the much more crucial point of her powers, though I suppose something could happen to stop him.

You've completely nailed Haruhi's insecurity. She's confident in herself - in everything from her force of personality to her charm to her sexual prowess - but she's not confident in Kyon's love for her. He certainly gave her plenty of reason to doubt it during their high school years. Even though he has his reasons, his present lack of enthusiasm for her also gives her plenty of reason to doubt it. And she makes a valid observation with "I'm all he's ever had" - an incredibly cutting line. I believe that so long as Haruhi exists, Kyon would never want to marry anyone else, but he has expressed an attraction to practically every girl he's met, and while his lying to Haruhi to cover up his encounters with other girls demonstrates that she's the one he wants to keep, it also demonstrates his capacity to be unfaithful behind her back. Small wonder that a single covert phone call could make her suspect him of having an affair.

I also noticed that for all her reasoning that she has no proof of infidelity, she never contemplates the difficulty of proving a negative. As much as she wants to have faith in Kyon, she is tragically resigned that he has cheated on her. All of this makes it hard to completely hate having Haruhi's POV in this chapter. :)

There are a number of points that confused me:

1) "What did it all mean? What was all that about? Why did I see Haruhi like that?" I would have assumed that Kyon never told us what he remembered of the dream because the details aren't relevant, but these questions reveal that the details are actually being withheld from the reader. I know that Tanigawa made the same gaffe in The Disappearance, but you shouldn't draw attention to the fact that you're withholding the perspective character's knowledge. It pulls the reader out of the story, especially in first person, since the entire conceit is that the reader is inside the character's head.

2) "What kind of person am I becoming?" It's not clear what Kyon's train of thought here is. The prose seems to indicate that he didn't have time to put the pieces back, and even if he did, wasn't that just a one-off mistake?

3) I imagine that "I can barely look at him right dare you Kyon!" was intended to show that Haruhi is so upset she can't think straight, but it doesn't feel natural. It's only the second sentence of the segment, and in the first sentence she sounds totally calm, so my initial impression was that it was a typo; I only realized your likely intent after trying and failing to work backwards to a grammatically correct sentence.

The strength in this fic continues to be the honest portrayal of Kyon and Haruhi's relationship with both its strengths and weaknesses. Even though he loves her, he doesn't have the stamina to show her all the love that her vulnerable heart demands. And maybe because of that, it's believable and sympathetic that she doesn't open up to him completely.
3/26 c2 Guest
This is seriously good. I just read it and I'm already interested in how it goes. Hope you update soon.
2/25 c2 MrOCD
I really enjoyed reading this and hope you continue with it. The only criticism I have regards the use of “her and I” near the end of the chapter. Because it’s not the object, it should be “she and I.” Just a minor nit to pick. Looking forward to reading more!
12/10/2019 c1 Guest
Plz more...
10/12/2019 c2 Martin III
Nice, you've come up with a setup for Haruhi learning about her powers totally different from the one I have planned yet wholly appropriate for the series. I mean, we don't know why Koizumi wants Haruhi to know about her powers yet, but the basic idea that the agency would want her to eventually use them only makes sense.

More importantly, though, there are so many good little bits that I like here. Haruhi's bad driving practices, for instance, make such perfect sense; safe driving is always best, but it's boring as heck, at least on long car trips. I can live with that, but naturally Haruhi can't.

"Well, this sounds like a good opportunity for you to not be like some people." Absolutely killer Haruhi line. She doesn't often often get a good comeback in against Kyon, but her anti-conformity, "live a little" attitude scores the victory this time.

Kyon's conversation with Koizumi is pretty good, especially Kyon's mini-rant when Koizumi tells him he has to tell Haruhi. The sentences "I'm glad you could receive this call. I wasn't quite sure if you'd be able to get this call given your location." are oddly redundant, though.

Kyon repeatedly guesstimating the exact time at the fire felt off to me; he's never seemed that fastidious about time. Maybe this was meant as a sign of his getting buried in his work, but I can't imagine work having that particular effect on someone.

Their bedtime conversation is a brief but wonderful display of how the characters have grown since high school. Their desires are the same as ever, but Haruhi expresses her feelings openly rather than behind the veil of discipline and responsibility, and when she rebukes Kyon, he admits he's wrong instead of making a knee-jerk sarcasm. They related to each other just fine before, but as time has gone by they've learned to properly communicate. They're not perfect, but they have the skills needs for a successful marriage.

It's endearing that Haruhi and Kyon still want to have sex on an air mattress in an outdoor tent, given that last chapter makes clear that this wasn't the end of a dry spell. It really feels like a release, too: they go from the bickering and problems, to the reconciliation, to the simple expression of love. All of which also gives a full spectrum of what they're potentially losing, so it hits pretty hard when Kyon's thoughts turn in that direction. Plus, he's right on every count. Haruhi's probably better suited to having the weight of that much power than anyone else, but it's still a very heavy burden to bear.
10/8/2019 c2 fencer29
Well, that explains the title (I'd been wondering what secret Kyon might have that Haruhi had learned of).

And of course it's in typical Haruhi fashion that this story comes after Sick Day (Yes, Kyon, last week we had two darling children, and this week we've only been married for a little over a year and have yet to have any children. What's the problem? Living life sequentially is so boring)

Unfortunately God may not be of much assistance when dealing with Haruhi.
10/5/2019 c1 Martin III
Well, I'm betting on one of two possible interpretations of the title: Either it's a play on "God knows", or Haruhi has finally found the Mikuru folder. :) In the latter case, I'm guessing the camping trip is a ruse for her to strand Kyon in the wilderness with no tent, no cell phone, and unless she's in a forgiving mood, no bug spray.

Anyways, good start. You got the premise right in there in the form of a camping trip, which does seem like part of Haruhi's bag for a getaway. The intro confused me a bit - if he has Thursday off, what exactly is he complaining about? - but I love how you describe Haruhi's half-awake state. Very easy to imagine. And it makes sense that she'd be needy for human warmth, given her former tendency to distance herself from other human beings.

Kyon's unenthusiastic reaction to the camping announcement was perfect. Brief, low-key, but so very vivid and distinctively Kyon.

It feels weird for Kyon and Haruhi to be getting all raunchy, but I guess if they've only been married a year it is still their honeymoon period (particularly as I can totally see Haruhi insisting that they wait until their first wedding anniversary to have sex for the first time).
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