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for I, Marcus

9/8/2023 c6 Blue-Happens
idk how likely another chapter is, I'll have to check when it was last updated, but I hope it will!

tamriel battle strategy is very engaging.
good luck with whatever you're up to today
9/8/2023 c3 Blue-Happens
the scene came ot of left field.
or more accurately, I was standing on a hill, unaware of tanks approaching from either side, and they both fired at me at the same time, and for a brief instant, a fraction of a moment I felt the cold metal against either side of me before I become a cloud of blood over my feet still against the hill I died on.

I'm gonna keep reading but this wasn't what I was expecting is what I'm saying
7/24/2023 c6 61bankerrtx01
This is amazing keep it up
3/22/2023 c6 KingRK
you should continue this story bro
11/23/2022 c6 That2-one3-girl4
Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait to read more.
8/11/2022 c6 woodNforks
Enjoying this so far, keep it up!
7/9/2021 c6 Zarroc789
Continue this please. absolutely amazing
3/15/2021 c6 cakesnake2.0
this is very good i hope more is on the way.
1/13/2021 c6 Tinfoot
Not bad, definitely unique, though one problem is that sometimes you don't put a comma where it's needed and the sentence can get a bit longer than it should be
8/31/2020 c6 DanielK31
I love the setting for your story. Very ambitious with a writer capable of making it work. Looking forward to more.
8/22/2020 c5 3Sullenwhitedevil
I really love the idea of this fic! I have yet to see anyone attempt to try and make anfic way before the beginning of Skyrim. Between that and your character taking themes and ideas from ancient Rome and applying to the empire I find really cool but at the same time surprised no one else has attempted to do this.

Another thing I love that you have done is actually have other species such as in El-Lurasha case have an argonian about to get it on with Marcus! That is the first fic I have seen attempt to do this. I also love how she does have her own agenda and wants to trade herself for more information from Marcus. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if the war goes in Marcus's favor that the Khajiit would intimidated enough by him to send a "peace" offering in the form of some valuables and an incredibly beautiful by cat people standards Khajiit, which I could see being similar to Cleo Patra! However unlike the real world counter part I could see her acting as a spy for the Khajiit but Marcus manages to get her on his side and she instead starts acting as his spy master and relaying false information while giving him the information.

And on magic for the character to learn, I can see illusion magic being useful. For example a mass courage spell on an army? Could potentially swing the odds in your favor in an otherwise unwinnable battle... Or more subtle things such as actually using it to fool people's senses like you would see out of Naruto as illusion magic is named for, an illusion. For example create an illusion spell that reverses everything someone percieves, such as a sword strike from the left is actually coming from the right. Or a spell that makes someone see their opponent is 4-5 feet to their left when they are actually not and are right in front of them.

Or use it as an infiltration and spy method and teach your spies this method. Heck I could see him using this similar to metal gear solid V where you battle quiet, except it's a bosmer archer assassin that you fool with illusion magic by making them think they have at least 1 more arrow after using most of them to try and snipe you on your own and you prior to that managed to make them panic enough by getting to close to make them stop focusing on how many arrows they have left.
8/15/2020 c6 Whomp
Hope to see more, this is turning into a fun 'what-if' that takes strategic possibilities during the Great War that we can see only with hindsight in mind, but I think there's quite a few ways to turn the war in the MCs favour without making it seem as an obvious power grab, although that's probably already getting taken care of . Btw I wonder if there'll be a variation on the Battle of the Red Ring or at least your take on it.
8/10/2020 c6 Inf1ltrat0rN7
I love this story so far, keep up the good work.
7/28/2020 c1 ndjjdjsujsj
This has Tanya the evil written on it, I like it
7/5/2020 c6 1vincent1875
Ran out of chapters right when it was getting to the meat. Good story so far. Points off for making him fall in love with one of the first women introduced in the story. Points for it being his godmother.
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